How does a woman take care of her vagina?

The vagina is an essential part of the female body. Girls initially knew very little about vaginas. However, only after the age of twenty does a woman learn to take good care of her vagina after menstruation, seeing a gynecologist, getting married, having sex, having children, etc. All women know very well that the vagina should be kept clean, and the Pap test should perform regularly. Women's vaginas are their most sensitive area and require daily care. But if you clean your vagina, then you must take many precautions. Because if you do not accept these precautions, then it will bring you significant losses. There are also many dangers in cleaning the vagina. Even if you use vaginal products to clean your vagina, you still need to use them properly. One of your mistakes may be very dangerous for you.

Know your vagina

The vagina is the outer muscle part of the female genitalia, including the labia, vulva, and clitoris. It is also one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, so it needs special care.

The vagina constantly produces clear, white, viscous secretions, which help maintain the pH of the vagina and remove any pathogenic bacteria there. However, it will also create a moist environment in your vagina, and if it is not properly clean, it can quickly become infected.

So let's outline some critical points of vagina care. And know what to remember to keep the vagina healthy.

Vaginal infection treatment

Vaginal infection is not a severe disease, but it can cause serious illness. Every woman has at least one vaginal yeast infection in her lifetime. Often, a woman begins to have vaginal itching to apply anti-fungal cream, but she shouldn't do it every time. There are two types of vaginal infections-bacterial vaginosis (BV), in which bacteria grow in the vagina. The second is trichomoniasis, which is itchy. They must be treated well so that you can be completely healthy.

Irregular menstrual periods

Sometimes, menstrual bleeding will become thicker with age, but this does not happen every time, nor does it happen to everyone. If you experience vaginal bleeding during menstruation and sexual intercourse or every two weeks after sexual intercourse, be sure to contact your doctor. Excessive bleeding is not a good sign. This problem occurs after uterine masses, anemia, hormone-related issues, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer.

Uses of talcum powder

Many times women will sprinkle talcum powder or baby powder as a precaution, but studies have shown that doing so can increase cancer risk by as much as 30%. Please wear cotton underwear during menstruation and wash your vagina with clean water frequently.

No contraceptive measures use.

If you stop menstruation, it does not mean that you have entered menopause. You may be pregnant. It is unsafe not to use contraceptive measures when you are too old, which may cause you to become pregnant. Therefore, during sexual intercourse, please ask your partner to use a condom or take a contraceptive pill (usually, there are specific side effects, and it is not recommended to use it frequently).

After the age of 40, people rarely use contraceptives, and they feel uncomfortable, but using condoms for sex is safe and an effective guarantee to avoid the spread of diseases.

Do not do Kegel exercises.

Women continued to perform Kegel exercises during and after pregnancy but then suddenly stopped. If she continues to do this, her vagina will remain like 35-40 at the age of 50. The muscles in the pelvic area will weaken with age, and Kegel exercises will make it stronger.

No sex or little sex

A research data publication shows that 40 to 50-year-old women surveyed stated that they had barely had sex in the last year (some are their problems, some are due to lack of sexual desire in their partners). It can cause many issues, such as vaginal dryness, insufficient estrogen levels in the body, itching, and discomfort. Regular sex can keep the vagina lubricated and keep the vagina healthy. If you don't have a suitable sex partner, you can choose toys, but remember to choose high-quality sex toys and ensure that they are in a clean condition. Low-quality sex toys can also harm the vagina.

Use padded underwear

If your menstruation is irregular, you should always wear panties; when the menstruation starts, you will not face embarrassment, although it can cause many types of infections, so please keep them clean.

No regular inspection

According to research conducted by some research institutes and gynecologists in the United States, women undergo examinations before the age of 30, but not afterward, and Pap examinations are not carried out. Don't do that. Go to the doctor every year for regular check-ups. During this period, it must perform breast and vagina examinations.

Excessive cleansing of the vagina

Many women clean the outside and inside thoroughly when cleaning the vagina. But let us tell you that if you also clean the inside of the vagina, then this can be very dangerous for you. First of all, you should know that the vagina has a self-cleaning function. If the vagina does not respond abnormally, we should not over-clean it. Over-cleaning will destroy the vagina's secretion of beneficial bacteria, disrupt the vaginal environment balance, and cause various complications. It is the reason why you should 

not clean the inside of the vagina.

However, if you want to clean from the inside of the vagina, you can wash it with ordinary clean water. But do not use any products to clean it. If you try to clean your vagina with a vaginal product, it will reduce the beneficial bacteria in the vagina you need.

Let me tell you that there are both beneficial and harmful bacteria in the vagina to maintain acid-base balance. It can also protect you from infection.

Wear sanitary napkins for a long time

If you wear sanitary napkins for a long time, then you should not do it. If you wear hygienic napkins for a long time, the risk of infection will increase. Many women forget to wear sanitary napkins and remove them, which may be the cause of disease.

It has been seen that the tampon is often fixed in the vagina, which becomes very difficult to remove. Therefore, always remember not to wear sanitary napkins for a long time.

Using hot steam in the vagina

Many women use hot steam to clean their vaginas. It is also hazardous for you. A vagina is a compassionate place, and you shouldn't be hot there. It would be best if you did not use hot steam to clean the uterus. It increases the risk of burns.

You should not clean your vagina from the inside because we told you that the vagina would take care of itself from the inside. After all, some beneficial bacteria in it help keep the vagina clean. However, if you want to clean the vagina with hot steam, it may be dangerous for you. it will also cause you a lot of trouble.

Don't do vaginal bleaching.

You use whitening agents to whiten your face and look clean. Especially women will do this. Similarly, many women use whitening agents to keep the area around the vagina clean and enhance its effectiveness. It is hazardous for you because the whitening agent contains some chemicals that can irritate you.

When people apply whitening agents on their faces, they will stay away from their eyes. Because the eyes are compassionate, no whitening agent is used. Similarly, a women's vagina is also a warm place, so whitening agents should not be used.

Use scented products in the vagina.

Many women use perfume around and inside the vagina. Many women have this habit. She does this because sometimes she feels uncomfortable with unwanted vaginal discharge. It is why she also uses perfume in her vagina. But let us tell you that this can be very dangerous. Many women use scented soap in the vagina. It can mix many types of chemicals in this soap, which is very dangerous for your vagina.

According to a study, a woman's vagina quickly absorbs any fluid. Many women also add vodka to the vagina for cleansing, which is absorbed rapidly. Doing so will cause you great harm. It is not suitable for your vagina at all, so do not use any scented substances in your vagina.

Vaginal itching and general vaginal irritation can be solved by vaginal care. If you clean your vagina regularly, you can avoid vaginal itching, burning, and odor problems.

If you want to clean the vulva, you can use warm water and mild soap as needed. If you experience an unpleasant vaginal odor, you should see a doctor. These are the first signs of an infection that requires treatment.

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