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Sex Position #107: Spoiled - xinghaoya official store

Sex Position #107: Spoiled

Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex Cowgirl Face to face Woman on top Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation P-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: No Who takes the initiative: Woman active Position description: In sex, physically strong men have an absolute advantage, not only in terms of sexual ability, but they can also control the constant switching of sex positions. If your body allows, be sure to try this sex position. The man sits down with legs bent at the knees; he puts his hands back, the woman sits on his hands with face to the male partner and throws her legs over his shoulders while hugging his...

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Sex Position #104: Appeasing - xinghaoya official store

Sex Position #104: Appeasing

Position type: Vaginal sex Face to face Women on top Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  Auxiliary stimulation: Tight hugging Kissing Hold her buttocks Who takes the initiative: Woman active Position description: When you and your partner are hormonally anesthetized, The whole world only have 2 people, and any unpleasant things will no longer bother you, you just want to hug tightly and carry the passion to the end. The man squats and rises on his tiptoes. The woman sits on his hips, skewing herself on his penis from top, she touches the floor with her feet leaning on them. The man hugs his mistress putting the hands...

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Sex Position #95: Rosette - xinghaoya official store

Sex Position #95: Rosette

Position type: Vaginal sex Face to face Kneeling Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching Hold her buttocks Kissing Who takes the initiative: Man active Woman active Position description: The eyes are the window of the soul. It conveys emotional currents between partners and generates a strong magnetic field. At this time, everything in the outside world is shielded by you. The so-called eternity is nothing more than this. The man and the woman are standing in front of each other on their knees to be closely connected. The man puts his right leg bent in the knee, and the woman throws her right leg on...

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Sex Position #90: Flying Fish - xinghaoya official store

Sex Position #90: Flying Fish

Position type: Vaginal sex  Face to face  Kneeling  Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her Buttocks  Kissing  Tight hugging  Who takes the initiative: Man active  Woman active Position description: Sex positions are never rigid. All naming and guides on sex positions are just references, and provide appropriate imagination space for the unchanging partners. You can lie down, stand, kneel, anyway, as long as you and your partner feel pleasure. The man kneels down with his back straight. The woman stands on one knee next to her male partner, facing him, her second leg is bent in knee, the support is made on it. He embraces her with...

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