The Hook Position: Here's How to Do It & Everything You Want To Know

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hook sex position guide

Do you like to go deep, or does your partner complain that you don't go deep enough? So if you like to go deep, then definitely this article is for you.

Trying new sex positions is an easy way to switch things up in the bedroom and spice up sex. You don't need to master every sex position to have a great orgasm and successful sex, but experimentation and a few variations can help keep things spicy. One of which includes getting a deep penetration. However, you can decide how deep penetration is important to you, as for some people it may not matter much. Getting deep penetration is also not easy so we are talking about that technique and position in which you get enough comfort and deep penetration, that is the hook sex position. Not only deeper penetration but also more stimulation, pleasure, and stronger orgasm are achieved.

The hook sex position has probably been around for as long as humans have had sex but arguably hasn't received much attention due to the position's common and somewhat straightforward nature. You may also know this generically as "feet position above shoulders", but it sounds like a less daring name. The hook position sounds like a super hot and wild sex position and it deserves the name that justifies what a great position it is. The certified sex coaches, clinical sexologists, and experts we spoke to all agreed that this is one of the most amazing sex positions for deep penetration and epic orgasms. So, if you want to swim deeper, be more daring in bed, and give your partner an amazing orgasm, then you need to know more about hook sex positions.

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What Is Hook Position Or Hook Sex Position?

The hook position is when you get into the classic missionary position. In this, instead of the receiving partner's legs spread out on the bed, their legs go straight up over the shoulders of the penetrating partner (man or woman wearing a strap-on). Like, like a fish hook. The hook position arguably provides the most depth for vaginal or anal sex. In this, both the penetration partner and the recipient feel comfortable and experience more pleasure.

Can The Hook Position Only Be Tried Between A Woman And A Man (Heterosexual)?

So the straight answer is- no. Sure it is missionary and classical missionary positions but lesbian sex and gay sex can be much more exciting with the opposite sex. In this, anal sex can be done with equal thrill and pleasure along with vaginal sex. If a lesbian wants to penetrate her female partner, she will be wearing a strap-on, and in this case, she can penetrate deeply with the recipient's legs over her shoulders. Or even if one is entering her partner's anus, he easily achieves deep penetration. However, for women who enjoy sex with vaginal-to-vaginal friction, the hook position also works wonderfully.

How Can We Get Into The Hook Position?

OK, now that you're familiar with the hook position and want to know what this position should look like, let's get down to how you do it.

There are two different ways you can get into the hook sex position:

  • You can do this after you are in the missionary position, your bottom partner lies on your back and then he puts both his feet on your shoulder, after that you can change your position. You can stay straight, or lean forward toward your partner. You can also be on your knees, or you can bend your knees, or you can also keep your feet flat behind you. You can experiment with different types and try the one that gives you the most comfort.
  • Another way is to have the partner lying down already put their feet on their partner's shoulders and then the penetrative partner enters the receiver's vagina or anus.

If you feel that you need more comfort, you can also put a pillow under the receiver's butt, this will expose her vagina or anus more and you will be able to get more and better depth.

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How Different Is The Hook Sex Position Than Missionary?

Many people think that the missionary and the hook position are the same, but this is not the case at all. Yes, it is pretty much the same but a better hook position than missionary for getting depth. Missionary usually involves the recipient lying down comfortably with her legs spread to the sides, and the penetrating partner on top of her. While in hook ossification, the recipient is in a V shape, in a U shape, half in an M or N shape, and the penetrating partner is behind her vagina or anus, between her hips, or in other positions. The recipient's legs are fully bent upwards or to their sides, causing the vagina or anus to be more shallow upwards, allowing the penis or dildo to penetrate more deeply.

What Are The Benefits Of The Hook Position?

The hook position not only provides deep penetration, but also provides multiple benefits and sensations, extreme thrill, excitement, and pleasure are obtained in this position.

  • If you are one of those who like to watch your partner's facial expressions and pleasure ebb and flow during sex, then this will thrill you. Also in the hook position the recipient feels tighter in the vagina and anus and the penis and dildo appear to be thicker and larger.
  • The receiving partner is more likely to have clitoral stimulation if she is female, and both partners can stimulate the clitoris more during sex.
  • This allows women to relax without the pressure of being on top and enjoy getting the penis or dildo deeper into their bodies.
  • The biggest advantage of this position is the ability to go deeper during penetration, but in addition, the compressed position of the receiver's legs slightly constricts the vagina or anal canal, making the penis or strap-on (dildo) feel larger.
  • It gives the feeling of kings and queens for those who like to use pillows under the ass (butt), or for those who like to watch their partner's (recipient) penis move in and out of the vagina or anus.
  • In the hook position, the recipient can easily grab the partner's thighs, waist, and hips and pull them towards her. Or she can also bend her partner's neck, and she can come up a little and kiss his lips.
  • The hook position is also special for those who like to see their partner's bare body (breasts, vagina, anus, navel, etc.), and are thrilled by it.
  • In the hook position, the penetrating partner can exert more force and go deeper, while also having better control.

A Short Note For Anal Penetration:

If you are going for anal sex in the hook position, make sure you have discussed it with your partner beforehand and are going ahead with their permission. After that, you must keep a high-quality lube because, like the vagina, the anus does not naturally release lube. Lubrication is also important because in the hook position you go deeper, so apply lubrication through the fingers as well. But before penetration, you have to stimulate the recipient's anus better, so that the recipient doesn't feel too much pain. For this, you warm the anus with your fingers or tongue before penetration. Since this position involves super-deep penetration, it is only enjoyed if the receiver is super turned on, relaxed, and ready to be penetrated.

Also be sure to communicate throughout the session, and ask your partner if they are in too much pain or uncomfortable. If something feels painful or uncomfortable, stop and only start again when your partner is ready. Always start anal penetration slowly.

Try These 3 Variations To Get The Most Out Of The Hook Sex Position:

1: Use Sex Toys For More Pleasure And Intense Stimulation

  • The hook sex position has enough spontaneity and space to add clitoral stimulation, which can help a clitoris enjoy more pleasure and achieve stronger orgasms. For this, you can use vibrators ranging from dildos to other big and small ones.
  • You can insert a dildo in the anus if you are entering the vagina, or use a dildo in the vagina during anal penetration, this will make the anal or vaginal canal narrower and provide more friction.
  • You can also use sex toys on your partner's (recipient) breasts or other erogenous areas of the body. This will give her more excitement and pleasure.
  • If you are doing anal penetration, you can simultaneously stimulate the woman's vagina and clitoris with a rabbit vibrator.

2: Put A Pillow Under The Recipient's Bum

Yes, it can give a great experience and also helps in getting more depth. During the hook position, the extra lift is provided by the pillow, which exposes more of the vagina or anus. Sometimes minor adjustments to the body are needed, this allows the penetrating partner better access to the anus or vagina and also provides greater pleasure and stimulation for the receiver.

3: Lift The Pillow Under The Recipient's Head, Neck, And Shoulders

If the recipient's head is up, she can reach her partner's lips comfortably during sex, she can also suck on her breasts, which will give her more pleasure and excitement. Also, this allows her to better hold her partner by the neck or back. Plus, she can easily rub her clitoris with it, adding more stimulation to the pleasure.

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How To Make Sex More Enjoyable In The Hook Position?

You can use some methods and techniques for this, and surely then it will give you more excitement and a pleasurable experience

  • Try tightening or squeezing the thighs together: When your partner's penis or dildo is inside you, try squeezing your thighs together to create higher sensations and more excitement for both of you or cross your left leg over his right shoulder and your right leg over his left shoulder. This will make you feel his penis or dildo tighter in your vagina or anus, providing tighter friction, and providing the feeling of deeper penetration.
  • Add kegel exercises: According to sex experts and sex therapists, squeezing these muscles gives a feeling of tightening the penis or dildo (strap-on), offering excellent pleasure in the vagina or anal canal. If you're feeling comfortable and advanced, try squeezing your breath, inhaling on the squeeze, and exhaling.
  • One last word on the hook position: Like fashion, food, lifestyle, and beauty, sex is also a trend that is constantly changing, and there is always room for experimentation, it always helps you to spice it up and stay up to date. Adding a little extra to your sex life can make a lot of difference in your relationship, can revive the dull and dead sex life, and can create warmth in the relationship.


The hook position makes the missionary position more intimate and much better. All you have to do is lift your legs in the air and rest your ankles or feet on your partner's shoulders as you lie on your back and your partner is on top. Maybe it can be a little difficult in the beginning as it requires a little bit of flexibility, but once you get into it, you get the whole passion and closeness.

Sex experts also recommend that you should cross your legs behind the partner's neck for better stimulation, this will make the vaginal cavity tighter and in fact, will also help the man feel more accomplished and stronger than you. However, everyone's preferences are different, and other positions in sex are also more pleasurable, so if this position really isn't working for you, you can try others, and experiment. Experimentation and spice in sex work wonders, it increases excitement and pleasure and also provides stronger orgasms. You just have to always listen to your body, have constant communication with a partner, and be willing to step up and do something different if needed.

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