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27 products
Save: 40%
bdsm toys

Leder-Bondage-Set, BDSM-Spielzeug für Paare, Sexspiel

You save $41.70 (40%)
Save: 43%
Leather BDSM Sexual Bondage Toys Sets for Extreme Kinky Sex - xinghaoya official store


You save $19.69 (43%)
Save: 31%
sex handcuffs

BDSM Sex Handschellen mit Halsband

You save $8.35 (31%)
Save: 25%
sex bondage

Nylon-Gliedmaßen zur Fixierung von Sex-Bondage

You save $7.03 (25%)
Save: 81%
Hemp Rope Sexual Bondage BDSM Toys - xinghaoya official store

Sexuelles Bondage-BDSM-Spielzeug aus Hanfseil

You save $7.00 (81%)
Save: 30%
bondage set

Sex-Bondage-Set aus PU-Leder

You save $14.10 (30%)
Save: 40%
bdsm bondage

BDSM-Bondage-Sexspielzeug-Sets für Paare

You save $34.60 (40%)
Save: 48%
bondage toys

BDSM-Fesselspielzeug mit Handschellen

You save $17.60 (48%)
Save: 30%
sex swing

Sexschaukel aus Stoff mit verstellbarer Tür

You save $12.67 (30%)
Save: 38%
chastity belt

Tragbarer Cobra Steel Keuschheitskäfig für Männer

You save $28.03 (38%)
Save: 47%
bondage anal hook

Sexuelle Bestrafung, BDSM-Bongage mit Analhaken

You save $15.70 (47%)
Save: 37%
Leather BDSM Bondage Sex Toys for Kinky Games - xinghaoya official store

Leder-BDSM-Bondagespielzeug für versaute Spiele

You save $15.50 (37%)
Save: 29%
sex mask

Größenverstellbare Leder-BDSM-Sexmaske

You save $12.57 (29%)
Save: 31%
sex bondage


You save $8.03 (31%)
Save: 31%
sex swing

Größenverstellbare Sexschaukel für Erwachsene

You save $14.77 (31%)
Save: 31%
11 Sets Leather BDSM Erotic Bondage - Xinghaoya

11 Sets Leder-BDSM-Erotik-Bondage

You save $12.40 (31%)
Save: 29%
bondage set


You save $13.07 (29%)
Save: 63%
sexual bondage toys

Gliedmaßen-Bondage-BDSM-Sexspielzeug für Paare

You save $14.00 (63%)

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Welcome to Xinghaoya, here is our exquisite collection of bondage sex toys! Explore a world of sensuous restraint and exhilarating power play with our hand-picked selection. Designed to ignite passion and unleash your deepest desires, our bondage sex toys are gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Indulge in the art of restraint with our premium-grade ropes, meticulously crafted for comfort and durability. Embrace the tantalizing sensation of being bound, surrendering control to your trusted partner. Each knot whispers promises of thrilling vulnerability and intimate connection.

Discover the allure of our luxurious handcuffs, where strength and submission intertwine. Feel the cool touch of steel or the plush caress of leather encircling your wrists, symbolizing the surrender of power and the liberation of desire. Let these bondages restraints unlock a realm of ecstasy and trust.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of sensation with our sensory deprivation masks. Crafted with precision, they plunge you into a world of heightened awareness, where touch, taste, and sound become amplified. Surrender to the unknown as you explore the depths of pleasure in the absence of sight.

Enhance your experience with our assortment of tantalizing accessories. From feather ticklers that tease every inch of your body to adjustable collars that embody dominance and submission, our bondage toys cater to your unique desires and fantasies.

Safety and comfort are our utmost priorities. Each item is thoughtfully designed with quality materials, ensuring both pleasure and peace of mind. We encourage open communication, consent, and the use of safe words to create a safe and consensual environment for exploration.

Unleash your inner desires and embark on a journey of passion with our bondage sex toys. Elevate your intimate encounters to new heights, where pleasure knows no bounds. Explore a world of seduction, trust, and liberation—one that will leave an indelible mark on your senses and your soul.

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