Sex Toys ‚Äď Where to buy, What to buy, How to Use, and More (The Ultimate Guide).

Sex Toys ‚Äď Where to buy, What to buy, How to Use, and More (The Ultimate Guide). - xinghaoya official store

What are sex toys?

Sex toys, also known as adult toys are sex aid products or items that people use to increase sexual pleasure. For people with sexual dysfunction, extraordinary physical and psychological conditions, sex toys are medical aids but it's fun toy for people who want to add extra fun to their sexual life. There are many types of sex toys and different people have different understandings of them and the choice they made.

Are sex toys helpful?

Whether sex toys are helpful vary from person to person. For people who already enjoy high-quality sexual life, sex toys may not be beneficial. Although many advertisements don't support sex toys but the development of sex toys is rapid in recent years. Advertisements do not stop many users from buying sex toys because they see the need for sex toys and buy them, which is enough to explain how helpful sex toys are, at least for most people.

Where to buy sex toys?

Where to buy sex toys may seem like a stupid question or the person asking might be shy to ask, but it is a good question and there is no need to be shy about it. You can buy sex toys in many different ways, you can buy sex toys in offline sex toy stores, online stores, as well as major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, and so on. Let us discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and precautions of some important purchase channels.

  1. Offline traditional sex toys store orphysical store: This should be the most convenient place for you to buy sex toys; find your nearest sex toy store and choose the one you like.

Advantages: Some physical stores have been integrated with online stores to provide door-to-door service and also for fast pickup and they generally offer good services and can quickly solve your after-sale problems.

Disadvantages: The rents of physical stores are so high that their prices are incredibly high. If you are not particularly anxious to buy, read on as I will tell you other channels to buy sex toys.

  1. AliExpress, Wish, and other online platforms: You will have different choices to select from if you choose to buy sex toys on online e-commerce platforms. Merchants have almost moved the entire sex toy industry to their online stores.

Advantages: You have a lot of options, and the price is low compared to the physical store. Some European and American countries also support local delivery. Orders are received and sent out for delivery immediately.

Disadvantages: Product qualities are not guaranteed due to price competition, and some sellers have poor after-sales service. The most important thing is that they cannot ensure the product quality and safety of the product. Because of fierce competition, many factories cut corners and have no scruples about product quality and safety.

  1. Amazon: I choose to discuss Amazon alone because Amazon's general rules and services are different from other e-commerce platforms. Amazon's customer requirements are slightly higher, sex toys selling on Amazon are better than other e-commerce platforms, but it is not the only advantage.

Advantages: The product quality is higher than other online platforms, and you can get it immediately. Due to the stricter Amazon rules, merchants are relatively rigid in quality control. Most of Amazon's products are delivered locally, and you can quickly receive your product after you order them.

Disadvantages: The price is relatively high compared to other e-commerce platforms. Amazon also does not have strict quality inspection standards for sex toy products.

  1. Independent online sex toy stores: Due to the high commission system and strict seller rules of e-commerce such as Amazon and AliExpress, some merchants are unwilling to continue to work hard for them, so merchants have established their independent online stores. The majority of sextoys practitioners are willing to provide better products and services to customers, thus establishing independent online sex toy sales stores, such as EIS, xinghaoya, Lovense, etc. These independent online stores provide and are committed to product quality and service.

Advantages: You can enjoy excellent service. Most businesses want to establish their brands, they attach great importance to customer experience and product quality.

Disadvantages: Fund safety issues, due to the lack of supervision of independent online stores, some unscrupulous merchants may have fraudulent behaviors, please pay attention to screening the store when purchasing. In particular, some online stores have many products, but they do not have actual inventory, and you cannot ship them in time after you buy them and when you ask for a refund, they disappear.

In short, there are many channels like that but in the xinghaoya sex toy store, the first thing we consider is product safety and quality, and we also guarantee the safety of your funds. As for the price, it depends on your affordability and consumption level. But don't be greedy for cheap and ignore quality. After all, health Is everything.

How to choose toys?

Nowadays, the classification of sex toys is getting more detailed. There are many different types of sex toys. The choice of sex toys depends entirely on your needs. In xinghaoya sex toy store we provide the following selection reference:

  • Health first, quality is fundamental:¬†Regarding the quality of sex toys, you can refer to our sex toy quality screening guide, those are¬†the primary criterion you need to consider when choosing.¬†Sex Toy Quality Reporting Guide
  • For junior female users:Since you are using sex toys for the first time, please choose smaller and less adventurous sex toys, such as purely vibrating G-spot vibrators, bullet vibrators, etc.
  • For couple flirting users:¬†We recommend that you choose highly interactive products. Good sex toys can indeed bring a lot of fun to a couple's sex life, thereby enhancing the couple's emotions, such as wireless remote control type vibrator, clitoral stimulator, and so on.
  • For male users:¬†Male users need to understand their needs before making¬†a purchase. There are not so many¬†masturbators that have a good experience. A lot of¬†electromechanical masturbators are far inferior to manual pussy. If you intend to use¬†it for penis training, I recommend you choose¬†a strong vibrating type oral sex toy. Users with erectile dysfunction can choose a penis pump to help them get an erection. In short, developing an excellent experiential male masturbator is not an easy task, so you must be extra clear about your needs and expectations when choosing; after all, your money is hard-won.
  • Other users:¬†If you are not buying a sex toy for the first time, you can choose according to your immediate needs¬†because you already have some experience using it.

How to use sex toys?

How to use sex toys is a complicated topic, and different sex toys use different methods. Here we will share with you some problems that should be paid attention to when using sex toys:

  1. Remember to fully charge your sex toysbefore use, or store it full charge after every use so that they will be convenient for your subsequent use. After all, it will be painful to wait when you want to make use of the sex toy.
  2. Remember to clean your sex toys before and after use. For most silicone sex toys, you can use clean water of about60 degrees to clean and you can also add some detergent when cleaning. Do not use high-temperature water when cleaning electric sex toys and pay attention to where water must not touch. It is more reliable to wear a condom for your vibrator.
  3. It is best to use a lubricant to avoid damage to the body due to lack of lubrication. Women can apply oil to sex toys, and men can apply it to their penis. When trying to stimulate the vagina and anus for the first time, insert it slowly. It is not recommended for beginnersto use some products with functions such as violent extension, rotation, swing, etc., because once they are misused, it will harm your body.
  4. Sex toys are private products; please do not share them with others so that you will not beinfected with infectious diseases.
  5. The main attribute of sex toys is sex assistance. Except for people with special bodies, do not rely on sextoys too much as it causes interpersonal phobia and emotional crisis between partners.

Self-promotion is not a sin

As a sex toy company with a high sense of responsibility, we must never forget to sell ourselves. xinghaoya's ideal is to become one of the most popular sex toy brands. Product safety and user privacy are always the bottom lines of the profession. We have always adhered to the concept of independent research, development, production, and sales, aiming to provide customers with safe and entertaining sex toys. If you purchase xinghaoya brand products, we promise to replace any quality problems free of charge within one year, fundamentally relieving customers from worries. Currently, xinghaoya's products include sex toys and men's delayed spray. All of our products have passed the quality and safety certifications of SCC, CP65 and EU CE, and REACH. Our only official online store is and other authorized sales platforms include Amazon, AliExpress, and Wish. Any other platforms selling xinghaoya products is not our legal sales channel.

Final summary

Based on our nearly 20 years of experience in the adult health field, I would say that sex toys are good things, at least for most people. The privacy of sex topics restricts its spread to ignore sex topics like clothing, mobile phones, and other daily necessities. The reality is that most people cannot be satisfied with just sex. As many as 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation and cannot help their partners to reach orgasm; under normal circumstances, for women, it takes more than three times that of men to reach orgasm. Due to the many problems and gender differences in sex between men and women, sex toys undoubtedly play a vital role in our lives. But please treat sex toys as sex aid products only so they do not become a mystery and don't rely on them; sex toys are the lubricant of our lives and should not hinder our emotional communication and sexual activities.

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