22 Sexual Fantasies You Want To Have And That Are Completely Normal

In the mind of every human being, there is a desire to do something different towards sex and to have some strange kind of sex, which we commonly know as sex fantasy. It is entirely normal to have sex fantasies.

Today, openness in sex, the increasing scope of the porn industry, and because of technology, easily accessible porn material encourages people to discuss their sexual fantasies openly. And new sexual fantasies are also emerging. Taboos are eroding, sex norms are changing, and we're talking about more of what used to be a matter of shame and embarrassment that excites and turns us on.

A sexual fantasy is a fantasy about sex that emerges in your mind, and it is truly a mental image, thought, or story that excites or turns you on. Maybe you're tempted to do it, or you might just like to think about it. But while we all have different kinds of fantasy thoughts, some people are a little confused about whether their fantasies are expected, whether it's a mental illness, and so on.

However, if you think beyond hetero sex, and if that fantasy is consensual and freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specific, it can be executed, which is entirely normal. That is to say, no matter what kind of sex or sexual fantasies are there, if it is done with the partner's consent, then it is entirely normal.

22 Sexual Fantasies That Are Completely Normal 

Sexual fantasies and acting out are healthy and normal as long as they are performed with respect and consent. But if you are still unsure about your sexual fantasies, you will undoubtedly find the answer here. And you can rest assured whether what you think or want to do is normal or not. 

According to social surveys, research, studies, and public opinion, 22 things (sexual fantasy) are entirely normal.

1. Sex In Public Place

This is a sexual fantasy that almost everyone has happened at some point in their life. Or they think to do so. It would never happen. Or they think to do so. The thrill of sex in public places has long been a popular fantasy. 

For example, dark alleys, public bathrooms, park corners, public toilets, movie theater seats, school college safety rooms, or car sex on the side of a deserted road, It's all common fantasies and choices that fascinate everyone. For some people, this thrills, while others even take the risk to spice up sex outside the bedroom. Well, it's normal to have sex fantasies and fantasies that you think about enjoying.

Although having sex in a public place may seem fun, there is also a considerable risk involved, and it could even result in your arrest. So it can be a warning, and you must follow the rules and regulations.

2. The Thrill of Sex In An Unusual Place

    Hotel rooms, sex clubs, kitchen counters, bathrooms, shower sex, tub sex, open balconies, sex on a table or sofa instead of a bed, Or the fantasy of having sex with the windows open usually makes you more thrilled excited. Usually, all these sexual fantasies are a part of everyone's life, and if you indulge in them regularly or the thought pops into your mind, there's nothing strange or wrong with it. You can quickly fulfill these fantasies.

    3. Infidelity With A Real Partner

      Maybe you are pleased with your partner and get everything you expect and want from them. But even then, you are thrilled about cheating on them. There can be many different reasons for this; maybe the danger of getting caught attracts you. Or the freshness of a new sexual relationship, a different adventure with a new partner, or something. Infidelity is a common fantasy or sexual fantasy.

      It is important to note that this type of sex fantasy or sexual fantasy does not necessarily mean you want to have this type of sex. Maybe it's your imagination, and you don't want to do it in real life. But if you do, there may be some form of ethical non-monogamous marriage or one thing you should explore, and you can even involve your partner in this if you want.

      4. Dominate Partner During Sex

        Fifty Shades of Grey, a Hollywood movie, has normalized kink, BDSM, and fetish sex more widely than ever before. One study found that 60 to 72% of men who identify as women crave their male partner to dominate during sex. At the same time, 60 to 70 percent of men also accepted the matter of domination. Not being in control, pushing, or slapping against your will, which happens with the partner's consent, Or other kinks is a big part of the Dom-Sub relationship. And there's also a definitive and honest program to explore genuine love, kink, and sexuality safely. 

        There are many ways to safely enjoy forced fantasies within our world of strange sexual behavior and enthusiastic consent. However, discussing the scene with your partner first is essential, and it is best to do it after getting their license.

        5. Oral Sex

          In the US, a social survey conducted by an organization and some studies have revealed that giving and receiving oral sex is a top sexual fantasy. This fantasy fascinates people more. Some people have admitted that they prefer to achieve orgasm through oral sex. 

          Oral sex indeed plays a vital role in achieving orgasm. And oral sex in foreplay before starting sex increases your sexual satisfaction. Perhaps this fascinates some people for the same reason. But some people admit that giving oral sex makes them feel higher. At the same time, some women also say that when they give oral sex to their partner, or their partner gives oral sex in their vagina, they feel like a queen, and treating their partner like a slave excites them. So obviously, oral sex is a typical sexual fantasy, making you hotter.

          6. Pegging Sex

            People's openness has further broadened the attitude towards sex. Pegging sex is one of those weird and sexual fantasies. For those unfamiliar with pegging sex, it is essential to know that in pegging sex, a person with a vagina wears a strapon (a type of dildo and sex toy), And he has anal sex with her male partner strapon in his anal. Sometimes a woman performs anal sex in another female partner with the help of a strapon. Pegging plays with the power dynamics and allows both partners to explore a different side of their sexuality. In this, the man climaxes through prostate massage. Although pegging sex is not for everyone, if you are interested, you can try it.

            7. BDSM Or Kinky Sex

              BDSM sex has become very common in modern times, and many couples do it in their bedroom. Even BDSM sex impresses some people so much that they hire a BDSM partner and execute BDSM sex with them. Which mainly includes slavery. Some people like to dominate their partner like a king and expect them to be like a slave in sex.

              The same few women want to see their male sex partner as an enslaved person or servant, and they have sex with him. Or bondage sex in which one partner is tied with ropes, cuffs, or under the bed to more intense bonding scenarios, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing restrained is incredibly hot for many people. A partner's inability to move makes you vulnerable to the partner's progress, whether they involve pleasure, pain, or both.¬†

              However, before doing this, all the partners must have a thorough discussion, and getting each other's consent is essential. It is also necessary to set a safe word so that play can be stopped immediately if needed.

              8. Gender Swap

                It's a common sexual fantasy to do something fun in the bedroom and spice up sex. In this, both the partners play the role of wearing clothes and stimulating each other for sex in the same way. A man takes on a woman's role and instigates a woman to become a man by wearing a woman's lingerie. 

                While this play could fall into the category of pegging sex, gender swapping is more than just penetrating a gender-identifying partner and quite hot and thrilling each other.

                9. Stripping

                  Stripping as a sexual fantasy is a great and common fantasy. It acts as a condiment for couples inside the bedroom. Whether a man or a woman, it is on everyone's mind that their partner incites her to do a sensual dance and ends with wild and exciting sex.

                  10. Sex With A Celebrity

                    This result in the study and the social survey was shocking. Because about 54 to 68 percent of the people admitted that they want to have sex with their favorite celebrity and remember they have masturbated countless times. But the surprise was even more incredible when women accepted it, with almost 63 percent admitting that they could cheat on their real partner to have sex with their favorite celebrity. So the answer is excellent. It's often easier and less complicated to photograph your favorite celebs. So the next time you're masturbating, don't be shy about taking out your go-to fantasy and get the pleasure of masturbating freely in having sex with your favorite person.

                    11. Sex With Ex-Partner

                      Yes, this is also a common sexual fantasy. Even if you regret breaking up with your ex, this fantasy is widespread. Fantasizing about sex with an ex doesn't mean you want to get back together. Often, this kind of fantasy is about nostalgia for something familiar, at times comparing you to a current partner and a former partner and finding that you were more sexually satisfied with the former partner. And that makes you hotter. So if you want to have sex with your ex, then you are free. It provided that you are not deceiving anyone.

                      12. Sexual Role Play

                        Role play adds spice to your bedroom and inspires you to try something new between partners. If you struggle to let out your inner sex goddess, imagining yourself in a specific role can help, such as a mistress and a servant, an enslaver and an enslaved person, a nurse-and-patient, or a doctor and a nurse. This fantasy gives a new dimension to your sensibilities.

                        13. Cosplay

                          Like role-playing, cosplay sex fantasy is also prevalent among people, in which participants are in a specific outfit. Then they go from stimulating each other to the completion of sex. For example, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Superman, or something. It is entirely normal.

                          14. Anal Sex

                            Anal sex is usually regular among many people. However, it is not for everyone, nor is it natural sex, so it is not regular sex. Yes, it is a common sexual fantasy, which people feel more thrilled to do. It mainly includes women who get a different orgasm in anal sex. So if you're new to trying anal sex, knowledge, relaxation, communication, and plenty of lube are key.

                            15. Sex With A Stranger

                              Sex with a stranger always makes everyone extremely hot. At the same time, it is also an endless limit of adventure. Many people often crave sex with a stranger. A common fantasy offers quite exciting experiences suddenly, traveling (in a train, flight, or bus, or in a library, or anywhere), with strangers. It's easy to see why this fantasy is typical: it potentially heats you to think that someone without knowing you will be so attracted to you that they have sex with you all at once. Nowadays, there are many clubs where it is common, and it is organized well. So you can find out about ethical, consensual sex parties. And can fulfill this fantasy safely. 

                              16. Sex With Your Teacher

                                This truth is problematic in real life, but having sex with your teacher is a common fantasy nowadays. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsex with a teacher or professor can not only feel thrilling, but it can warm you up. Another sign of being attracted to a teacher or professor is having thoughts about having sex with a woman or man older than you. So if you have such a fantasy, find a partner willing to play the role to have this fantasy safely and ethically.

                                17. Group Sex

                                  Threesome, Foursome, and more some. This sexual fantasy is enthralling people a lot. Looking at the study and survey reports, about 60 to 67 percent of women admitted that they would like to have group sex once or repeatedly in their life. However, for many people, sex is just a fantasy, and they will avoid doing it in reality. But they would prefer to have group sex in their stories. The partners involved need to be credible if you are considering having group sex. Plus, it requires constant communication and enthusiastic consent to accomplish. If you're feeling hot and nervous in group sex, find an ethical sex dungeon club in your city or nearby area where such sex parties are organized.

                                  18. Lesbian Sex

                                    It is not just a sexual fantasy but a part of people's life. That's because this fantasy is expected even for women who identify with themselves as straight. 62 to 67 percent of the women surveyed admitted that they are straightforward, but they also like to enjoy lesbian sex. In particular, women who achieve orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris, or prefer oral sex, mainly choose to engage in it. On the other hand, lesbians always give the main credit to this fantasy. However, fantasizing about sex with another woman can usually mean that you are attracted to women and a lesbian. But this is not necessary. Any sexual fantasy and doing it can be fun.

                                    19. Sex Or Taboo Topics In Family Or Relationships

                                      It has always been a reality, but in the last 3,4 decades, since the porn industry grew and made porn accessible to the masses, this sexual fantasy has gained much popularity. However, the best thing about stories is that they don't have to be bogged down with your real-life morals. 

                                      Stepmother and dad, stepmother and son, step sister and brother are family sexual fantasies that have gained popularity quickly among the masses. However, some may feel that this taboo fantasy should not be explored, nor promoted, as it directly affects morality. 

                                      If this sexual fantasy excites you, you can fulfill it through role play with your partner. However, you should think deeply about this.

                                      20. Sex With Your Younger Age

                                        However, this is a general fantasy, and it fascinates many people. But it can be taboo if the other party involved is a minor. However, this sexual fantasy is seen more among women. And some of the surveyed women acknowledge it prominently. The incredible warmth offers older ladies the thrill of satiating their lust in the bathtub or the pool with their 21-year-old hottie. However, there can be some reasons behind this that attract women. A young man is likely to have more sexual energy than an older man, and a new sense of sexual optimism attracts women to it. However, this includes men who feel more sexually energized by having sex with a girl younger than them.

                                        21. Sex With An Older Person

                                          At the same time, there is also a common fantasy that they imagine having sex with a person older and wiser than them and living with them. The younger boys involved or the younger girls are equally opinionated, whereas younger girls prefer to go with a mature man; on the other hand, young boys dream of having sex with women older than themselves. Because they feel that older women can give more support in sex. At the same time, they also provide emotional strength.

                                          22. Erotic-Sensual Massage

                                            As many women are immersed in this sexual fantasy, so are men involved. Yes, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčan erotic massage followed by sex fascinates everyone. Happy ending massages among women are a popular search topic, especially on porn sites. The main reason for this can be sexual satisfaction and orgasm. It is a common belief among women that sex after an erotic massage gives them a powerful orgasm. However, there is no doubt that it is also scientifically precise.


                                            Sexual fantasies can be an integral part of your life and your way from sexual gratification to a beautiful and powerful orgasm. But before doing this, definitely think about the precautions.

                                            Sexual fantasies can sometimes be more uncomfortable; therefore, setting boundaries before acting forces each person to think about what they want and how they can work. Ideally, have an honest conversation about this before you commit to the sexual fantasy; if you set a limit, it will be easier for you to stop the act in case of discomfort.

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