18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex in 2022 - xinghaoya official store

18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex in 2022

Table of Contents The beginning of passionate sex what is passionate sex You must know the difference between passion and desire How to Get Continued Passionate Sex 1, Positive attitude towards life 2, Remember and celebrate your anniversary 3, Have deep emotional communication with him/her 4, Try having sex in a new venue 5, Unsuspecting sex 6, Switch sex positions and gain new experiences 7, Correctly understand the physical condition of your partner 8, Create a space suitable for sex 9, Explore the unknown with your partner in new ways 10, Respect is the foundation of harmonious sex 11, Learn...

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Five Ways to Reduce Pain During IntercourseĀ  - xinghaoya official store

Five Ways to Reduce Pain During IntercourseĀ 

Studies suggest that over 75% of women will experience pain during intercourse at some point in their lives. Sometimes this is due to medical conditions such as vaginismus or uterine fibroids, but it is most commonly caused by simple issues that can be addressed without the help of a doctor. Keep reading for five strategies to reduce or eliminate pain during sex.Ā  Use a Vibrator Yes, please! Originally marketed as medical devices, vibrators can help you out in the bedroom in more ways than one. Using a vibrator for pleasure during foreplay can lead to stronger arousal, increased lubrication, and...

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things for couples to try in the bed

Ten Things For Couples To Try In Bed in 2022

So you've been with your partner for quite some time now, and they feel the intimacy slipping away. Well, don't worry because that's not unusual or weird at all. After a certain time, many couples feel that the intimacy in their relationship has vanished. The initial phase of your relationship, where you just couldn't keep your hands off each other, eventually dies out. You may think that the relationship is over now that you don't want to be intimate anymore, but that's not the case. All relationships experience some form of lack of intimacy in some form or the other....

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WOMEN ARE NOT IMMUNE TO RAPE - WHAT CAN THEY DO - xinghaoya official store


Sexual Assault Sexual assault is an act where one is being coerced or tricked into having sex or engaging in sexual activities when you don't want to do so. It's a form of violence involving sex and covers the range of undesirable and abnormal sexual behavior exhibited by the perpetrators, who can be strangers or individuals you know. Being assaulted doesn't make it your fault; you are not at fault; it is bad and inhuman for someone to coerce you into having sex or make you do any sexual activity that you aren't comfortable with and haven't consented with. The...

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