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Get Pregnant From Anal Sex

When it comes to experimentation, adventure, and wildness, men or women all love to take a dip, and anal play is one of them. So if you're reading this, it's certain that you're interested in getting into anal sex or booty play. However, there are more than one reasons why people want to try and enjoy it. The most important reason is that in booty play you experience a completely different kind of pleasure than vaginal sex. And switching things up in the bedroom from time to time, adding something extra, some adventure, and experimentation makes your enjoyment and excitement that much more exciting. And amidst all this, you might have a concern or question in your mind- and that is, can I get pregnant from anal sex? Is it possible to get pregnant from booty play?

However, you need to know that there is no connection or passage between the rectum and the vaginal canal, and both places have separate courses and openings, so anal sex or booty play will not lead to pregnancy. However, some things can allow semen to reach your uterus, and you can become pregnant. Which we will discuss below. However, this isn't the only risk you should be concerned about when engaging in anal sex. Instead, it is more likely to be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). The lining of the anus is thinner than that of the vagina, which can be easily damaged by rough penetration. There are many bacteria and viruses in the anus that can cause STIs!

If you're interested in it or want to try it for a different pleasure, be it pregnancy, or STIs, all of these potential risks should be kept in mind. And if you are aware, you can feel free to enjoy anal play or anal sex. But keep in mind that it is not a form of birth control or a way to reduce your risk from STIs.

In this article, we will go over all these possible issues, and by the end of this article, you will be pretty sure what you can do to avoid doing it or the possible risk of it.

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Is It Possible To Get Pregnant From Anal Sex, And If So How?

Well, technically it is not possible to get pregnant with anal sex, because your anus is not connected to your reproductive organs (vaginal canal), nor are there any ovaries or cervix in the anus. Therefore, it is not possible, and anal sex will not produce a child. But, since there is a very small distance between the anus and the vagina, and many times the male's penis touches the vagina, or the sperm accidentally slips and reaches the vagina, the chances increase.

And just talking about some of the ways that semen can get inside your vagina, and lead to unwanted pregnancy:

#1: If Semen Is Released From The Anus

Did you know that the opening of the vagina and anus (rectum) are very close to each other, so with a slight mistake, there is a high possibility that some part of the semen may slip into the vagina? You might not get a higher concentration of sperm, but that doesn't matter, because you only need one sperm to conceive. Therefore it is not possible to get pregnant from anal, but it is not 100% effective when used for birth control or to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy.

In fact, according to surveys published in the US Medical Journal and the British Medical Journal, only one and two women out of 400 reported getting pregnant without vaginal sex. However, neither report specified how the women making the claims became pregnant. But the possibility remains that her pregnancy was the result of sperm somehow unexpectedly entering the vagina. This may have happened through semen and sperm leaking from the anus into the vagina, although this is extremely rare, but cannot be ruled out.

#2: If You're Alternating Between Anal And Vaginal Sex

If your partner is entering your anus or ejaculates, but then they entered your vagina, or if you have removed the penis from the anus and started having sex in the vagina, even then your chances of getting pregnant increase. In men, pre-cum is also responsible for pregnancy, or ejaculation in the anus, and sperm still present in the penis can reach the cervix when they enter the vagina. However, once the sperm has a chance to enter the vagina, pregnancy is possible. While this may not sound like enough, it can result in pregnancy, as just one sperm is needed for conception to occur.

#3: If After-Play

Many times you play after, which can be your fault if done without attention. Some people (all men and women) like to keep the penis in the vagina for some time after ejaculation in the anus, which they see as after play. Or if your partner fingers your vagina after ejaculating in your butt, or you finger yourself, sperm can get into the vagina and you can get pregnant. Although less likely, traces of semen can somehow enter the vagina after anal sex, allowing sperm to travel from the vagina to the cervix and fallopian tubes where conception occurs.

#4: If You're Into Doggy Style Sex Position

Many times you have sex in different positions, with the doggy position being very common, and if your partner ejaculates in your anus or butt, semen can easily slip into the vagina. Because in this position your vagina is just below your anus.

#5: Fingering Or Oral Post-Anal

  • Many times the activity remains active even after ejaculation. And if you do the same, say, your partner ejaculates in your anus but you continue to participate in sexual activity, it increases your chances of pregnancy, as it may allow semen to enter your vagina. The distance between the anus and the vagina is about 28 to 31 mm, and this distance becomes even less during penetration since these two holes are very close to each other, therefore, the semen can easily pass from one to the other, and can enter the other hole.
  • In addition, activities such as fingering or oral sex can transfer sperm from the anus to the vagina. Some people participate in after-play in the form of post-anal or oral sex. And if your partner has post-anal or oral sex after ejaculating in your anus, the sperm can get into the vagina. Especially if it is being done in the dark where you cannot see what you are doing.

#6: Having Penile-Vaginal (PIV) Sex Before Or After Anal Sex

If you think of entering the vagina before the anus and then ejaculating in the anus, it can get messy. Or having PIV sex (penis-vaginal sex) as a warm-up for anal, increases your chances of getting pregnant, as pre-cum also contains active sperm that can travel to the cervix. Pre-cum is only a clear fluid of semen that the penis produces before full ejaculation that may contain sperm. A 2013 study from a USA institute found that around 42% of precum samples had some amount of active sperm, compared to those who were completely healthy. So if you have PIV sex after or before your partner ejaculates in your anus, the sperm can get into the vagina, increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

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How Can Pregnancy Be Prevented By Anal Sex?

  • The chances of getting pregnant from anal sex or booty play are very low, but it is possible in rare cases.
  • The best way to reduce your chances of pregnancy is to use a condom. Anal sex should not be followed by penile-vaginal intercourse (PIV) without a condom. Because sperm may still be present in the penis, or potentially another ejaculation may also occur.
  • Birth control methods are to be used to prevent any possible pregnancy. Use a condom whether you are entering the anus or vagina. Condoms may be your best option for preventing pregnancy, along with the pill and IUD.
  • Since the lining of the anus is very delicate and can be injured during penetration, you are also at a higher risk of contracting deadly STIs such as HPV, Gonorrhea, or HIV. Therefore, the better way to reduce the potential risk of both STIs and pregnancy is to use condoms.

Strong Risk Of Sperm Entering The Vagina And Pregnancy

  • Ejaculated semen contains millions of active spermatozoa that are on their way to swimming as fast as possible to find the egg. The fertile time for pregnancy is when her ovary has released a mature egg into the fallopian tube, and this happens once a month, and during that time the sperm meets the ovary, then the pregnancy is more likely to occur.
  • To fertilize an egg in the female body, sperm must enter the vagina so that they can swim up to and through the opening of the uterus. From there, the sperm swim through the uterus into the fallopian tubes where one or more sperm attempt to penetrate the egg, and if successful, fertilization occurs.
  • There is no internal connection between the anus and the vagina (reproductive organs) where each month an egg develops, waiting for a sperm to fertilize it. For pregnancy, the sperm must reach the egg, only then the egg can be fertilized.
  • If you are having anal sex and ejaculate, there are chances that you or your partner may accidentally spread sperm into the vaginal canal without vaginal penetration. And if it does, then if all other conditions are actual, it could result in pregnancy.
  • Only one sperm is enough for fertilization, so a slight mistake or omission can lead to pregnancy.
  • Although less likely, stray sperm may reach the vaginal canal before or after anal penetration without a condom.

However, you should keep in mind that for anal sex to occur, not only does the sperm have to have access to the vagina somehow, but the woman also needs to be in her fertile period. And this fixed time is usually of only 3 to 7 days duration in each cycle.

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Should A Condom Be Used During Anal Sex As Well?

Of course, it would be a smart move on your part. This is also an important step in general if you use condoms to prevent pregnancy, as you are at a higher risk of STIs when having anal sex.

Since the lining of the anus is much thinner and more delicate than that of the vagina, it is more prone to tearing from friction during sex, and the lubrication of the condom reduces this risk. A wound or injury allows viruses such as HIV and other infections and bacteria to enter the bloodstream, and that is why it is so easy to spread HIV through anal sex.

A study reported in The American Journal of Public found that women who had unprotected anal sex were 2.8 times more likely to be diagnosed with an STI than women who only had unprotected vaginal sex (PIV). And 4.4 times higher than women who had neither unprotected anal sex nor unprotected vaginal sex. Therefore, condom use is essential during anal sex or booty play.

Using condoms can also help prevent other types of yeast infections, such as UTIs, although there are a lot of bacteria in the vagina and the anus. Since condoms prevent direct contact with the penis and also keep the penis clean, make sure you're wearing a new condom if you're ready to go straight from the anus to the vagina. This will ensure that you are keeping dangerous bacteria in the rectum out of your vagina.


There is indeed a very small chance of pregnancy from anal sex, but the bigger concern is contracting infectious diseases like HIV and STIs, so remember to use a condom. Even though getting pregnant from anal sex isn't highly likely, if a little carelessness and several different factors align, it makes it a possibility. If you and your partner are considering anal sex, healthy and honest communication is important. Also, you must make sure to use condoms for protection. If you're going to go into this make sure you both get tested for STIs. If you are sexually active or want to reduce any potential risk and want to prevent pregnancy, consult a doctor and use a birth control option. Done with precautions and the right steps, anal sex can be a pleasurable and great experience for both of you.

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