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Maybe all you want to do after a night of passion is cuddle up to your mate, and the last thing on your mind is how to maintain your vagina healthily.

However, with detrimental beliefs about sexual and reproductive health increasing — such as the idea of steaming your vagina or the need to clean it with particular chemicals — it's not always clear how to give your body the care it needs.

However, there are a few things you should do after you've had sex. Here are some of the greatest recommendations for keeping your sex life and your health in tip-top form for both of you.

The following list of things to do after intercourse will help you lower your chances of getting infected.


You've probably heard of this advice before. It's sound counsel that girlfriends frequently give. After intercourse, make a fast trip to the bathroom to urinate (even if you don't feel compelled to). Your chances of getting a urinary tract infection are greatly increased by your sexuality (UTI).

This is because bacteria can be transported from your genitals to your urethra during intercourse. It then travels from your urethra to your bladder, creating a urinary tract infection (UTI). It's a potentially significant problem that can lead to other medical concerns like acute cystitis. 

However, if you remember to urinate after each session, you'll wash the bacteria out of your urethra and reduce your risk of illness. To take it a step further, drink a glass of water to encourage you to pee more regularly and thoroughly.

Wash up

Don't call it a night without washing up, even if it doesn't have to happen right after sex. You and your spouse can protect themselves from a variety of illnesses by gently washing the vaginal area.

Sweat, lubricant, and other UTI-causing pollutants that stay on your body, particularly near your genitals, are easily removed by washing. It's important to clean around your vaginal area rather than inside it for women.

It's important to clean around your vaginal area rather than inside it for women.

Clean sex

Disinfecting sex toys with hot water and a mild soap is another important step to do after sex. Examine the care instructions for each product to ensure that you know how to clean it properly. Sex toys can transfer fungus, viruses, germs, and sexually transmitted infections if you don't keep them clean (STIs).

Maintain a proper pH balance.

It's vital to monitor your vaginal pH, either with a home kit or during a visit to your doctor, to avoid bacteria growth.

When the vaginal pH is too high, bacteria can overpopulate, leading to vaginal or urinary infections. The normal vaginal pH is around 4 – which is fairly acidic compared to the rest of our body. Recurrent vaginal infections are also indicators of potential pH imbalances.

Some probiotic supplements can help raise your body's "good" bacteria by replenishing the beneficial and required bacteria that assist your body in maintaining a healthy pH.

Dress comfortably.

You might be tempted to sleep in your underwear on occasion. Alternatively, if you were entirely naked during your sexual encounter, you'll most likely put your clothes back on and forget about it.

The difficulty is that most individuals sweat a little bit during sexual activity, and tight or restrictive clothing traps yeast and bacteria. The surface of your skin thus becomes the ideal setting for an infection to thrive, potentially leading to an unpleasant vaginal odor. After intercourse, it's best to wear loose clothing.

Examine your condom.

Take a closer look at your condom to determine if it has broken if you have a sneaky suspicion or believe anything was different this time. This infrequently happens as long as it's stored and utilized properly, but it's not impossible. According to one study, 7.3 percent of men tore their condoms while applying or using them, and 4.4 percent said the condom slipped off during intercourse.

Checking the condom for tears is one of the most important things you should do after sex. You'll also have time to evaluate future moves and keep an eye out for your period if it was affected.

Things to stay away from after sex

There is, believe it or not, another side to this coin. There are probably just as many things you shouldn't do after sex as there are things you should do.

Douches and other vaginal cleaning products should be avoided.

The word "douche" means "to shower or wash" in French. Vaginal douching involves spraying a cleaning solution (water and other fluids) into your vagina. Douching products frequently include scents or antibacterial chemicals that make you feel cleaner and fresher after using them. Most doctors, however, do not suggest vaginal douching.

The simple balance of good and bad bacteria in your vagina is ruined when harsh soaps or other foreign items are introduced. Instead, specialists advocate carefully washing your genital area with warm water, according to experts.

It could be an indication of infection if you notice an unpleasant odor emanating from your vaginal area. Please see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment rather than douching.

Keep essential sexual topics off the table.

While it's important to be open and honest with your spouse, physical intimacy discussions should occur before, not after, sex. Of course, if you had intercourse before you had the chance to ask critical questions, it's fine to do so now. But, if at all feasible, you should work out these crucial aspects before participating in any sexual activity.

Learn as much as you can about your partner's sexual history, such as how many previous partners they had and whether or not they've ever had an STI. Finally, decide on the type of contraception you want to use as a couple.


Certainly, after sex, the list of things to do may seem somewhat lengthy, but it's wise to take those preventative measures to avoid any unforeseen situations in the nearest future. Remember, this is all for your health and your partner's sake.


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