12 Most Important Things To Know About Cervix/Cervical Penetration

It is well known, and we all know that you can achieve a great orgasm through clitoral or vaginal stimulation.¬†But did you know that the¬†cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso a super effective erogenous area for pleasure? Yes, it is true; your uterus is an area to give you orgasm or¬†sexual pleasure, which can provide powerful orgasms. It is possible to experience the enhanced enjoyment of full-body intercourse just by stimulating your cervix with deep penetration in the right way.

You may have unknowingly ever had such sexual pleasure, but you do not know. or if you have never tried deep penetration before, or if it was unintentional by your partner, so of course, you may be wondering what it might feel like, how it works, does it involve pain, or if is it safe is no such thing that after trying it, some unwanted problems have to be faced. Many such things undoubtedly must be coming to your mind, and it is also necessary to get rid of them.

Top 12 Important Things Related To Cervix Penetration

Cervix penetration and all such related things have been a curious topic for everyone. We need to know how much interest we take in something about sexual pleasure and whether we insist on experimenting or not. Anything you need to know about sexual feelings requires deep thought and practice. Cervical penetration is a topic that you may not have noticed before nor practiced to do it. And so, all the things related to this will help you to know and understand how to do cervical penetration properly and the essential things to keep in mind for successful sexual pleasure. And that's why we have covered all those critical things through this article so that you can enjoy the joy of a successful cervical penetration.

1. What Is Penetration Or Cervical Penetration? 

Usually, the general definition of penetration is: any object that enters something, or makes its way through it, and reaches that which is its target. But if we're talking about sex, penetration is a great way to insert a penis, dildo, or other sex toys into the vagina or anus. And we achieve that ecstasy (orgasm) of sexual pleasure, the imagination of which is endless. We cannot decide how low we have come or what limit of bliss we are touching. Some people think you can achieve a cervical orgasm by penetrating the cervix. But this amazing thing is wrong and baseless, and there is no truth. Instead the truth is that cervical orgasm or cervical sexual pleasure is achieved only by stimulating the cervix. And there is no penetration in it, nor is this penetration like entering the vagina or anus.

2. Is It Possible To Enter The Cervix Like A Vagina Or An Anus?

    So the exact answer is no, not at all. Your curiosity is understandable; this curiosity rising in your mind is justified, but the truth is that there cannot be a direct entry into the cervix. Because the opening of the cervix, commonly known as the external os, is too narrow for penetration of a penis, dildo, or any other kind of device. And it is usually tiny. Also, his mouth doesn't need to align with the vaginal canal. In addition, the os is filled with a substance resembling cervical mucus. The opening of the cervix widens only when it is the turn of labor. Yes, it is a very safe sexual organ, also protected by other body parts. And no outside thing can enter it.

    3. If Cervical Penetration Is Not Possible, What Do I Feel During Sex?

      If you are penetrating the vagina or having vaginal sex, you may be feeling something deep inside the vagina. But you are only pushing into it, and not your penis is entering it. Your penis may be hitting the cervix when you push in. During that time, you may feel that your penis is entering something else through the vagina, and this can be felt due to sensation. During penetration, the glans of the penis become very sensitive, due to which the pressure of something on it makes it feel that it is entering. But the reality is, what you're feeling is your penis or dildo pushing or rubbing against your cervix. Nothing is going in or out in this activity. Penetration into the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso impossible because it contracts like a balloon or retracts as soon as pressure on it. You might call it a cervical penetration falsification.

      4. Can Sex Or Sex Toys Hurt The Cervix?

        Although it is spongy, if the pressure is given rapidly, injury can occur. So when practicing cervical stimulation, it's essential to pay attention to what your body is feeling. It is generally not uncommon to experience pain during vaginal penetration, whether in the opening of the vagina during initial penetration or after deep penetration. And especially if a penis, dildo, or other sex toy is hitting your cervix, pain is possible. 

        According to research and study by some experts and institutes, about 57 to 65 percent of women deal with "dyspareunia." It is the technical term for painful sex. It is possible that when this happens, you may feel persistent or recurrent pain before sex, during foreplay, during sex, or after sex. It is also true that cervical pressure is not the only cause of dyspareunia, so if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, talk to your gynecologist without delay. And make them aware of everything in detail because they can help you figure out what's going on or causing the problem.

        5. Is Bleeding Normal During Cervical Penetration?

          Any bleeding cannot be a part of regular sex, whether it is normal sexual intercourse or deep cervical penetration. Yes, sometimes rough or too fast, and pressured sex can cause bleeding due to improper friction. You may have vaginal dryness, and the conflict may cause bleeding because it is essential to have enough lubricant for penetration. And if you're unsure whether your vaginal dryness is to blame, it's best to talk to your gyno. They can answer all your questions or concerns and make sure everything is good for penetration, delving, or cervical stimulation.

          6. Make Foreplay An Essential Part.

            That's why foreplay is very important before any sex. Foreplay isn't just about having fun or building anticipation. Still, it's also a great way to get enough lubrication in your vagina, get you intense arousal, and soothe the pain during intercourse. Simply put, foreplay can help stop any unexpected bleeding or pain. So before entering, you should ensure that all the participants have received complete stimulation.

            7. Where Is The Cervix Located?

              Your cervix begins at the base of your uterus and extends deep into your vagina. It is attached on both sides by the muscles made of tissues. 

              When you feel weak pelvic floor muscles, this is also affected. What your gyno sees during a pelvic floor muscle exam is called the ectocervix.¬†And this is the part of your cervix that is near your vagina. It can also be understood simply as the ectocervix is ‚Äč‚Äča link between your vaginal and cervical canal or a security guard. When your partner enters the penis, or when you have a dildo, it may press or rub against your cervix, with deeper penetration, as the penis or dildo slides into your vaginal canal. Although your penis or dildo cannot enter, sperm can enter the uterus from here.

              8. How Long Is The Vaginal Canal?

                The vaginal canal extends from the opening of the vagina to the cervix. Under normal conditions, it is usually about 3 to 4 inches deep, which is the pre-stimulation. But it can increase surprisingly when you are aroused and ready for sex. If you're worried that it might get too narrow, you're wrong, as it can quickly suck in a thicker, longer penis or dildo. Because its muscles are like rubber, and it can make room for big things by itself.

                9. Is Cervical Penetration Possible?

                  Cervical orgasm and cervical penetration are possible. But as mentioned above, penetration into the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčnot possible; instead, it can only be stimulated. And that leads to intense arousal and orgasm.¬†However, you should also know that this is not possible for everyone, as women require different penetration or stimulation to reach climax. Some women achieve penetrability (orgasm) only through clit stimulation; some achieve orgasm from vaginal penetration, while others require other sensations. However, reaching orgasm is higher in women who orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

                  However, suppose you are stimulating your cervix. In that case, you can usually feel the pressure spreading throughout your body, which can cause orgasms all over the body, with tingling sensations that typically run from your toes to the bottom of your head. In some women, this pleasure can be experienced for a long time, because the stimulation of the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčhigher, as it is accompanied by the sensation of the anus, including the vagina.

                  10. Is Cervical Stimulation Safe?

                    Yes, it is entirely safe, provided it is done correctly. You must also be satisfied with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčdeep penetration before attempting to achieve a cervical orgasm or sexual pleasure. If you are under stress or going through any genital defect, you may have difficulty achieving orgasm. Or there may be difficulty in feeling comfortable or pleasure for cervical penetration, which is the worst for satisfying and great sex.¬†

                    11. Can Cervical Intercourse Be Done Without Penetration?

                      Your uterus is the internal organ located in the way of the vagina or at the end border of the vaginal canal. And this is the reason why cervical intercourse cannot be done without penetration or entry. And the only way to reach your cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčthrough vaginal penetration, which travels from the opening of the vagina through the vaginal canal to the uterus/cervix. Whether you want to have cervical intercourse during the solo play or with your sexual partner is up to you. And to reach the cervix will have to be comfortable.¬†If you penetrate the dildo or other sex toys, you will likely create friction or pressure on the uterus according to your instincts. And if you feel that your partner's penis is putting too much pressure on your uterus/cervix, or friction, you can ask them to relax.

                      12. Best Sex Position For Cervical Orgasm

                        Although it depends on which sex position you are comfortable in or experience more pleasure, the best doggy style for cervical orgasm is. It is a perfect and practical sex position that allows for deeper penetration and ease. Doggy-style sex positions can make it easier for you to feel relaxed and open, and your partner can simultaneously stimulate your clit for added stimulation.


                        As described above, direct cervix penetration is impossible, but a cervical orgasm can be achieved. Instead, a powerful orgasm can also be achieved. However, before trying it out, you should talk to your gyno or specialist about any misconceptions, delusions, or concerns, having the proper knowledge of each issue to enjoy a pleasant session. Understand all these things carefully, what you should do during cervical intercourse, and how to be safe during sex, which things should be focused on more. Cervical penetration is deep and can be intense, so it's better to know how you and your partner are doing. Once you know all the necessary information, explore your new sexual pleasure zone, and have a satisfied and incredible sexual experience.

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