Self-denial is one of the ways to prevent pregnancy, but if you're active sexually, it's fundamental to know all of your available alternatives. Though birth control can assist in avoiding pregnancy, it won't be beneficial if you desist from taking it timely or change the dose.  And at times, birth control pills, even when taken rightly, fail. This means you cannot depend solely on Birth control methods.

Here is a list of things you can do to guarantee you are using the right birth control method and correctly using it.

  1. Exploring contraceptive choices

The birth control method is a safe way of preventing pregnancy. And if you have not yet started it out, you should. There are two types: the Hormonal and Non-Hormonal options, and you can choose any of them.

For hormonal options, the strategy is;

Taking daily, a combo of pills contains two synthetic hormones called estrogen and progestin, which are almost of the same nature as those created by your ovaries. The Skin patches that contain the two synthetic hormones are worn for 21 days and removed 7 days before changing to a new skin patch, and Vaginal rings also follow the same guide before replacing. The Intrauterine Device relying on the device can be worn for 3 to 10 years maximum. And it can be hormonal or Non-hormonal.

  1. Making use of birth control correctly

A day you miss not being on the birth control pill boosts your chances of getting pregnant, which means you mustn't miss a day to ensure safety. These are some tips to help you stay true to your birth control methods:

  • Take the pill every day simultaneously; make sure not to take it late or earlier; it can cause hormonal imbalance and make the pill not be effective.
  • Make sure not to miss any dose, like missing a day or time. This can render the burial control pill useless. And when you remember you've missed one, make sure to take it right away; even if you missed up to two days, you can take both same times or at different timing.
  • When using a Vagina ring or Skin patch, replace it on time; forgetting to make a replacement exposes you to unwanted pregnancy.
  1. Right Schedule

Most of the time, your monthly birth control roster may not be the same as the calendar month, which might compel you to forget how you take the pill, making it hard for you to remember when to turn on your contraception.

There are several schedules you could use to help you stay on schedule, and they include:

  • Setting an automatic refill with your pharmacy so that your prescription is ready when needed.
  • Enabling auto-delivery service so that prescriptions can be brought to your doorstep without stress. Some apps make this easier to do.
  • Some other App helps keep a tab on your period and birth control, reminding you when to take your pill and when to refill.
  1. You can make use of Barrier protection

Birth control is highly beneficial in avoiding pregnancy, but it will not prevent you from infections that are transmitted sexually. That's more than enough reason why you should always make use of barrier protection. Condoms are the only effective way of preventing Sexually transmitted diseases, and the addition of hormonal birth control increases the protection more. But kindly note that you can't make use of male and female condoms at the same time.

5. Using condoms correctly

Condoms are ineffective if you do put them on rightly or put them on using the wrong side.

Steps to follow while putting on a male condom;

  • Put the condom on the erected penis head.
  • Pinch the air out of the tip of the condom
  • And with care, roll down the condom
  • After use, hold the condom at the base before pulling it out, then remove it carefully and toss it in the trash.
  • Once used, it can never be reused again or twice.

while for a female condom;

  • Be in a comfortable position
  • Hold down the closed-end, squeezing the sides of the inner ring together with your forefinger and thumb.
  • Put the end into the vagina and use your finger to push it in until it rests against the cervix.
  • Guide your partner through the penetration so as not to miss the vagina condom

6. Keep track of your fertility and avoid sex during the ovulation period

You can also follow through with your fertility and avoid sex when you are ovulating. Certain types of app that assist you in tracking your menstrual cycle and ovulation period. But this isn't an emergency method; you would have to understand how your body works.

7. Making use of emergency Contraceptives

As said in the earlier paragraphs, some contraceptives fail, but that doesn't mean there is any more solution. There is a more effective contraceptive, which is called Emergency Contraceptive. It is used in preventing pregnancy when you engage in unprotected sex, or your birth control is not functional. Just like the birth control contraceptive, it also has two types:

  • Hormonal emergency pills are effective after sex and can be taken even after five days after having sex, but it's more effective when taken within the first 72 hours after sex. It can be bought at any local pharmacy store nearby.
  • While the other is the Emergency IUD contraception when the doctor inserts the copper IUD up to five days after sex to prevent pregnancy.

Sex Toys

The steps or options available to prevent pregnancy might be enormous or stressful, and you need something that would be worth your time without fear of being pregnant or contracting STIs. Sex toys are your best bet; it's no different than the real thing; it's much better because of the added feature to give you sexual satisfaction.

Sex toys are the easiest way out, aside from abstaining totally from sex. This gives you stable mental health since you won't be thinking of the menstrual or ovulation cycle or keeping a calendar of your birth control. This is quite efficient and more beneficial to ladies; you would reach orgasm without stress and fulfill your sexual urge.

There are sex toys of a different kind, depending on the kind of sexual fantasies you have. There are the ones called the dildos, just like the penis structure, while there are some called the vibrator, which stimulates your clitoris while penetrating. So you can choose how you wish to pleasure yourself.

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