21 Hot Sexual Kinks and Fetishes: We Know You're Curious About These

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Sexual Kinks and Fetishes

Surely you've heard of kinks and fetishes, such as foot fetish and bondage. But kinks and fetishes are not limited to just that, but sexual kink, sexual craze, or a bottomless well of sensuality that excites people immensely. But what exactly are orgasms, kinks, fetishes, and sexual fads, why do people like them?

For starters, all fetishes are a kink, but not all kinks are fetishes. A fetish is a sexual attraction to inanimate objects, various body parts, or certain situations that are not generally considered to be actual sexual in general. Kink is a very broad fetish term, which includes a wide variety of sexual interests, sexual behaviors, sexual acts, preferences, fantasies, and fantasies, and is usually considered outside of mainstream sexual activities, or normal romantic acts.

What Is Sexual Kink Or Fetishes?

Okay, so some things turn you on but you don't know exactly what it is. For example, you like it when your partner ties you to different corners of the bed by spreading your arms and legs and talking dirty to you. Or maybe what turns you on is to lick your partner's feet, smell their hair, wear their underwear, or lick the genital area of ​​their underwear. So now you must have realized that the list of sexuality or kinks is pretty much endless.

Kinks and sensibilities are not just a natural part of sexual behavior, but research and studies report that people consider them to be an important part of a normal sex life, and try them. For example; According to a study published in the USA Journal of Sexual Medicine, about 52% of the general population has tried different forms of BDSM, such as bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism, and masochism. Kinks or fetishes generally define any erotic interest outside the norm. The kink may be part of a person's overall sexual structure somewhat outside the normal. For example, you like to be spanked by your partner sometimes, or like to lick his dirty feet, etc. A fetish usually involves an object or a specific part of the body, or other, that is the center of a person's sexual attraction and interest.

If you're curious about a new hobby, quirk, interest, attraction, or other fetishes, do some important research before plunging in or trying it, especially if it involves risky pursuits. So start by exploring the BDSM world in general, and find out who are the people in your community or area who participate in this type of kinky sport, and are well versed in it. Some of them may be associated with teaching jobs from whom you may need to learn. Although simple kinks or fetishes can usually be performed without instruction or practice, most are not. When it comes to trying blood play, breath play, or other high-risk sexual kink, you must first be trained.

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A List Of Sexual Kinks, Sexual Fads, And Fetishes You've Never Heard Of

Since all people have fetishes, kinks, and sensitivities, they can vary from person to person. And we've put together a list of the hottest 21 kinks and fetishes that you might not have heard of and might want to consider, or might just get you super excited and excited about. So let's take a look at all those hot and wild sexual kinks.

1: Bondage

While this is a somewhat common kink, it can be intense for a beginner. As the name suggests, a sexual partner may play the role of a slave, which is to bind or control him. Typically this may include ropes, scarves, shackles, spreader bars, or blindfolds. In fact, according to the participants in the study, bonding intensifies psychological and physiological sensations, which makes it attractive to the dream partner.

2: Game Of Ages

Age play is a widespread and hot kink, which involves someone acting younger or older than their actual age, such as an infant, child, teenager, or very old. The relationships in this role play can range from platonic to the more wild, brutal, and downright BDSM-oriented. Although like many kinks and fetishes, the exact definition may vary from person to person. But the partners involved get a lot of sexual pleasure.

3: Blood Play

Some people like it very much while some people completely distance themselves from it because it refers to the act of using blood during sex. However, sometimes some people include fake blood while others include real blood. Usually, a person is sexually aroused by the smell, taste, sight, or feel of blood. In this, medical instruments, or other methods are used to extract blood from period blood. And that's why this kinky play is considered incredibly risky, sometimes resulting in serious injury or even death. Because bacteria or other infectious organisms can be brought into the body while doing this. Therefore, those who engage in this play must first train sincerely, and practice with great hygiene.

4: The Game of Breath Or Breath Play

Breath play or erotic asphyxiation. This is known as breath play, a dangerous sexual act or kink that exploits limited oxygen. Many types of kink play or fetishes can carry a high degree of danger or risk of harm, but breath play is one of the most dangerous types of kink, as even the slightest mistake can kill a participant. It's a suffocating practice shown in many porn movies, but that's also why it's becoming so common, that's why it's particularly disappointing. People participating in breath play must first receive training and in particular, they must have a comprehensive understanding of the neck and anatomy. You need to dig deep into what you're affecting during play, and how to suddenly re-oxygenate your brain or body. This is not a beginner's activity if you haven't had solid training.

5: CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)

The list of hot and risky kinks makes a special place in cock and ball torture also known as CBT, it is a wild kinky sexual activity in which men are sub to pain in their genitals. In this, the dominant (dom) is a woman who punishes or tortures the male partner who plays the role of submissive. Typically, this can range from mild contractions to discomfort to crushing or bruising of the testicle. Apart from this, penis whipping, penis crushing, penis constriction, testicle pulling, and erotic electrostimulation also come under this kink.

6: Clothed Women And Nude Men (CFNM)

Okay, so CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male, which presents an explanation of the straightforward nature of the fetish. In this sexual dynamic, a clothed dominant female usually exerts a brutal display of her sexual power over a naked male (who is either tied up or uncovered), the female plays the role of Dom and the male submissive, and the woman is in control, which she uses extensively for brutal sexual behavior.

7: Erotic Electrostimulation Or Erotic E-Stim

This is also a risky sexual kink which is not right to do without training and experience. Typically this sexual kink involves the use of specially designed power sources or objects in the form of electric shots to stimulate the nerves of the body for sexual pleasure, and primarily the genitals. Such as EMS, TENS, Cock Lock, Violet Wand, and other objects. E-stim usually associated with BDSM play is a more risky kink, so it should be done carefully after extensive training and experience because it can be more dangerous even on a small mistake and can cause huge damage.

8: Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is in kink when a person displays sexual arousal at the thought of being shamelessly naked in front of their partner, engaging in, and being observed in sexual activity. In this, the partner is in the lead role and is involved in non-consensual sex or consensual shameless sexual activity.

9: Foot Fetish Or Podophilia

Podophilia, used as the technical term for foot fetish, is one of the most common fetishes in the world and a special one. A 2016 study found that the most prevalent of the kinks related to human body parts was foot fetish. Foot fetish or podophilia is almost always at the top with about 50% preferences in all of the kink. Although it may be a common fetish, but, it also requires experience to do it. Foot fetishes always top the list of kinks searched on Google, ranging from smelling and licking dirty feet to applying nail polish, jewelry, or other things to beautiful clean feet.

10: Hairy Fetish

If you are attracted and turned on by women who take a natural approach to grooming and seduction, such as exposing their legs, armpits, and pubic hair. And if you get turned on by it, you have a hairy orgasm in mind. Most often it consists of a dominant female and a male adulterer, where the female is sexually attracted to the male by her body hair.

11: Hotwifing

Closely related to cuckolding is usually a famous sexual kink, where people proudly give their original partner to outside partners and watch others have sex with them.

12: Humiliation

Some people like to be humiliated, they enjoy being humiliated by their sexual partner, and they find sexual pleasure in it. They like to be humiliated, embarrassed, or humiliated during sex. Some forms of disrespect involved are verbal and some are more physical. However, before venturing into such play, it is good to agree and discuss deeply with your partner about their wishes, boundaries, and other things.

13: Effective Kinky Sex

It can be an extremely intense kink that can range from sensational drama and sweet love to something really weird and brutal that can go on for days at a time. This power exchange extends far beyond spanking. Once started, it remains active for a few minutes to hours or even weeks. Hitting the erogenous zones butt, upper thighs, vagina, anus, etc. are generally believed to increase the amount of endorphins, the purpose of which is to control pain and pleasure.

14: Cuckolding

This kinky play is closely related to BDSM, as it overlaps with domination, submission, pain, and humiliation. Cuckolding is a sexual kink or fetish where a man feels hot, bothered, and humiliated by his spouse having an affair with another person, and that is what this kink means.

15: Dominance And Subordination

Dom and sub are a broad term for BDSM or a broad aspect of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism. Dominance and subordination generally refer to the dynamics of power. In this kink usually one person dominates or has power or control over their sexual partner. The other person involved submits his rights, wishes, and other things to his partner, who obeys him like a slave.

16: Knismolagnia

Knismolagnia is a comical fetish where people experience tickling each other or simply watching someone tickle, and they derive sexual pleasure from it. It is a sexual kink of getting aroused by tickling. It is sometimes done alone, sometimes with a partner, and does not necessarily involve any sexual activity, and people can derive sexual pleasure from tickling alone.

17: Latex Fetish

As the name suggests, it contains latex and rubber, the attraction to which can be aphrodisiacs. Wearing costumes made from these thin materials has a strong connection to the S&M community. From the wear to the smell of rubber in it is enough to create excitement.

18: Vaginal Lock

This is another slightly weird kink, in which a lock is usually placed in the vagina of the woman, and she is aroused but she has to abstain from sexual intercourse or other means of pleasure. It is a test of restraint, neither sex nor masturbation.

19: Self-Mutilation

Sadism is referred to in BDSM as M. This sexual kink focuses on pain and suffering, which can range from mild hair pulling, to withholding of orgasm, and cock or ball torture. This is also a common kink but actually, people doing it are not able to do it properly due to ignorance. According to one study 10 to 25% of people do it in their bedroom, so learn about Fajr practice.

20: Wax Play

Wax play is a popular kink in which hot wax is dripped or poured onto a sexual partner. It is included under temperature play in the world of kink kinky play. This is done on any part of the body, such as dripping wax on the chest, penis, testicles, legs, or anywhere else. In this, intimacy in a BDSM context can be used to create fear and sensation.

21: Orgasm Control

Orgasm control kinks are technically often described as "aging or peaking", mainly involving preventing orgasm or ejaculation. Usually, this kink involves putting the brakes on orgasm just before the point of release (orgasm or ejaculation). While it may sound simple it is not, and it is a good idea to get some training and experience before attempting it. Because controlling orgasms requires a deep experience of some physical and mental practice. But once you master it, the ups and downs of sexual pleasure leading up to the climax can give very intense sexual pleasure. This is a stop-start method that involves getting aroused just before ejaculation or squirting and then stopping until the urge to ejaculate or orgasm goes away. Premature ejaculation is also treated with this method, which is quite famous.

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Kinky play or fetishes usually focus on an object or body part, which is a sexual act or behavior. It can also be dynamic between partners, or sometimes static. Each kink has its advantages, disadvantages, pleasure, or pain involved, which may require some practice before performing. So before getting involved in any kinky play, make sure that you have gained enough experience to get into it.

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