What Is Hickey And How To Get Rid Of it: A Complete Guide

Sexual pleasure has different forms and names, one of them being hickey. It is generally a mark that a person gives on any part of his partner's body. Its existence is interpreted differently, although it is neither a matter of embarrassment nor causes significant harm. Usually, you, too, must have heard or know about it. But you don't understand what it is, how it happens, how to hide it, what is its treatment, is it serious? There are many such questions for which you will get the correct answer in this article.

So you have to read the complete article to know about it in detail.

What Is Hickey?

Maybe you've heard the word hickey before, or you've probably heard the term referred to by its other popular name -a love bite. But it's technically a misnomer because it doesn't have a taste. Instead, true hickeys occur when someone, during intimate or romantic moments, sucks their partner's skin with their lips so hard that it leaves a visible mark. And this scar is caused by the vacuum created by the suction of the lips, causing the blood vessels (cells) to burst, or the tissue to break. 

This deep scar or hickey essentially results from trauma to the skin, causing the rupture of tiny superficial blood capillaries or tissues in the skin. Although it automatically normalizes in a few hours or sometimes 2,3 days, sometimes it becomes like a wound that must be healed through treatment.

Couples usually do this during intimacy on the neck or shoulder or sometimes near the chest or breast. However, it is technically possible to give hickeys to any body part. Unlike other forms of injury, this hickey on the neck feels like a bit of stigma and embarrassment. Because people interpret it as a sign of recent sexual activity, marks such as hickeys are considered obscene. Although this is a common misconception, it has nothing to do with your love life. Because, after all, it is a sign of love.

A person giving his partner a hickey (love bite) can vary. For some, it is an unwanted act of passion, while for others, it is a deliberate mark, taken as a pretense or fashion. 

So it's a little different for members of the BDSM community, and it's taken as mild pain, as can the dominance of the act in BDSM sex.

Can Hickeys (Love Bite) Harm You? 

Medical professionals and experts say hickeys do not pose any long-term health risks. But this is certainly of little concern unless the amount of trauma causes an actual injury or wound to the skin.

If it's a bite from a tooth or a normal hickey from a loud bite, there's a risk of a potentially minor skin infection. But if it happens, then, in that case, this mark is not even considered a hickey. 

There have been isolated incidents of love bites being associated with more severe health conditions. However, such a complex case because of love bites or hickeys is sporadic.

How To Give Hickey Or Love Bite?

Commonly a hickey, also known as a love bite, kiss mark, or love mark. It is a scar (lesion) caused by sucking or aggressively kissing the skin. And it is initially dark red due to the rupture of blood vessels (cells) under the skin. And later, it turns purple or dark brown. And then it gets milder and usually goes back to normal in 2 to 3 days. If you want to give someone a hickey or a love bite, you can press their skin between your lips and suck it hard. Remember that teeth are not used in this, but you must put intense pressure on the lips.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Giving Hickey Or Love Bite

You must understand why you would want to give a hickey to someone.

Hickeys are a sign of passion, usually passed from one partner to another while having a sexual relationship or during romantic moments. And this is often done in excitement. And sometimes, this is done intentionally to show ownership. However, contrary to popular belief, hickeys should be understood as a symbol of happiness rather than showing ownership over a partner. On the other hand, some people like to get this from their partner, and they want their partner to give them a hickey, which they believe or want to show how strong and loving their partner is.

Ask Permission From Your Partner Before Giving Hickey

The social belief is that the hickey is a sexual symbol. And so it makes it a little hesitant to display you in front of his friends, family, or other people. Some people want to avoid the embarrassment of being caught with a hickey, so it's best to avoid it if the recipient isn't comfortable with the hickey.

Getting A Hickey Can Be Painful

In addition, hickeys can be painful for the recipient, which can affect the mood of some people. However, most people take it as an experience of joy.

Making The Mark Of A Love Bite Or Hickey

Although you cannot directly suck on their skin to give a hickey, it can be done during foreplay; during love, first spend some time kissing, then kiss around your partner's neck, throat, and breasts with your lips. You can also use your tongue or apply light pressure with your lips. Start with light kissing and sucking, and if your partner likes it, you're clear to move on to delivering a hickey on a particular part of your partner; but yes, you should ensure that you have obtained their consent in this regard. Because if they do not like it, you do not want your partner to be embarrassed in front of anyone.

  • By the way, hickey can be given to any body part. But in reality, there are usually some unique places to provide a hickey, where your partner will be thrilled to have it too. Such as - throat and neck. Or around the breasts. Or the sensitive skin of the inner thighs is the most delightful place, and even hickeys get excited and love it.¬†
  • If you know your partner would be highly embarrassed to have a visible hickey, avoid giving it to the neck or neck. You'd better ask them where their most comfortable place to get hickeys is.¬†Usually, women are more thrilled to get hickeys near the inner thighs.
  • Now, make your lips in an O shape, then press the lips firmly on your partner's skin; keep in mind that while doing this, you make sure that your lips have formed a seal and the air is not going out.
  • Then suck the skin of that part vigorously. And then it will help break up the capillaries under their skin. To make a hickey mark, you must suck on their skin for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • During this, keep your teeth away from their skin contact. Although some people like the touch or light bite of the teeth, if your partner prefers, then you can give light bites with the teeth.¬†
  • When you've done this smoothly, you can give some gentle kisses or tongue touches to the area.
  • You'll need to wait a while for the visible hickey to appear, as it may take a bit to emerge. Just like scars appear after some time after injury. Similarly, it will also take some time. It may appear pale pink or dark purple after 5 to 15 minutes.
  • If you want to give more than one hickey or your partner wants it, you can try again.
  • If your partner is uncomfortable while giving the hickey, and she signals to stop, you should stop immediately.

Many people think a little further than this. A significant number of men in a social survey admitted that they like to hickey on their female partner's nipple or the outer lip of the vagina and upwards. While this is entirely wrong because the muscles of the nipple and vagina are susceptible, and pressure on them increases the risk of scarring. So, give love bite or hickey marks without making your partner uncomfortable or causing pain. Try that all the partners agree, and no harm or embarrassment is attached to it.

Or if your partner refuses to do this then do not do it and always respect the wishes of the partner. Because maybe they will feel embarrassed by it at their workplace or in front of their friends or family.

How To Cover Hickeys Or Love Bites

For most people who get a hickey or love bite, their main concern is how to cover up, or how to treat, to protect it from the public eye. Mainly this problem occurs around the neck, collar bone, or shoulder, which is visible directly from the front. Although it is on any other body part, it can be easily hidden with clothes. It might be a little tricky if it's somewhere prominent, like the neck, but it can be covered with a scarf or other things.

  • Compress With Ice Pack:¬†If you want, you can compress with ice or other cold things to reduce the swelling. But a more practical option may be using a gel or balm.
  • Heavy Makeup Use:¬†A little heavy makeup, concealer, or another cosmetic primer can be practical for covering up hickeys. All you have to pay attention to is that you use the tone of the color which perfectly matches your skin. Makeup used in drama or on stage is thicker and heavier, So if you want to hide hickey marks entirely, you should try them.
  • Use Of Scarf:¬†A scarf is the best option when you are trying to hide the hickeys around or around your neck that is visible from the front.
  • Band-Aid Use:¬†You can also use a band-aid to cover up hickey marks. A single band-aid will effectively cover a hickey. If the size of the hickey is large, you can use a double band-aid.
  • Treat Or Home Remedy:¬†If you find that your hickey is making you feel more embarrassed, or is causing you pain, be sure to treat it. And if possible, go ahead with the treatment after seeing a doctor.

Although it is not a severe injury and can be cured with home remedies or available ointments, then show fast to heal it.


Hickey or Love Bite indeed thrills many people, and like it some people do not like it at all, but the truth is that a love bite is often an act of excitement, not a planned one. Yes, for some people, it is pretty exciting, or for other reasons, it is done under sea planning. Still, love bite is love bite. So you should take it in the form of time. And if it makes you uncomfortable, then refrain from doing it.

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