Women's Erotica: 11 Best Erotic Website And 9 Best Erotic Novels For Women

Women's Erotica: 11 Best Erotic Website And 9 Best Erotic Novels For Women - xinghaoya official store

Masturbation is a form of self-pleasure and self-care; sometimes, you need something extra to make it happen. And the best for this is erotica. Because sometimes your fantasy or classic porn just doesn't hit the right spot for you. And that's why here are some ways for women to find good sexiness.

What Is Erotica?

You can easily understand erotica in two different ways. In some definitions, it is an art form that deals with sexually arousing subjects erotically. Others think of it exclusively as the non-visual version of pornography, written or narrative material explicitly created to stimulate and aid sex or masturbation. Yes, of course, it has literature and audio material that takes your solo play and sex and orgasm to the ultimate level with your partner.

When it comes to women, in particular, erotica is often held up as being particularly intense and endearing. There seems to be a story and a lot connected about the sexuality of many women.

Men are more visual, and women are more narrative. If you are looking for some great erotica targeted towards women, then you should stop by, as we have mentioned some of the best sites together here for your enjoyment. Not only this but some great and essential novels have also been included, which will undoubtedly add stability to your erotica.

1. Literotica

ï»żLiterotica is a user-driven Best Erotica site, which features stories submitted by anyone who is asked to do so. Talking about the categories of the site, it is conveniently divided into different categories like lesbian sex, science-fiction & fantasy, and first-time. And the best thing about this site is that all the stories are free.

2. Lickerish Library

Likrish Library sites itself as an erotic panacea for hard-core pornography created by women. The site features erotic stories focused on a mix of lesbian, bisexual-lesbian, and explicit content without the strong BDSM overtones, which surprisingly takes the lead.

Each level comes with a clarity rating, so you know exactly what you want and whether it's a good fit for you before you start reading. What sets Likrish Library apart is the beautiful sensual images that accompany every story, and women very much like it.

3. The Casual Sex Project

The casual Sex Project delivers the most erotic experience, it's fun, and there's a story for everyone, with the strength that regular people write every story on the site, and each report describes a hookup. The site is free to read and is conveniently sorted by topics like sex and one-night stands with an ex. This site is excellent for people who are interested in what other people's sex lives look like.

4. Sugarbush Chronicles

This site is unique for anyone who engages in or believes in brazenly queer stories focused on explicit BDSM. The content on this site is free; here is a comprehensive collection that can be accessed and enjoyed.

5. Autostraddle's Clever Series

The Autostraddle site is exceptional, and a visitor is always automatically drawn to it; it is the world's most influential independent website for queer women and non-binary people, 100% owned, and the operations are conducted by queer women only.

In addition to its editorial content about all things sex and relationships, the site offers its very own erotic series SLICK. According to this website, every slick story is written and edited by queer people, and the stories promise to be titled torture, sex, and landing, which is unique in its own right.

6. Smile Makers

This site has a separate section dedicated to free erotica written by members of the smile makers community. The stories on it have been described as based on real sexual fantasies for women and people with the vulva. Some stories are focused on straight and shy women, while others depict queer or lesbian women. Along with this, there are also some erotic poems in its mix, which add a different pleasure to the sexual arousal of women.

7. Dipsea

Of course, Dipsea is a little different from the above sites, as it is a vast collection of audio erotica stories instead of written erotica. It primarily addresses an app, though you can also listen to its erotic audio in your browser. Dipsea claims to create a narrative universe that cares about the needs, wants, and fantasies of vaginal people (women). It contains many erotic stories. It has a vast collection of sexy stories apart from sleep scenes and wellness sessions, designed to turn you on, excite, and then bring you in.

The Dipsea website is also committed to diversity, claiming that people of color voice over 50 to 54 percent of its characters, and 25 to 30 percent of its stories are queer. Each level is tagged and organized, so you can easily select the one that interests you. Its frontiers include threesomes, BDSM, group, and off-limits hookups.

8. OhCleo OhCleo

OhCleo is an audio erotica app available for all types of software. This erotica app was initially set up in Sweden and was designed to provide an alternative to pornography for women. It has many categories, is adapted to different tastes, and has been downloaded in over 150 countries. Giver or taker, master or commander, servant and mistress, slave and queen, confident or shy, all kinds of kinky BDSM stories are available.

9. Quinn

Indeed Quinn is another audio erotica app and website for women, with an impressive selection of stories suited to various tastes and kinks, such as Lesbian, Straight, Hardcore, DDLG, and Praise Kink. Its unique feature is a collection of remarkable stories about masturbation, which gives a new dimension to your masturbation activity.

If you want a dominant voice in your ear that will guide you on exactly what to do and how. So it would help if you stopped here. Some hyper erotic categories featured here are age difference, bondage, co-workers, lovers' enemies, doctors, patients, etc. Hot stories collection.

10. Crashpad

Crashpad is not just technical and purely erotica, but it also contains pornographic videos. And it has some of the best porn videos explicitly made by and for lesbian and trans people. It also features that each Crashpad artist has complete control over their scenes and often performs with their real-life partners and friends. If you're interested in queer and trans content featuring adults of all ages, genders, abilities, and body sizes, then Crashpad has a lot for you.

11. Emjoy

Emjoy is an audio-based sexual wellness app featuring erotic stories, tips, advice, and information from sex therapists and psychologists. This cisgender was created to bridge the orgasm gap for women by equipping them with the self-knowledge they need about happiness and their bodies.

The stories are organized by topic, and you can easily choose from different categories to suit your mood like seductive, flirtatious, lesbian, straight, BDSM, kinky, or spontaneous. Emjoy is well-suited to women looking to start their erotic journey to find their choices, as they created the app specifically to help women get in touch with their sexuality.

Best Erotic Novels

Maybe, erotic novels may seem like a somewhat retro concept. You've undoubtedly been looking at porn, but switch your path, and there are sure erotic fiction, erotica, and erotic novels could be seriously hot for you.

So this is the perfect time to experiment with your kink experience. When you're not on spicy dating apps and sites or going to sex parties, there are some sex resources you might enjoy collecting: Whether feminist porn, audio porn, or go through most NSFW titles offered by others. But erotic novels, steamy romances, and funny short stories could be the next step toward the summer of sex you've always dreamed of, taking your masturbation and sex life to the next level.

1. Best Erotic Novel - The Pisces

It is a romance novel about a lady (female) and a merman (a fish male lover). It will take you time to read once. Following the end of a listless and long-term romance, the hotly beautiful heroine begins a seriously X-rated alliance (love and sex act) with her fish lover. This story completely changes your sex life; its sensual arts will slide your hands below your waist.

2. Best Erotic Novel- Written on the Body

This novel by gay author Janet Winterson, written from the perspective of an unnamed bisexual narrator, follows several men battling their love for a married woman. It's a weird erotic novel that everyone might not read, but it turns on those who do understand and get anxious to reread it.

3. Best Erotic Novel - Like Water For Chocolate

You can gauge the fame of this novel from the fact that it has sold over a million copies worldwide. Like Water for Chocolate is a modern classic novel that combines sensuality, surrealism, and traditional Mexican cuisine for a multisensory experience. And as mentioned, the story revolves around the escalating sexual tension between two star-crossed lovers?

4. Best Erotic Novel - Bad Behavior: Sensual Stories

There is little doubt as to whether it is technically a novel or not. But love, passion, and emotion are in its short story collection, which proves to be much more enjoyable for sex fans.

5. Best Erotic Novel - Call Me By Your Name

This novel is very famous among women; there used to be long queues to get its copies. You can guess its hotness by this

6. Best Erotic Novel - Normal People

The novel's popularity with sex and sensuality is the reason for this novel's popularity; it largely immobilizes women, as it not only has a different sense of romance but also has a warm feeling of sex variations.

7. Best Erotic Novel - Delta Of Venus

The novel was written for a private collector in the 1940s, with scandalous short stories published three decades after the author's death, serving as a lively depiction of sexuality through an approach to female language. In which there is strong support for the woman's experience of happiness.

8. Best Erotic Novel - Lady Chatterley's Lover

You will be glad and surprised to learn that Lady Chatterley's Boyfriend is a classic novel, subjected to an obscenity test in the 1960s for its explicit depiction of sex. Naturally, it's a bit outdated by today's standards, but it's a good bet for any erotic literary buff, especially women who want a collection of erotic literature.

9. Best Erotic Novel - Anonymous Sex

It's the weirdest novel, but weird doesn't mean it's doubtful of being erotic, but it's overly erotic. It is called strange because this novel and this compilation of sex stories have been written by 27 different respected authors whose different attitudes towards sex have become one. But there is another unique and surprising thing in the story of this novel, and there is no name associated with any story, which will make you wonder who wrote what. But this is fantastic erotic literature.


Masturbation is a healthy and normal way and part of life to get self-satisfaction and pleasure, and indulging in it regularly can be an excellent addition to your healthy routine. No matter what you're looking for, there are heaps of erotica to be discovered. The next time you move your cute vibrator, dildo, or fingers to give yourself a little love, you should consider turning to the written or spoken word to bring you to the edge; it's sure to boost your masturbation action. You will make it memorable.

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