how to masturbate in the shower

How To Masturbate In The Shower: Tips, Techniques, And Everything You Need To Know

The very thought of masturbating in the shower fills your body and special organs with excitement. Masturbating with a shower is an incomparable and unimaginably thrilling experience. You can imagine how blissful your whole day will be if you start the day with a unique, powerful orgasm, and there's nothing better to keep you refreshed throughout the day. With shower drops dripping on your body, and some rose petals along with your favorite scented body wash, there is hardly anyone who doesn't get carried away. And automatically your fingers kick into action, and you're blown away by an incredibly-powerful orgasm. Undoubtedly, nothing can...

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pegging in sex

The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex

Although experimentation and adventure in sex have been present since ancient times, in modern times its trend has become more and more. And for those who want to experience something unique in sex and want to do something different, Pegging Sex is a wonderful, incredible, exciting, and unique experience. And this is the reason that today the craze for pegging sex is increasing in couples. Pegging is a unique sexual act in which a man (possibly a female) has anal sex with another man (her male partner) through a strap-on dildo. It means that a woman uses a strap-on to fuck...

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female masturbation guide

12 Powerful Masturbation Techniques For Incredible Orgasm With The Clit

Masturbation not only gives extreme self-satisfaction, but it also removes your mental and physical stress and gives the ultimate feeling of self-pleasure. Masturbation can be outlined as a self-loving time. And this is nothing to be ashamed of, as it helps you understand your sexual desires and preferences. Those who ignore self-pleasure like masturbation by describing it as 'dirty and disgusting' are missing out on the essential needs of their body. And when it comes to clit masturbation, it gives endless pleasure in itself. Many studies and research show that 70-90 percent of women achieve orgasm through clit stimulation instead of...

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why am i so horny

Why Am I So Horny? 10 Causes Of High Libido And Some Very Important Ways To Get Rid Of It

Low libido is a cause of concern for many, and this disorder is often seen, and perhaps even common. But on the contrary, it is found surprisingly in some people, that their libido is much higher than that of others. Well, libido is an incredibly personal emotion, and there's no such thing as being too sensual-horny. But still, we have to accept it. Certainly, sexual interests and turn-ons vary from person to person. What you get may be nothing like your best friend or sometimes your partner. Everyone has sexual desires - some have it normal or low, and some...

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