Sex Position #143: Capricorn

Sex Position #143: Capricorn - xinghaoya official store

Position type: Vagina sex Anal sex Reverse Standing Woman on top

Main stimulation: P-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Women active

Position description: Do not put off till tomorrow the person with whom you can have sex right now, as this is a perfect way to spend time, naked bodies, passionate embraces, and a little bit of madness that is a cocktail that will help you chill out. The man sits down with legs straight, slightly driven to the sides, and the female partner lies between his legs with her face to the feet looking down. Her arms and legs are bent and widely opened on the sides; if we look at this position from height, the female partner looks like a frog. The man puts his hands on the buttocks of his mistress and moves them to his beat.

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