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When you visit a sex toy shop, don't be shy or scared to ask questions. This is why the outlets don't run independently; there are email options for you to ask questions and get timely responses. We also allow for honest reviews so customers can have a useful guide even as they scroll through our fantastic list helping hands of toys.

We often have to answer questions on lubricants so let's take it all out, here and now.

Self-sex, like some of our clients, describe it, is not a new thing. Not to anyone here or there. "Self-sex" is how one of our customers described masturbation. Gone are the days of using petroleum jelly. We would have loved to say, "we are not in the days of Julius Ceasar," but that would be unfair because even at those times, the people used highly scented oils for sex and body treatment. Good again, they mostly used natural oils that are body compliant. This shows that people used oil even at that old age, but today we receive emails like some that we will ask below and provide helpful answers.  

Can I use my toys with Lubricants?

Very well! When you get a toy, it is most likely made of friendly silicone. Silicone sex toys allow you to use lubricants, but we recommend water-based lubes or oil-based lubricants. The lubricant plays a vital role during sexual stimulation, whether it is vaginal stimulation or fantastic entry. The ass entry even requires more oil than the vaginal.

Lubes with a sex toy does the same function they do during penis-vaginal sex.  You need lubricants to avoid sores that may arise from friction. Remember, the toys stimulate, stroke, and massage, so you need the oil. The toys are designed to offer comfort and a soothing feel while they drive you to orgasm. The lubricants also increase the feeling of pleasure. Now you know.

I hope the toy is safe with lubricants?

You also would have asked the same question. The answer is yes. Most toys are waterproof. We understand that sometimes bath times are convenient times for sex. We know that, and we keep your convenience in mind while designing. The lubes do not affect the toys. Our designs are compliant with all regulations to keep you safe and satisfied. Our silicon toys are waterproof and sleek. They are shaped to hit the G-spot area and give you the utmost satisfaction.

Water or oil, none affects the toys you get from us. It's as cool as you can get into the shower; let the tap run while your toy is rocking fine and just fine. And you don't have to worry; they are rechargeable with wireless remote controls. They work seamlessly and pouring in the waves and stimulations you care about. These toys are wireless without any porous parts, so they are safe for pools, bathtubs, and the likes. The designs are well-sealed, so you have no fear at all of the electric shocks.

However, when using toys in the shower, water-based lubricants may not be the best because they wash off more easily in water.

What kind of oil can I use with my toy

We understand that many oils are available in the store, but you may need to be careful while making your choice.

Water-based lubricant is good and has that free feel on you. They are not necessarily sticky nor leave a greasy surface. It's such an advisable kind of all for all sorts of use except for the time when you need something slick.

For your buttplugs, oil-based lubricants are superb AF because you need all the help you can get on that entry point for ease.  

Another kind of oil is silicone-based oil. These are good, but not with silicone toys. Sometimes, clients are quick to assume that silicone lubricants are suitable for silicone toys no. It's not recommendable because it may cause your silicone toys to wear and tear. A case of wear and tear is dangerous and not a situation to ever allow. It is difficult and harmful. You can cut yourself and damage the toy eventually.

In all, we recommend the water-based lubricant when it is not a shower session stimulation. It allows a good feel and also saves you more from bacterial feasting. It's pretty more straightforward cleaning the water lubricant. You are sure while cleaning that nothing is hanging anywhere. A simple cleaning effort keeps you safe from bacteria lagging somewhere. Oil-based lubricants may be a bit sticky and allow things to turn around your toys, so you may be more deliberate when cleaning after using an oil-based lube.

Your silicone-based oil is good for hard toys. The solid toys may require more than the water-based lubricant, so that you can spend your silicone lubricants here.

Finally, you have ni fear of getting yourself the desired lubricant; they are helpful, just that you may need to master the occasion and the device you are using. Knowing which oil to use is just the right thing to do to protect yourself, your precious toys, and your ecstasy. If you master all we have raised here, then you are just in for the best sex feel. When not appropriately handled, harmful bacterias may just be sticking around somewhere. Like several of our posts, we recommend that you clean your whoopee toy immediately after each use, and if you sleep off after a handful of orgasms, do well to do your cleaning when you return from the pleasurable sleep. Ciao ciao! Don't forget to check out our beautiful toys on your way. is your sure bet for everything you need to learn about your sexual health and sex toys. We got toys that offer an excellent feel, silence, and all waterproof devices.  

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