The Ultimate Guide For Sex Moaning Sounds in 2023-The Things All Couples Must Know

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Sex is an integral part of most relationships. Even if you and your partner have sex every day, I can guarantee that most men don't care about their women's sex sounds or have become a habit and think women are meant to be sexual moaning sounds. This is not true, mainly because once most men are "on the boat," they're most obsessed with the sense of dominance that comes with mastering the rudder.

Have you ever heard the sex sounds?

Why do women make sounds during sex? Why is this sexual sound so familiar? Do women enjoy their sex so much that they can't help moaning? It's hard to find that all their men are macho? Uncertain! Let's first see what the women have to say for themselves:

Voice 1: I made sexual noises and fake orgasms every time, especially when his penis is inserted into my vagina. I was taught from a young age to cater for men, and make them manly, so all I had to do was show how powerful they were with my sounds while having sex.

Voice 2: I love him a lot, but I'm tired of frequent sex, exceedingly monotonous vaginal sex, from which I have a hard time getting an orgasm. But as one of the actors, I had to be myself; I would signal him through my sexual sounds after his cock entered my vagina, it worked well, and he peaked very quickly.

Voice 3: Making erotic shouts of enjoyment during clitoral stimulation or vaginal intercourse is easier for me if I'm not in the mood for sex and if my husband says there's no orgasm, then I'll worry about his self-esteem being damaged, or he will be disappointed with me. If I inform him that I didn't have an orgasm, he would be hurt, and the grudges would last for at least a week.

Voice 4: No doubt in my marriage, I was very good at moaning and faking orgasms, so for at least five years, I wasn't happy with my sex life at all, but I was loyal to my husband and I had to masturbate often. After we separated, I started experimenting with various types of sex with many sexual partners and finally gained some sexual enlightenment knowledge.

Voice 5: I don't fake an orgasm; I just exaggerate a bit during sex.

Woman 6: I was afraid I wasn't a "real woman," so I faked an orgasm, but he found out, and the performance failed.

Voice 7: Sometimes, faking an orgasm can build a man's self-esteem and make him think he's masculine. So, if I love this guy and want him to think I enjoy having sex with him, I'll fake an orgasm and "shoot" him with sexual moaning sounds

Voice 8: If I'm going to bed with guys who think they're sex pros, I'll often have to fake orgasms several times. Every time they proved their male prowess, they couldn't wait to insert their dicks into my vagina, and they wouldn't let it go unless I made them feel like my orgasm was here.

Voice 9: I'm used to fake an orgasm and yell a lot to please men, get their appreciation, and convince them that I was a sexy little feral cat. I remember faking orgasms, during a long trip and at wedding night. At the time, I thought I was the only one who faked an orgasm!

Voice 10: I didn't stop faking new orgasms until I discovered my clitoris. I used to think that vaginal orgasm was the only normal thing, but since I learned to orgasm from masturbation, I'm happy and carefree.

Voice 11: I'm used to faking orgasms a lot because I was too shy to tell the men I had sex with what kind of stimulation I needed for fear of hurting them.

Voice 12: I usually have an orgasm during the foreplay phase, and I have to fake an orgasm when I have vaginal sex, because he would be worried if he knows I'm not having an orgasm during vaginal sex.

Voice 13: Whenever he was about into insert my vagina, I knew the game was over, and then I had to cooperate with him, moaning to show satisfaction; I know that cooperation can save a man's self-esteem, such a lie seems to be necessary.

Voice 14: In my first marriage, I didn't know what a vaginal orgasm felt like, so I had to fake it all the time. After that, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my own experience and compared it to the actual orgasm later, and I felt that the previous faking was too much.

Voice 15: Most men take it for granted that you should have an orgasm; otherwise, they don't care. So, sometimes I want to get rid of them early and fake orgasms.

Voice 16: One weekend, my boyfriend asked me why I was so loud every time, and I replied that it was very exciting to have sex with him. But the reality is that I have to answer that; I don't want to hurt him; I'd rather have an orgasm during masturbation.

Voice 17: During vaginal sex, I faked a few orgasms, because I wanted his orgasm to come soon, so I could sleep well. I tried to communicate with him what kind of stimulation could excite me, but he was reluctant and didn't care, so I gave up trying.

Voice 18: I used to fake an orgasm with a guy during vaginal sex, and then I got up the courage to tell him the truth, but he never communicated with me again and refused to share his feelings with me, because he kept wrong view that think I enjoyed our sex as much as he did.

Voice 19: I had an experience of faking an orgasm. Since I found out that I didn't like the man very much during the vaginal sex process, I tightened the vagina several times. I moaned, pretending to have an orgasm so that it could quickly make him ejaculate and end sexual intercourse.

Voice 20: I had fake orgasms during vaginal sex before, and then I stopped faking orgasms when I learned to tell him things like "slow down" or "it's my turn."

The above statements are only a tiny fraction of all the women's views. Still, the results are strikingly the same: most women are or have faked an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Specifically, 73% said they moaned to speed up their partner's orgasm arousal, and 84% said they made sex sounds during sex to boost their partner's self-esteem.

Based on such a result, can men still be proud to have conquered women? Or are you frustrated by the outcome? Or further seeking to see how women fake orgasm? I don't think any of these will solve the problem. [Read: 153 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend]

fake sounds of sex

Some potentially inaccurate views of sexual noises:

1. Women moan for sexual pleasure

Women don't always make sex sounds when they experience sexual pleasure, and based on traditional societal pressures, most women do not moan even when they do experience pleasure.

2. Involuntary reaction to pain during sexual intercourse

I don't think most people need to do this. If they feel discomfort or even pain during sex, most people will stop having sex immediately instead of moaning for pain. If this view holds, then I think she must be a steel warrior.

3. Having sex causes women to have difficulty breathing

Some people believe that women make sexual noises because they have difficulty breathing during sex. Maybe, but I never heard of making it hard to breathe during sex.

Come on, here's what you should know, and fix them before you can hear real sexual moaning:

1. Men, pay more attention to your partner.

Most men can't wait to get into vaginal sex, and they always love to be in control all during vaginal sex. Men naively think that this is the way to truly "love" their partners, but it turns out that they are "wrong."

Even if you're addicted to vaginal sex, lying down is not a bad thing. For married couples, sex should be about mutual satisfaction and the enhancement of the partnership. Slow down the tempo and give your woman more lead time so you can hear more of the actual sex sounds and experience passionate sex.

2. Understand the physiological differences between men and women

For men, except a few who suffer from erectile dysfunction, most can experience orgasm. On the other hand, women take an average of three times as long to reach orgasm as men, so if men recognize such biological differences and take action, men will hear the authentic sounds of sex.

3. The clitoris is the main valve of the female orgasm

Don't know the real meaning of the clitoris? It doesn't matter; you can think of him as the glans part of the male penis. Male orgasm and ejaculation usually occur when the glans is stimulated to their maximum threshold. The clitoris also becomes erect due to congestion and reaches orgasm under deep stimulation after being stimulated. Therefore, men addicted to vaginal sex must have opened the wrong door, leading to the end of the road of no return.

sexual sounds

Sexual moaning is undeniably sexy, especially hearing the sexual sounds of your women, and men often work to find that kind of satisfaction. But it's time for a change because hearing a fake orgasm means that your woman is not satisfied with the current sexual experience; you should understand what she needs in sex. How can I get a real sex sounds? [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

1. Have a deep conversation with your partner about sex

Men should not continue to think that they are sex masters, and women should not be act as actors only in sex. If the performance fails, your man would be hurt the most, and it will break your hard-working partnership. Both partners should communicate frankly, state their needs in sex and try to satisfy each other as much as possible. The meaning of partner sex life is to help each other and experience the beauty of sex. You should acknowledge the fact that male and female orgasms are not synchronized and seek mutual understanding and support in this fact.

2. Help your partner orgasm

Whether you are a man or a woman in your sexual life, you should be responsible for satisfying each other, and this way of pleasuring each other should be healthy and sustainable. Only in this way can your sexual relationship develop in a long and healthy way.

For your female partner to orgasm, you should have plenty of foreplay. Men should dominate foreplay, and many women orgasm during foreplay by stimulating their clitoris. If a woman does not orgasm during foreplay, vaginal intercourse should be dominated by women. At the same time, try different sex positions to find the best sex experience.

3. Use sex toys to please your partner

If a woman cannot orgasm during sex, she should choose sex toys. The popularity of female sex toys has proven its benefits, and most women buy sex toys and get orgasms because they can't get an orgasm during sex. clit sex toys are recommended; they help stimulate women's clitoris and allow them to experience orgasm.

4. Consider a bottle of delay spray

If your man is addicted to vaginal intercourse, consider using a delay spray. Delay sprays are effective products for preventing premature ejaculation. At the same time, their safety has also been practically proven, except that some people are allergic to benzocaine or lidocaine-based products; if you are allergic to these ingredients, you can choose xinghaoya pure plant delay spray. You can get a 50% trial discount for the first purchase.

Although men can stop premature ejaculation with a delay spray, they shouldn't be overly aggressive during vaginal intercourse, and you should allocate at least half of the time to your partner to allow them to dominate vaginal intercourse. It is my advice; otherwise, you still won't hear your partner's visceral sexual sounds. [Read: 180 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend]

Finally, sexual sounds should be all natural

Both partners should learn to flirt. Most failed relationships result from one partner ignoring the other, and healthy, long-lasting partner sex requires a natural sex sounds. You are united by chance and coincidence, so you should cherish and enjoy each other. Men don't have to be obsessed with dominance in sex, and women shouldn't settle for low-quality sex. Communicate openly with each other, sex will be the lubricant of your relationship, and the sounds of sex will be the catalyst for your wonderful sex life.

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