Your Sex Toys Won't Allowed Into These Countries

Your Sex Toys Won't Allowed Into These Countries - xinghaoya official store

Whether it's a vacation or a business trip, for many people, it is necessary to pack the suitcase and prepare the checklist before flying to the next stop.
Of course, you will have a list of essential items: swimsuits, comfortable shoes, travel documents, and toiletries. If you are a woman and your vibrator is one of your must-haves, you may need to make sure that the country you travel to allows such items to enter.

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, sex toys are pornographic materials and are prohibited by Islamic law. If found, your toy will be confiscated. We don't know who will continue to use or how to dispose of your toy after the confiscation.
United Arab Emirates
Sex toys are illegal and will be confiscated. Even if you may not know that this is illegal, you do face the possibility of being punished.


Thailand’s sex tourism industry is booming, but sex toys are part of Thailand’s list of prohibited items, especially “obscene items”, which are not allowed to be brought into the country. They are indeed strict. We used to have Thai customers, but after the package arrived at the customs, the Thai customs Actually called to warn us not to send sex toys to Thailand.


Your sex toy will be taken away by customs officers and kept until you leave the country and will be returned. In 2011, the General Administration of Customs of Vietnam announced that Vietnamese officials would not allow imported sex toys to enter the country.


The Malaysian Criminal Law stipulates that anyone who sells, distributes or possesses "any obscene book, pamphlet, painting, any figure or any other obscene object's painting performance...should be punished by imprisonment, which can be extended to three years, or Fines, or both. The law applies to imports.


This may be the location of the Kama Sutra, but according to Article 292 of the Indian Penal Code, any book, picture, person or object that encourages any lewd or public sexual thoughts and behaviors “should be considered obscene”, IT Act Article 67 stipulates that this law also applies to online businesses. Penis-shaped massagers are illegal.


According to the Maldives Customs Service website, sex toys are banned. Pornographic materials are prohibited, including sex toys, books, magazines, movies, videos, DVDs, and software.

Alabama, U.S.

According to the Anti-Obscene Enforcement Act of 1998, the sale of adult toys has been criminalized. The Act treats sex toys as any device designed or sold as useful for stimulating human reproductive organs.

The above may not be all, we also regret that friends in these countries/regions cannot use them because of the ban on sex toys, but it is necessary to comply with local laws and regulations. Perhaps with the development of society, more young and open voices Will change all of this, let's look forward to it.

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