How to take proper care of your sex toys

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Sex toys are excellent; whether in your relationship, you spice up things or fly alone. But you can also play with the toys that you can't neglect, which are less enjoyable but highly vital, taking care of them properly. You and your sex life are doing fantastic things, so you want these kids to be fit, to be able to use them again and again (and again).

 Begin with a product of quality

This is not exactly the time to be thrifty in your sex life and the goods that go into or around your vagina. High-quality new toys can endure years. You might find it very fast if you purchase an incredibly cheap toy from a reputable vendor. But all your gadgets won't have a heavy price tag. Like a little bullet vibrator, some easier items can be both reliable and economical without all the bells and whistles. That said, usually, you get what you're paying for. Some people like to spend more on something that will endure for several years, while others prefer not to spend more and periodically replace their toys.

Clean it up Often

When it comes to taking care of your sex toys, you always want to be as hygienic as possible. If you don't thoroughly clean and dry, you can risk the formation of bacteria. Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, clean it with gentle antibacterial soap and water before and after each use until every soap has been removed. Air drying is the best technique to keep your toys to prevent lint or residue from clinging to other objects.

Products that are also available in adult retailers with a body-resistant toy cleanser. Anything that is not porous, like silicone, stainless steel, and borosilicate glass, is easy to clean, and a toy cleaner towel is typically all you need. But other aspects must be taken into account. Toys such as the magic wall should be washed down to ensure that the cord is not moistened with electricity. Toys not waterproof should not be washed, and batteries should always be removed before cleaning. If you want something less maintenance, steer clear from the porous toys, which are the toughest to clean due to their sponge-like feel. 

Don't just toss it into the bed drawer after use

Who knows what dust is there, what food crumbs, and what other junk? We recommend that your clothed or unclothed toys be stored carefully. Fortunately, many toys come with their dust bags, don't throw them out. Once it is covered, your drawer is completely good and better than under your bed.

However, you want to avoid using plastic bags or Tupper ware. Over a long period, chemicals might leak into the toy.

You can purchase a storage box exclusively for toys if you choose to improve. Babeland has one called the Joyboxxx, which includes a lock, splits to organize stuff, and cord loading can be fitted.

Use the Lube Correctly

Usually, Lube is recommended for some sex toys, but it is important to know the proper use. Silicone lube is fantastic and latex friendly but reacts to and can melt silicone devices. Use only silicone toys for water-based lubricants. It also suggests that you avoid lubes composed of glycerin, centralized yeast infection, and parabens, as these can influence your hormones negatively.

Be careful to share

Although you should never share your sex toys, you could do this if you're using them with a partner. This is much more important for the cleaning process. Different STDs might be transmitted if they are not properly cleaned and shared. Before sharing with someone else, always sterilize your toy. It may be washed in boil some water or washed in the dishwasher's top rack — although it should be noted that this means just particular toys. These ways are all right for toys with no mechanical/electric components. In the final analysis: The same laws of safe sex apply when you share a toy with your male and female companion. If there is concern about STDs, be sure to put a condom on your toy—before trading out, make sure you use a new condom.

Extend your life with small tricks

Knowing how to take care of your sex toy is vital to increasing your life expectancy between applications. Removing the batteries between uses from a toy is always a good idea, as leaving the batteries in the toy decreases the engine's lifetime. It's better not to leave it plugged into longer than it has to be, like a mobile phone, if it is a rechargeable toy. Another item to note: in case of defects and has to be replaced, save your receipts.

When you are not using it, pull the batteries out of the vibrator.

If batteries are left in, they can erode the game and deplete the battery's life because the game is low. And on low batteries, nothing is sadder than a vibrator's half-hearted nozzle.

Know when to throw it away

You may begin to detect symptoms of wear and tear depending on your toy, which means the time has come to toss it out. For example, low-quality toy engines can grow overly heated over time, glass toys or wooden toys can begin chipping, and with time soft and porous plastic toys will discolor. General indicators of wear and tear or a persistent scent are signs of the need to have a new toy, but also of anything which can offer a security issue, such as a broken cord. Use your best judgment in general, and don't get too much in touch with it—we're confident you can locate one that fits all your needs.


I understand that cleaning your sex toys isn't the most pleasurable concept. Sex, whether solo or with a partner, is your chance to forget about the difficulties of everyday life. But if you want sex toys to be a part of that mind-clearing time—and if you want those sex toys to last—you'll need to clean them correctly and frequently.


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