There are a couple of truths you won’t find in the school books. The sex education curriculum in schools includes body hygiene, sexual abuse, reproductive health, sexual behavior, etc. Sex education never mentions the beauty of sex or the sweet experience of orgasm, even if it will be for just 10 seconds.

The idea of strange truths is that they are truths, but no one is saying them openly. Or that when people are talking about them, they shroud them in some form of mystery. Have you read of the tales of Columbu’s discovery? How do you discover what exists already?

In all of history, what we read is Columbus’s discovery; when you now tell the public about the fact that people already inhabited that landmass before Columbus, that becomes a strange truth.

In this post, we have sourced out some truths you never knew existed about sex. You are welcome to learn, and you can also check out our store for honest truths about sexual pleasures. We’ve got different toys fo your maximum pleasure.

A big dick cannot ruin a vagina

Hi, cut the crap. A dick is meant for a vagina, just as a sim card is designed for your phone. It is a complete error to think that having sex with a partner with a conspicuous dick size can destroy the vagina. Studies have revealed that the vagina is designed to be resilient and elastic for as long as we can remember. They can stretch to accommodate a toy as big as our 4 inches realistic silicone dildo sex toy for women and return to their former size.

The same for the vagina lips. The structure of the vagina lips is not an indication of sexual history; different women have different vagina lips. So take it off your mind that there is a normal-looking vulva. Just as humans are in sizes and shapes, the vulva also comes in different shapes. It is normal for some vulvas to stick out. Perhaps this is part of the variety of life.

13 is ok

Long sex is not always desirable sex!

It is only in porn that you see sex last two (2) hours or even more. Some boys are overwhelmed with what they see on the screen, making them indulge in different substances.

Except in screenplays, humans are comfortable with anything between 7 and 113 minutes of penetrative sex. This is the definition (by time) of good sex. This is an average time frame; 1-2 minutes is way too short. If that is all you can afford, you’ve got to increase the menu and bring on some more time, except you are walking into the end of the sex drive. 10-30 minutes of sex is too long and undesirable.

I know it is strange, but it is the truth. 13 is just ok. You are free to ask around. One (1)  hour is only in fantasies.

Toys are not meant for children alone

The next time you think about toys, don’t think about children in the playground alone. Think about adult men and women having a great orgasm with a wide range of vibrators and body stimulators. They are now in the demography of toy users. Adults have found a new love in toys for sex enhancements and multiple orgasms.

Sperms do not swim

Ugh! Just as scientists have been fooled for well over 350 years, we also have been fooled for as long as we can remember. Sperms do not swim to eggs in a woman for fertilization to occur. Recent researches have now shown that rather than swim, sperms only spin. So when you sleep tonight, take that idea of your history and do away with the idea that sperms do some breaststroke to reach the egg like an Olympic competition.

The length is not the deal

Most men worry a lot about the length of their male organs, but that is not a show of anything other than just being long. It will surprise you to learn today that what brings satisfaction in women is not the length, but the width, also referred to as the girth.

Enough of the length stories; come and listen to the real deal. Due to the nature of the vagina muscle, the length is not as interesting, but the wideness of turbulence it can cause. The vagina is surrounded by stretching mechanoreceptor muscle that opens up to welcome anyone and return to position after a nice outing. So while many men thought their dick size is small because of the length, the women know the truth. They don’t care about your height but the mass of your penis when erect.

The only thing about length is that the women show surprise at a newfound length; they are concerned about your width when erect.

So when next you want to worry, you can worry about the width and not the length of your dick.

Women also get hard

Yes! Women also get hard, only that it may not be as obvious as the man’s hardness. The clitoris is made of spongy tissues called corpus cavernosa that get erect when stimulated.

Getting hard is not only a men’s thing. Women also get hard, so that’s fair and equal. Feminists do not need to include that in their agenda; at least both genders have been created to have erections. In women, when they are aroused, blood flow around the erectile tissue more than usual, causing it to engorge (full of blood).

The gifts of orgasm can be retracted

If you let your erection go unused, you may end up losing the drive altogether. This condition is more prevalent in aging people, though, than it happens in younger people. This is called penile/clitoral atrophy.

It is possible to lose the sex drive if, for a long time, you don’t have intercourse for orgasm. It is quite simple to understand because you are training your body how to be normal without orgasm. This is also dangerous to the sex drive; you may end up not fancying sex at all.

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