What Do Normal Labia Look Like? Lopsided Vagina: 11 Different Labia Shapes, Colors & Sizes

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What Do Normal Labia Look Like

If you are a confident woman then surely you will not mind the size, color, shape, etc. of your labia and how it looks. If you enjoy successful and comfortable sex, then you will not have any problem with your labia. But if you see a lack of confidence because of it, or you feel uncomfortable because of its size or other reasons, then you will need to do something to gain confidence. It is well known that in every woman the labia may differ in shape, size, and color of the inner and outer lips. There are many types of normal labia, and all sizes and types of labia have characteristics that make them unique. Your vagina and labia are very special and what you have is unique and special.

Do you like to see your labia up close? If yes then sit comfortably and spread your labia with both hands and lean forward and see you will feel amazing and thrilled. If you have trouble bending over, take a handheld mirror and go somewhere private. You can do this to explore your anatomy and learn more about your body, which will not only help you gain confidence but also make you feel more thrilled and excited.

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Your Labia Are Distinctive And Unique

Vaginas- or more accurately and specifically, vulvae, and all their components- come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Even the labia and vagina of all different women have different smells. Many people (women) worry that their genitalia (vagina, vulva, clitoris, labia) do not look normal, but in reality, there is no scale of its being normal, rather what you have is normal, provided you are not having any discomfort or trouble with it. Simply put, what is normal for you is only what is normal for you. And as long as your normal doesn't involve pain, discomfort, or discomfort, all is well and is the gateway to your bliss.

What Is The Normal And Typical Shape Of The Labia?

When people refer to vaginal appearance, they are usually talking about the "labia, or lips of the vagina." The fleshy outer lips (upper lip) of the vulva are known as the labia majora. The inner lips, which usually lead to the opening of the vagina (on either side of the clitoris), are called the labia minora. In general, the labia are large in some, small in some, or more outward and hanging in some, some are very dark in color and some are pink in color. Basically, all labia have variations, and this is what makes them special and unique. However, some labia have a variety of distinct anomalies or features and cannot be placed in a specific category, and may be distant from the category of normal labia. There are several types of labia majora which are common and are mentioned below:

1: Asymmetric Inner Lip (Labia Minora)

If one inner lip (labia minora) is longer, thicker, or larger than the other, it is considered to have asymmetric labia. It is quite common for the vulva (vagina) to have the labia minora which are not the same.

2: Curved Outer Lip (Labia Majora)

The outer lip appears swollen and is usually shaped like a horse's udder, a rounded curve that tapers evenly at the end. When this happens, it usually leaves the inner lips (labia minora) open, and they may or may not extend under your labia minora, varying from person to person.

3: Prominent Inner Lip (Labia Minora)

This type of labia usually does not occur most. In this, the inner lips are long and protrude beyond the outer lips. However, this difference in length may be more subtle, with the inner lip barely peeking out or showing, or it may be slightly more pronounced.

4: Prominent OuterLip (Labia Majora)

The prominent outer lips (labia majora) sit very low on your vulva. The skin may be thick and puffy or thin and slightly loose, showing excess fat.

5: Large, Protruding Inner Lips (Labia Minora)

A such labia are a form of prominent inner lips. They may hang a half to an inch (or more) behind your outer lips (labia majora). This type of labia can even hang outside your underwear. You can see such labia even from the top of the underwear, in which you can see some extra skin or extra folds. If you are looking at it from the front, you will realize that it is dark in color hanging quite outside the vagina.

6: Thick Pendulous Outer Lips (Labia Majora)

This type of labia is a form of prominent outer lips. They are usually large and swollen, often leaving the skin thin and loose. Like labia minora, folds may hang outside your underwear. And this can give your inner lips a little more exposure.

7: Small, Open Outer Lips (Labia Majora)

Usually, with this type of labia, your outer lips are flat and rest against your pubic bone, but they are slightly parted, showing your labia minora (inner lips). It is seen more commonly.

8: Small And Closed Outer Lips

The outer lips (labia majora), in this case, do not separate, so they completely conceal and contain your inner lips (labia minora). Although this type of Labia (vulva) is commonly seen in adult movies (porn-adult entertainment), it is actually the least common type of Labia (vagina-vulva) overall, and that is why filmmakers choose women with this type of labia.

9: Visible Inner Lips (Labia Minora)

The inner and outer lips are usually the same size in the visible labia minora, with your inner lips not visible. Or it can usually be seen from top to bottom of your outer lips. In this, the inner lips may be visible in a line from top to bottom between the outer lips, and sometimes the inner lips are hidden but the clitoris is exposed outside.

10: Spotted Cleat Inner Lip (Labia Minora)

Usually in this, the outer lips appear more swollen or thin and are hidden within themselves by the inner lips. But upwards it is open and the inner lips or clitoris are exposed normally when you are standing also your clitoris is visible but the rest of the inner lips are hidden. With this position of the labia, you can feel the clitoris even over the underwear.

11: Visible Clitoris

It is seen in very few vagina owners and there is a great demand for such labia owners in adult films. The clitoris of the woman is very large and is usually shaped and looks like the erect penis of small children. In the porn industry such as in the US and the UK, such a vulva is also known as the erect penis of a woman.

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What Is The Average Length And Width Of The Labia?

Although this question is good, its answer does not matter much, but if this question flashes into your mind, then obviously it is necessary to find its answer. There is not a lot of data available on labial measurement but there are some studies and research results that tell a lot, while experts' opinion also clears a lot. We also spoke to several experts and researchers and the results have been almost the same on average. It was studied and researched in 2017 by a reputed institution in the USA, which is the most recent study, and it came out with the most comprehensive results on the length, width, and other things of the labia. After talking to the researchers and other experts involved in it, the results were almost the same and they agreed with the results of the researchers.

In this study, women aged 15 to 85 years were included, whose number was approximately 1678. Some of the participants had already participated in the study. For example; There is a correlation between body mass index (BMI) and labia majora size. The researchers also found links between vaginal delivery and labia majora length, size, and other things.

According to study results and researchers' opinions, the average labia can have the following sizes, lengths, and widths:

Labia Majora (Outer Lips Of Vagina)

  • The right labia majora is 79.27 millimeters (mm) or about 3.1 inches long.
  • The left labia majora can be longer than 79.98 mm or 3.1 inches.

Labia Minora (Inner Lips Of Vagina)

  • The right labia minora can be 42.2 mm or about 1.6 inches long and 13.5 mm or about 0.5 inches wide.
  • The left labia minora can be 42.96 mm or about 1.7 inches long and 14.16 mm or more than 0.5 inches wide.

Although most of the participants involved in this were white and this figure is theirs only. While the researchers also noted that there were fewer black women in the study, they all had significantly larger and darker labia than white participants. Meaning that the size of the vagina and labia of all black women was larger, hanging, and more attractive than that of whites.

Apart from this, the size of the labia of unmarried women was less, while the size and color of the labia of those who were having regular sex relations were bigger and darker.

Apart from this, the size of the labia of women who had given birth to a child through normal delivery was also bigger and darker in color. Her labia were also a bit looser.

On the other hand, most of the participants (women) who were 50 or older had larger, looser, deeper, and shallower labia than others.

At the same time, according to age and body, there was a lot of variation in the labia. Older and obese women had larger and pendulous labia than thin and younger women. However, one common thing is looseness and stiffness. Some small labia were loose and tight, while some big labia were too tight and loose.

When Should We Go To The Doctor?

  • If you think your labia are normal in size and color, but if your labia minora or labia majora are particularly sensitive or you are experiencing pain and discomfort, you may be experiencing symptoms of labial hypertrophy. This is the medical term for enlarged labia distinct from normal labia.
  • Although labial hypertrophy rarely causes serious symptoms, it can make cleaning your vagina difficult or uncomfortable, and it can eventually lead to infection.
  • You may also find it uncomfortable to have sex in labial hypertrophy or you may experience severe pain. Sometimes it can cause a little more swelling and pain.

If you think you are suffering from labial hypertrophy, you should consult a healthcare professional (HCP) and specialist. They can properly assess your symptoms and give you appropriate advice on any possible next steps.

Can The Shape And Color Of Your Labia Affect Your Sex Life?

As mentioned above, the size of the labia may vary from person to person, some people may have very small labia while others may have very large and pendulous labia. And if it is not suffering from some kind of infection or inflammation for some reason, then it will not affect your sex life, sexual pleasure, or orgasm.

If you are not aware and it is not normally big then surely your sex life will get affected and will leave a negative impact on your sexual activity and enjoyment.

As you may be aware, labial hypertrophy can also make your sex uncomfortable.

In any possible case, it is worth talking with the HCP and getting advice.

Should The Color Of Your Labia Be The Same As The Skin On The Rest Of Your Body?

The simple answer is that the color of your labia will be different from other parts of your body. The two sets of labia, the labia majora, and labia minora can be of different colors, and it is very common for both to be darker than the skin on your body or the skin around your vagina. However, there is no average color of your labia, so don't be confused by the color. The color of your labia also depends on the skin tone of your body, as some people may have pink or purple colored labia while others may have red or brown colored labia. On the other hand, the color of the labia may be darker in African and Caribbean women.

Why Is The Skin Around The Vagina And Anal Area Dark?

The dark color of the skin underneath (vaginal or anal area) is the result of melanocytes, which are cells in the basal layer of the skin that produce the brown pigment called melanin. And this melanin is responsible for the dark skin color around the vaginal and anal region. The skin around the genitalia is densely packed with melanocytes, more so than any other part of the body. These cells are highly sensitive to things that affect the area, such as hormone fluctuations, friction, and trauma. As a result, changes in estrogen hormone levels as you age, friction from sexual activity, and daily wear (undergarments) and tight jeans cause your skin to darken.

Sweating is also a major factor, your genitals tend to sweat more, and are probably always moist, making the area darker.

It is also natural for the clitoris and inner lips (labia minora) to darken when you are aroused. When you are aroused, the blood flow to this area increases unexpectedly, which makes your labia appear darker. However, it will return to its normal color or reduce to a darker color after you climax.

However, there is a misconception among some people that the removal of hair in the genitals also leads to a darker complexion, whereas it is not so. But yes, if you use shaving cream or other hair remover cream to remove the hair, it can cause the skin color to darken, because such creams contain elements that leave black on your skin. But this does not affect the color of your inner labia.

Unless you are experiencing additional symptoms, a color change is no cause for concern. However, you should consult an HCP if you experience:

  • The color of the labia does not fade after a day or two.
  • Your labia spontaneously swells or itches.
  • Your discharge is turning green or yellow.
  • You notice an unexpected or unusual odor from your vagina.
  • If small spots of discoloration are visible on the skin.
  • Unbearable pain is experienced by touching or having intercourse in the vagina or labia. Etcetera.

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Your Genital Or Vaginal Area Is Unique

If you are not confident then you should know that your vaginal area is different in more ways than the appearance of the labia. Your clitoris, pubic hair, and vaginal odor all add to the uniqueness of your vagina.


The clitoris glans (clitoris glans) is an organ usually covered by a hood, and it is located where the two inner lips meet at the top of the vulva. In some women, it is also very large and hard, which generally appears to be the size of a small penis, and hence it is also called the penis of women. But not all clitoris are the same, the average clitoris has no shape, rather it may have a larger or smaller clitoral hood in some.

Pubic Hair

Most people develop pubic hair during puberty (between the ages of 11 and 15) in response to increased levels of testosterone and other hormones. However, how pubic hair develops and how thick it is will depend on the individual and their hormones. You can have thick pubic hair, thin hair, lots of hair, little hair, just your pubic bone, or thick hair all over your vulva.


Normally your labia have dozens of natural variations. They may be small or large, visible or hidden, unilateral or symmetrical, overhanging or exposed. And it's all normal and what makes your vulva uniquely yours. The only thing that is not okay is pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing unusual tenderness, itching, odor, pain, discomfort, swelling, or other symptoms in your labia or vagina, it is important to consult a physician. They can identify possible causes and help you deal with them.

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