26 Super Sensual Erogenous Zones That Will Make Your Woman Hot

26 Super Sensual Erogenous Zones That Will Make Your Woman Hot - xinghaoya official store

It is true that when you are considering having sex, sometimes your partner is not ready for it because they lack sensitivity and excitement. It is essential to know about the places in different body parts in such a situation to prepare them. There are a few specific places in the body that you want your partner to hit when it comes to stimulation.

These erogenous zones are the most important to reach from zero to the peak—for example - your lips, nipples, inner thighs, genitals, etc. Your body (especially women) is covered in susceptible areas you would have never imagined. Sensitivity increases in any erogenous zones on the body and sexual responses are elicited when arousal increases. But knowing and understanding those particular areas is very important.

26 Extremely Hot and Sensitive Erozones Zones And Point

Sometimes doing the same thing leads to a dull feeling, a loss of pleasure, or sometimes a loss of sensitivity in some standard or vital erogenous zones. In this case, those erogenous zones or points can help to stimulate you or your partner, which till now remained untouched. To take the excitement and satisfaction up a notch, venture into some new erogenous zone territory to keep the bedroom atmosphere from overly warm and your partner excited. And make your sexy lady hotter, giving you extreme heat and endless orgasms in sex.

1. Nap Of Your Throat And Neck

The back of the neck and neck is a network of nerve endings, making you and your partner extremely hot and agitated even with the slightest touch. Use fingers, lips, and tongue to hit that concentration of those susceptible nerves. If using fingers, touch instead of pressing, kiss lips, and use the tongue to lick those areas. If you're worried about saliva, put the fear out of your mind because saliva makes women even more agitated.

2. Ears

    Although it is well known that ears are considered highly erotic, people often overlook them. The ears are susceptible to touch as there are a large number of sensory receptors present. Caress with fingers, kisses, and tongue licking can spell doom. It can also help you achieve a powerful climax (orgasm) or intensify your orgasm.

    3. Armpit

      Not many people think about the armpit, although it is a compassionate place for foreplay. Of course, the armpits can be a wonderfully erogenous zone if you wear a quintessential bliss drink and aspire to go above and beyond a bit of sweat, hair, and taboos. You can use your fingers to activate it or involve your lips and tongue.

      4. Foreskin And Muscles Of The Inner Thigh

        Moving into intimacy and penetration may be the goal, but it requires stimulation. Give some time to teasing, licking, caressing, etc., to the inner thighs before reaching the main organs. The skin and muscles here are susceptible and full of nerve endings, which means it plays a vital role in your female partner's arousal. If you want, you can stimulate this area with an ice cube, which a woman likes and also warms them.

        5. Thigh Crease

          This part can undoubtedly bring a storm when it comes to the excitement of men. Paying attention to the area around the penis and testicles leads to a rapid increase in anticipation and excitement. That little crease in the thigh where the thighbone meets the torso can add a new dimension to your oral sex repertoire. At the same time, that place also creates intense excitement in women.

          Your lips, tongue, and fingers can do magic. Not only that, when kissing a woman, the friction and confrontation of the penis will activate an endless excitement. So it can be said that the crease of the thigh is a great hot spot.

          6. Pubic Mound

            It is the part of the body that covers the plexus of nerve endings, it is not a body part with extreme sexuality, but the sensitive area above the pubic bone can be an electrifying spot if appropriately stimulated. The pubic mound is directly connected to your genitals, nerve endings, and sexual response. Sensitive nerve endings and glands that emit pheromones (this chemical can trigger a sexual response from others), this natural body odor, and sweat can make a man swoon. To activate it, massage the area with light pressure, lightly massaging the skin of that area with the fingers or gently sucking, pulling up, and moving the sensitive skin with the mouth; it will start with a slight tingle and deliver a sudden lightning strike.

            7. Belly And Navel

              The navel, the lower abdomen, between the belly button and your pubic area- is a surprising female arousal trigger. And with the right touch, you can stimulate the G-spot from the opposite side or the outside. Stimulating that area with your hands or mouth helps keep blood flowing along with the vaginal area to the other major erogenous zones, which lurk like thieves just to the south. An ice cube also works great at this place.

              8. Hands

                Hands are taken lightly, and while this place is worth taking seriously, hands are incredibly sensual. Even a light tight touch on the hand can cause waves of sensation. When you suck fingers or lick the palms or entire hand with the tongue, it sends signals to the brain's reward center, similar to sex. And that's an essential part of foreplay.

                9. Soles Of Feet

                  The right touch of the feet can bring a storm of excitement. There are pressure points in the feet, which can cause sensations. The arches of your feet are full of nerve endings. It's best to focus on the firm, steady strokes over their tickling motions. Think of it as a massage, which can help with stimulation and relaxation. The soles of the feet are the vital key to reaching orgasm for many women.

                  10. Between Your Toes And Fingers

                    It is a compassionate place that people don't always think about. Any area can become an erogenous zone with the right touch, and it is a storehouse of sensitivity. To stimulate this hot spot, suck on the toe, and lick the hyper-sensitive skin between the fingers with your tongue. 

                    11. Inside Ankle

                      If you're already footless, lick the bottom of the ankles and kiss as you come up. This area is a solid erogenous zone, which can generate intense pleasure when stimulated correctly with a light touch and tongue magic.

                      12. Labia Minora

                        When we think of the vaginal area and the erogenous zone, the first thing that comes to mind is the clitoris. However, it is undoubtedly the most sensitive organ and triggers clitoral orgasms. But it's not the only place in that area worth noting. The inner lip, also known as the labia minora, is erectile tissue, a biological and natural treasure trove of intimacy lubricants.

                        That sensitive part gets intensely excited as soon as the thought of sex or touching someone romantically gets filled with more blood. After filling the blood, it becomes hot, dark in color, and large in size. To further stimulate it and specifically target the inner lips, place your fingers in a peace sign with lots of lube, and slide them inside and around the inner lips. Women can get a powerful orgasm without penetrating them.

                        13. Between The Brows

                          Yes, this is the area where the network of nerve endings and specific muscles are located. It sends messages directly to the brain. The woman's vagina starts getting wet due to caress, licking, or love. She starts flowing in excitement and feels the warmth. For men, too, this place is a very desirable area and point.

                          14. Lips

                            Of course, it might sound a bit common, but lips are always one of the hottest sensual areas for women, and that's where it starts. The lip is the most exposed of all the erogenous zones. And are packed with a vast array of nerve endings close to the skin's surface. Your lips send signals directly to the brain and vagina. The slightest touch of your lips makes your brain rain feel-good hormones. Which intensely affects your emotions and lower regions (vagina, anus).

                            15. Frontal And Skull

                              There are thousands of tiny nerve endings in your frontal and skull. You know this is a solid erogenous zone if you've ever kissed your forehead during sex and pulled your partner's hair. You can also get intense stimulation by simply stroking the hair and scalp with your fingers.

                              16. Perineum

                                Like the vagina and anus, the perineum is a susceptible and super effective erogenous zone. The perineum is the strip of skin between the anus and the vagina, which is home to the pudendal nerve, whose primary purpose is to carry sensations back and forth through the complex network of all other nerves. If you're a BDSM fan of kinky sex, you enjoy them without getting involved. Lick, caress, slap, bite, or massage the perineum. Depending on your sexual partner's tolerance, you can explore this sensual realm to discover many powerful sensations and places to engage your partner in pleasure.

                                17. Anal

                                  Yes, the anus is not the same for everyone, but for many people, the anus is the grave, hot, most intensely stimulating place. The anus contains a lot of sensitive nerve endings, so that it can be a hot and stimulating place for people. But it feels good to some people, then turns them on and off intensely. That's why some people caress while others lick it and put their tongue inside. And some people get into it and enjoy anal sex, and men and women alike enjoy anal sex and get powerful orgasms.

                                  18. Butt Cheeks

                                    If you've engaged in the act of anal play and find that it's a little awkward or difficult for you, it doesn't mean that anal sex or anal play isn't a reality for you. Still, don't forget the sensitivity of your butt cheeks. The place where the butt meets the thigh is also one hell of a super sensual zone which can be a great way to experiment and get the peak of sexiness. 

                                    19. Anterior Vaginal Wall

                                      It is an erogenous area that very few people have the knowledge to activate. It is the same erotic site from which squirt or female ejaculation occurs. The sensitive upper wall 2 to 3 inches inside your vagina can completely change your sexual experience. Square is something that almost 75% of women are unaware of or deprived of. And this figure is from many studies and social surveys. To achieve this, put your arter two fingers in the vagina, make a hook with one, and massage the vaginal wall with pressure from inside to outside. During this, your palm and thumb will rub against your clitoris, giving double stimulation. Your clitoris and labia will be completely sensual. Done with the right direction and technique, this action will create a powerful firework, and you'll get what you've been missing so far, and that's a squirt with an intense orgasm. Yes, make sure to have a towel with you before doing this.

                                      20. Earlobes

                                        We've talked about the ear before, but the reality is that you need to differentiate between the ear and the earlobe. Each part provides a different sensation. The skin of the earlobe is thin and delicate, due to which it is susceptible. Some women enjoy the overly harsh bite on the ears, and others prefer a super-gentle touch. You start gently and then bite for more intense sensations, asking your partner what you like.

                                        21. The A-Spot

                                          After arousal, a spot provides an intense orgasm and endless pleasure of intercourse. It is also known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone. The A-spot is very close to the cervix and just above the bladder. And is located behind the upper wall of the vagina and the G-spot. Use your fingers or a sex toy to stimulate the A-spot during sex. It is a bit tricky because of its depth, angle, and position, which allows for deeper penetration. It can be well stimulated by rolling onto your stomach, entering the vagina from behind, or raising one leg and coming in from the side. You can also enable it through penetration into the anus. 

                                          22. Lower Back

                                            This organ and the erogenous zone are vital. It is especially stimulated during Nuru massage. But you can provoke it anytime. For some people, this is the inter-scapular, the space between your shoulder blades that is impossible to reach on your own. And maybe that's why it's such a hot and sensual spot; for others, it's in the lower back. Your lower back, just above the crease of your butt, is a hypersensitive spot that oozes extreme sexiness.

                                            23. Breast And Breast Button (Nipple)

                                            It is well known, and almost everyone knows that breasts and nipples are extraordinary and capable of carrying the fringes of sexuality. Yet some people ignore it. The breasts should not be ignored, as they contain a complex network of nerve endings, allowing them to become an area of ​​increased sensitivity. It sends messages directly to the brain and controls the orgasm. The sensation is obtained by licking the nipple with the tongue and rubbing it with a pinch. At the same time, massaging the entire breast with hands, with caressing, loving, gentle touch, intensifies the stimulation.

                                            24. Achilles Tendon

                                              If you like to explore, looking for an erogenous zone that moves you away from the breasts and genitals and down towards the feet, then the place to look for is the Achilles tendon. However, it is in the form of a band of tissue that connects the heel to the calf. Like the inner part of the ankle, when it is stroked, touched, and stimulated in a light and playful manner, the experience can be an unfathomable pleasure of sensuality.

                                              25. V-Spot

                                                The V-spot is an essential part of the sexual pursuit for all men and women. It is the entrance to the vaginal canal and the point of entry for penetration or sex. The V stands for the vaginal vestibule, the entrance to the vagina, the area behind the labia minora at the base of the vaginal canal.

                                                26. Vaginal Canal

                                                  This area is beyond comprehension. It is surprisingly full of a network of nerve endings. To activate or stimulate it, gently move your fingers around the opening of your vagina, take a deep breath, and then repeat. Move fingers or sex toys back and forth between the clitoral shaft, labia, and V-spot. Use the length of your finger to outline the opening of the vagina. Will it help you know where it feels best? There's a lot of sexual activity or acts about exploring and experimenting with erogenous zones and seeing what feels best.


                                                  It is true that when you are searching for an erogenous zone, you have to face many difficulties. But if you find this eject place, it will surely give you a great sex experience. And will take extreme happiness to the next level. Yes, you can get it with a bit of research.

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