Daddy Kink, How Does It Work, What Do You Need In Daddy-Dom?

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Daddy kink: a consensual fetish where one partner enjoys a submissive role, while the other takes on a dominant 'daddy' role. Involves age play, nurturing, and discipline. Clear communication, trust, and consent are essential for a healthy and consensual Daddy-Dom relationship.

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Daddy Kink guide

What does it mean if a person has a daddy kink? Okay, so if you're not unfamiliar with BDSM-kinky games, you've probably already heard of the term. The daddy kink means that you get excited by calling your sex play partner daddy, and develop your sexual fantasies around that, and that's what you get from your partner, and your partner calls you babe.

The kink we barely talk about or consider taboo, it's time to look and understand what daddy kink is, and how you can enjoy this kinky sex without any sense of guilt or embarrassment.

We all have different fantasies or sexual fantasies, so it's time to find out if you have a daddy kink. And before you dive into the world of daddy-dom, find out if you're in it. When it comes to kink or kinky play, some people misunderstand daddy kink. People think that if you are looking for a father, you are looking for an intimate relationship with your father. However, the truth is that people have misconceptions for a variety of reasons, and they are not necessarily related to their actual parent-child relationship. The reality is that different things turn on different people. For some people, the idea of ​​calling someone daddy and being submissive to them can be downright tasteless. While for others it can be the peak of sexual arousal. As long as someone is consenting to it, is having fun, and nobody's getting hurt, there is no problem in enjoying daddy kink or daddy dom.

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What Exactly Is Daddy Kink Or Daddy Dom? Explore Everything Behind It

So, the daddy kink is a sexual fetish, and it occurs when a person enjoys being sexually submissive to an older person, whom they refer to as "daddy", and giving control to their partner. And, it has nothing to do with her relationship with her real father, it's completely different and just a fantasy or a sexual fetish.

Know about what daddy kink or daddy-dom is:

  • A daddy kink or daddy-dom is first and foremost a dominant individual, with the daddy being a subcategory who chooses to live his life in a realm of dominance/submissiveness.
  • There is one more major thing we need to make clear, daddy-dom or daddy kink is not a person interested in incest or pedophilia. You will rarely find a daddy-dom who calls you his obedient "daughter".
  • A daddy-dom is someone who prefers to call himself daddy, while his submissive is called a girl or little girl.

Sex used to be a big taboo in the past, but now, we are all opening up a bit more, and feel free to discuss our sexuality with our partners, friends, and close ones. The truth is, however, that you don't feel equally comfortable about all topics of sex talk with people close to you. Talking about your fetish and how you get excited when your partner calls you daddy is one of those topics.

A daddy kink is just like any other kink a person may have. Your sexuality is a place where only acceptance and curiosity can take place. But still, before sharing this fetish with others, you must be accepted that this kink turns you on and there is nothing wrong with you being in this fetish.

Daddy Kink Sex

So let's see what will be different in bed than normal sex if you decide to exercise your daddy kink. So the meaning is that there will be spanking, name-calling, and sometimes abusive words and domination, and it will mean that one woman calls his Dom partner 'Daddy' and the submissive takes on the role of her child. In which control is sometimes in the hands of the daddy, sometimes in the hands of the submissive, and with the dom giving power to the partner, the person remains submissive during and sometimes before and after the sexual act and participates in rewards and punishments.

One of the standard practices of daddy-kink sex in modern times is the reward-punishment system. Whereas, as Daddy Dom, your partner has the right to reward or punish you during or after play, depending on how well you behave during play. Therefore, your partner may ask you to be good or to kneel before him without saying a word, and if you do well, he will reward or punish you. And there is no limit when it comes to rewarding or punishing, your partner can set up an arrangement with you or he can surprise you with his ideas.

Your Partner As A Daddy

When talking about daddy kink play, we would usually like to include the woman's perspective on it. The more women who develop this type of fetish, the more the male attitude is likely to be interested in it. It is not normal for a man to get turned on by his partner calling him daddy. A man who wants you to call him 'Daddy' and deliver sexual pleasure as a daddy enjoys the power of sensational pleasure you provide. He'll be more eager and excited, and more detailed about the games and his reward-penalty system and other details he'll want to try out with you. If both or all of your partners are determined to make the most of daddy kinks and go deeper, you're going to have more pleasure in bed and probably outside of them too.

Searching For Ideas And Ways To Start Daddy Kink

You and your partner can engage in a variety of tactics when it comes to giving control to your daddy because both of you are thrilled and excited to do it. For those of you who are eager to learn and explore and don't know where to start. For them to peruse below is a comprehensive list of ideas and fantasies for daddy kink play that are the best to start with and that you can learn from.

  • First of all, remove the hesitation and believe that you are getting into wild sex.
  • During foreplay, start calling each other daddy and baby girl (baby boy, little girl).
  • Allow your daddy Dom to control.
  • Before entering, Daddy Dom can decide what would be the right time and position to enter.
  • He may tie your hands during foreplay and intercourse, or even blindfold you, tie your legs in bed, or run a vibrator on your breasts or clitoris against your will. He can make all the moves on the bed and decide how to play, when to end, etc. He could be even wilder.
  • The child (submissive) may entice (or excite) the daddy with her innocence and childish behavior which later leads to sex.
  • The man can use his 'daddy' power by dominating his submissive (child) partner to get what he wants before, during, and after sex.
  • The baby can wear diapers for the daddy-dom, and play with the baby's toys, while the man is looking at her and feeling excited and aroused by her and getting ready for sex.

Whatever action you choose, think that you are currently searching for something. However, some of these things may appeal to both of you, and some may disapprove. It all depends on the comfort and preferences of you and your partner. As long as both of you are communicating and agreeing about your desires, you will enjoy your daddy kink sex to the fullest.

How To Know You May Have Daddy Kinks?

Well, it's that simple, because if you're reading this article, that in itself is a sign that you might have a daddy kink. But, if you are still not convinced about it, here are some other vital signs to help you know that you might be prone to daddy kink.

Then see how many of the following things you agree with:

1. Attraction To Older Men

You're at a bar, and your friends are staring at young boys or handsome guys with baby faces, but you can't take your eyes off a chubby 50 or 60-year-old man sitting by the side drinking whiskey. And you realize that you've always been like this, and you find yourself attracted to people that your friends don't understand, but unlike you imagine, so weird isn't it? And that weirdness is daddy kink.

2. Tendency To Gain Dominance

If you think about this kink, your best sexual experience will be when your male partner has taken control and is doing what he wants, and you are having fun with it. If so, then you might want to try and take the domination pleasure a step further. You can then ask yourself to do this or automatically pass the control to your partner.

3. The Thought Of Being Called A Little Girl/Boy Excites You And You Become Wild About Sex

It's also a sign, if you like being called the little girl/boy by your partner, or you find it turns you on, it's no coincidence. Rather you are ready for daddy-dom and want to be a little girl/boy for joy.

4. Watching Porn About Daddy Dom

It often happens that you are interested in porn videos or stories like daddy kink, and it pops up on you unintentionally, you go ahead and think to enjoy it. So that's a sign you want to play in daddy dom.

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What Would You Look For In Your Partner As A Daddy Figure For Daddy Dom?

Once you move past the rumors and misunderstandings, you'll realize that this is a dominant/submissive relationship between two consenting adults. So, what should you be looking for in a daddy or daddy-dom to know if it suits you?

1. Sexual Experience

If you are experienced you can always have a daddy-dom who has no sexual experience in this specific knot. But usually, if you are new to daddy kink, choose someone who has a wide range of daddy-dom sexual experiences. This way, you can properly learn the rules of this kinky play, and gain experience, skillful dominance is always the best option.

2. Daddy Be Emotionally Mature

Find a daddy who will give you experience as well as pleasure. When looking for a daddy, see what his experiences have been with other girls/guys. Understand his emotional maturity up front and see if he is at the level you expect and need.

3. Your Daddy Is A Reliable Person

The most important thing is that your daddy-dom partner is either an acquaintance or a friend so that you can trust him. If you are hiring in person, choose from a trusted platform. Sometimes some crazy types forget in the excitement that they are playing, such a person can hurt you. The best daddy can be your boyfriend, friend, or other trusted person. You both can be awkward together in the bedroom, but on the other hand, you share your personal life and live a normal husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend life apart from booty. You can find each other's guidance and support.


It's possible that even though you've just learned all about daddy kink, you're still not sure how right it is for you or how much you're into it. The truth is that no one can ever be 100% sure whether they will enjoy it or not. You must have belief, interest, and a strong will to pursue it. If you enjoy hearing about the daddy kink world or have always been curious, there's no harm in giving it a try. No one can tell you whether daddy kink is right for you or not, you have to decide for yourself. If you're a beginner, perhaps it's worth learning about submissive and dominant relationships in a little more detail first. And for this first you try a sub/dom arrangement, then move on to daddy kink with the help of experiences. If you're comfortable and enjoying it, and you're still curious about daddy-dom, then it's working for you, and you can make a natural next step. Never allow anyone to tell you that a sexual relationship or a fetish you want to try is wrong. As long as both parties are giving consent and cooperation and enjoying their time and playing together, there is nothing wrong with it. If you think that daddy kink or daddy dom is a sexual fantasy you've always wanted to try, go ahead and explore a little more.

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