How To Have A unprecedented Anal Orgasm: Technique, Position, And Everything You Need To Know

How To Have A unprecedented Anal Orgasm: Technique, Position, And Everything You Need To Know - xinghaoya official store

What Is An Anal Orgasm?

An anal orgasm, actually anal intercourse, is an orgasm or orgasm achieved through anal stimulation. For example, we are touching the anus or perineum, licking, caressing, penetrating a penis or sex toy, and more. If all of this sounds like a good idea, you can achieve a powerful anal orgasm.

Read this article in detail to learn more about the fantastic pleasure of this backdoor (anal penetration or anal stimulation) and how to get your body to orgasm through the anus.

Who Can Do Anal Play?

So, the correct answer is everyone. If you have a butt (anus) and want to touch, caress, lick it, or insert a penis or other sex product into it. Butt play is definitely for you; through it, you can achieve a powerful orgasm.

Is An Anal Orgasm The Same As A Prostate Orgasm?

Cisgender men and full-term men have a sensitive glandular prostate, so stimulating the prostate in these cases leads to butt (anal) intercourse. But it is not only for the man, but also a woman can have a powerful anal orgasm through vaginal penetration, anal penetration, or caressing or licking the anus.

You can also stimulate the prostate gland (prostate orgasm or P-spot) through the perineum, the skin space between the balls, and the anus. Or, in a woman, the runway between the anus and the vaginal opening is the perineum.

If you prefer direct penetration or touch, you must go about 3 to 6 inches through the anus.

Female Anal Orgasm Or A-spot

Rectal penetration of cisgender women or women from the time of full birth in this way indirectly stimulates the A-spot in the vagina. The A-spot, or anterior fornix. To get the fancy plunger, you need to know that it is located 3 to 6 inches deep inside the vagina. And it's an area full of a network of sexually charged nerve endings, which have the potential to make you too wet (skirt), too hot (agitated), or too fast (powerful orgasm).

How does It feel?

It feels like that intense wave of bliss that starts deep inside your body and slowly spreads to the rest of your body, giving it an incomparable and fantastic pleasure.

Could It Be Painful?

Anal sex or anal penetration is entirely different from vaginal intercourse because the anus does not have its lubrication like the vagina. Therefore, one or two-time anal penetrations may be a bit uncomfortable and painful in the beginning. But once you do this in excitement, it should not cause severe pain.

How To Initiate Anal Sex

Granted, sex on the fly can be fun, but when it comes to anal play, a little preparation for both sex partners can be a wonderful experience for both the receiver and the giver.

If you are a partner receiving anal penetration, sex is an experience that needs to be relaxed and excited, especially if this is your first attempt at anal play. 

Here are some ideas and other tips for getting started with anal play:

Watch Some Erotic Audio, Video, Or Stories.

The more agitated or turned on you are to get it right, the easier and more enjoyable anal play will be. For this, you have to focus on some erotic things in the beginning, like you can watch adult videos, listening to some sensual or erotic audio, or reading some erotic stories. Or you can close your eyes and get lost in those erotic fantasies.

Take A Hot Shower Before Starting.

A warm shower before anal play or butt play will help to loosen tight muscles and properly increase blood flow to all parts of your body, which increases blood flow to your genitals.

While bathing, also keeps in mind that you should also pay attention to caressing and rubbing the erogenous zone of your body. And you are gently caressing your anus with your fingers.

Can Exercise With Sex Toys Or A Butt Plug

Your sex toys can help you get the feel of anal play (anal intercourse) before landing with your partner. Remember that starters should always be slow and enjoy the feeling of a toy teasing your butt before inserting a butt plug or other sex toy into the anus.

Use Lubricant.

Your anus doesn't give off natural lubrication like your vagina, so note that when it comes to anal play, you may need a lot of lubrication, so you'll need to stock up on lube in advance. And it's not just for the pleasure of being more slippery, but using it to reduce the chance of scratching the tissues of the anus, and can be an important part of the safety of anal sex. 

If You Are A Giver-Donor (Penis Or Strap-On) Partner

As a donor, a little preparation can help you achieve anal orgasm:

Trim And Clean Your Nails Properly.

The skin in and around the anus is very delicate, and your fingernails can scratch them; dirt between the nails can spread infection, so be sure to trim, file, and clean your nails properly to avoid cracking the delicate skin, which can also be a sign of good behavior. Short nails may also have less room for dirt and bacteria to hide. You can also wear latex gloves at your convenience, but of course, no matter what you do, don't forget to use lube.

Using A Condom Can Be Good

You can use condoms on vibrators, dildos, butt toys, fingers, and on the penis. Suppose you want to use your tongue and find that direct tongue-touching makes you uncomfortable. In that case, cutting condoms can be used as an alternative to dental dams. Not only will this prevent STIs, but if you or your partner is nervous, it can also increase your excitement and relieve your nervousness.

Make Foreplay A Part Of Anal Play.

There is a saying that sex is impossible without foreplay, nor can one enjoy the absolute pleasure of orgasm. So, foreplay is essential to excite both of you and to make the entry into that special place easy and fun. So touching, kissing, and licking the inner thighs, buttocks, and around the anus is a very effective and great way to start the actual party.

Trying To Find Out What Works Best In Anal Play

Anal intercourse (anal play) is different from vaginal intercourse, and it is essential to know some comfortable positions before doing it, and you'll probably have to play around with other techniques to find what works and find out what's comfortable and enjoyable for both of you.

You can use your tongue, fingers, sex toys, penis, or a combination.

And here are some steps that you can pay attention to understand and know this:

Use Of Tongue

Your tongue is a powerful arousal weapon in intercourse and foreplay. It can drive you to the climax of orgasm (ecstasy). But your tongue may not be able to stimulate the P-spot or A-spot directly. But it can work wonders on the rest of the stimulating organs, perineum area, vaginal area, anus, and many other erogenous zones, Which can plunge you into the ocean of orgasmic excitement.

With your tongue licking the vaginal area, the clitoris, and the perineum, use the tip of your tongue to pierce the anus. First, move and lick your tongue around the anus, and then push the end of the tongue into the opening of the anus, inward as much as you can, and then make it in and out; of course, it will stimulate your sensation will increase a lot.

Use Of Fingers

Your fingers are another weapon of intercourse. Lubricate your fingers, slowly insert the finger into the anus, then move the finger in a circular motion; this will increase the sensation and move your finger upward in a "come here" motion. Gradually increase the depth and speed, and if desired, try to insert the other finger. Once you find the sensation, excitement, depth, and movement that feels good, continue the movement and let the joy blossom, taking care to move your finger as far as possible.

Press The Tip Of The Finger Up

With the movement of your fingers, find the area that gives them the most pleasure. If you cannot find out from the feelings of the partner, then ask them where they are getting the most fun, And then after knowing this, you press the tip of your finger on that place. And starting with light pressure, gradually increase the pressure and speed.

Twirl The Fingers

Rub the tip of your finger in a circular motion on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe A-spot or P-spot, gently applying pressure on that point in a circular motion. And gradually increase the pace at your partner's ease and request. If you wish, you can rub their clits in the meantime for combo enjoyment. This dual magic is capable of giving a¬†super-powerful orgasm.¬†

Using A Strap-On, Or Other Sex Toy, With Your Penis

When you enter the anus, it helps you to find the place where there is a feeling of great pleasure when having a stroke. 

You have to understand that no two butts are alike, so don't hesitate to delve deeper, provided your partner is comfortable and ready for it. Playing deeper can reveal the place where the partner is giving them the most pleasure. Remember that the stroke is always the recipient, whether it's a soft or a hard drive. 

Vibrator Massage

The more vibrating inside, the greater the pleasure; therefore, you can find a vibrator massage with different vibe and pulse settings, which works best. Try different combinations to see it, and observe the partner's enjoyment when she's getting the most sensation. And when the climax is near, the vibration can double or even more. 

External And Internal Sex Toys.

There are toys on the market these days that do double duty and stimulate the perineum or clitoris during deep penetration. You can also purchase a dual penetrator vibrator (Sex toys) for anal and vaginal sex penetration simultaneously. Or buy different vibrators for perineal or clit stimulation with anal or vaginal penetration.

Sex Positions For Anal Sex Or Anal Play

Whether it's vaginal sex or anal sex, you can adapt any normal sex position to your pleasure. And note some critical situations:

Doggy Sex Position (Style)

Doggy Sex Position is a classic sex position, whether vaginal penetration or anal sex. In this, a companion can lean into the doggy's position, and the other partner enters the partner's anus by standing or kneeling from behind, whether you are penetrating or with a strap-on. During this, you can use your hands to rub the partner's vagina or clit, and a pat on the bum, increasing the pleasure's intensity.

Back Sleep Or Half Missionary

To do it yourself:

Lie down on your back. Lift your legs, bend your knees, and bring your hands forward to caress your perineum, caress the clitoris, and touch the anus. 

To do this with a partner:

Stay in the same position as you were before. During this time, your partner will put your feet on the shoulder as you are comfortable, and then he will enter his penis or strap-on into your anus.

Side Sleep

It is a comfortable position for both of them, in which both the partners lie next to each other. And then ask your partner to massage your anus gently. Your partner will then enter your anus. Keep the position of the feet according to your comfort.

On Top

This position provides deep penetration for any sex. In this, the giving partner will lie down straight, and the receiving partner will come straight up and, after doing legs on both sides, will drive the penis or strap-on into their anus.

Cowgirl Or Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position 

To do this, steady your dildo, vibrator, or another penetrating sex toy on a chair or other flat surface seat. Now set your anus on a lubricated toy and slowly go down, taking full or half of the toy into the anus as per your convenience, during which you can also stimulate the clit with your fingers.

To do this with a partner, ask your partner to sit on a chair or lie on a surface, blend lightly with legs on either side, take the penis or toy into the anus, and go deeper. [Learn about cowgirl and reverse cowgirl sex positions]

How To Incorporate Other Erogenous Zones To Get More Excitement

Anal intercourse for pleasure or orgasm may be your goal, but don't let that deter you from using all the other hot spots on the body, and include all erogenous zones.

There are dozens of potentially pleasurable areas in the body full of excitement that yearn for love. So, use your hands or a toy to find the rest of the erogenous parts of your body that feel best to you.

The usual suspects such as the neck, ears, groin, breasts, inner thighs, and scrotum or the back of the knees, trim back, and inner arms can yield a tremendous and powerful pleasure.

Magical Combo For Excitement Or Orgasm

Clitoris Stimulation.

You can affectionately stimulate the clit with fingers or sex toys during anal play, whether you are the giver or the recipient. Use your hand, fingers, or sex toys (dildo, vibrator) to slide the clitoris and clitoris hood up and down and side to side.

Whole Vagina

A finger or toy can provide a deeper penetration to enter the vagina while stimulating the butt. You can tease the overly sensitive, magical G-Spot with a "come here" tempo.

Involve The Penis

 Suppose you are a man and are seeking penetration into the anus. In that case, your penis will also play a role in powerful orgasms and prostate massage. So don't forget the penis, hold the penis, and stroke the entire shaft length; by caressing the penis, this double magic will give you a mighty orgasm.

Other Things To Consider Regarding Anal Play

There are some other essential things to consider before starting Anal Play.

  • The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina.
  • Your anus is located inside and at the end of your rectum, which is part of your digestive system.
  • There are some glands in the mucous membrane that line the rectum, producing mucus or lube to protect your digestive system.
  • Anal mucus is sometimes secreted during a bowel movement or anal stimulation. Still, the amount of mucus is insufficient to help with anal penetration.
  • Your prostate is located 4 to 6 inches inside the rectum.

The Use Of Lube Is An Essential Part Of Anal Sex

Suppose you're going to participate in anal sex. In that case, you'll need to use lube because without lube, it's possible to scratch or seriously bruises the inside of your anus, increasing your risk of sexually transmitted and other infections. Silicone or water-based lubricant can be a good choice for any sexual intercourse. And it is entirely safe too.

Other Risks Of Anal Sex

Although pregnancy is not possible through anal sex, STIs are always risky. Anorectal STIs are rising these days, and the risk is higher for people who get them.

There are some other risks, including:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HIV
  • Human PapillomaVirus (HPV)
  • Hepatitis
  • Other bacterial infections

Dangerous bacteria such as Campylobacter, Shigella, and E. coli are transmitted through feces, and contact with feces during anal sex is a genuine possibility; therefore, without condoms, one can increase the risk of contracting it. So never engage in anal sex without cleaning up and getting a new condom.

The bacteria in feces can have a profound effect on the urinary tract (UTI), so if you don't pass it into the vagina immediately after oral sex (through the tongue) or anus, it can be a huge risk.


The bottom (anal penetration) can be very pleasurable, and an anal orgasm gives the pleasure of a powerful orgasm. But for this, self-care is also necessary. So now you can feel free to enjoy anal sex and feel free to experience the miracle of a powerful orgasm.

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