Sex Position #89: Crossbow

Crossbow Sex Position
Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  Kneeling  Right angle

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching  Hold her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Man active

Position description:

Whether the spark between you and your partner can be ignited depends on eye contact. Husband and wife should trust each other and continuously encourage each other. Sex without cooperation will not last. The woman lies on her back and slightly turns her pelvis to the side so that one leg is straight and the other is bent. The man ceases to his knees beside in such a way that one leg is between her legs. He takes the woman’s bent leg by one hand and the other hand lays on her buttocks. She puts her arms just above the male partner’s knees. This is a new position from behind, which will help you to refresh your intimate relationships.

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