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Intense Pleasure: Stimulating stainless steel anal hook
Safe & Comfortable: High-quality materials ensure a secure fit
Versatile Design: Ergonomic shape, three smooth spheres
Waterproof & Durable: Built to last, ready for any adventure
Elevate BDSM Games: Unforgettable sensations, power dynamics


Brand: Xinghaoya

Product Name: Anal hook

Material: Steel

Color: Silver

Waterproof: IPX7

Size: As photos showing

Packing List: Anal hook*1

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This is our remarkable metal anal hook, a perfect tool for enhancing your BDSM games. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this anal hook offers a unique experience that combines safety, comfort, and pleasure.

  • Superior Design: The insertion end of this anal hook features three smooth and perfectly sized spheres, providing an exciting and stimulating sensation. The ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort during use, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your BDSM adventures.
  • Uncompromising Safety: We prioritize your well-being, which is why our anal hook is meticulously manufactured from stainless steel, guaranteeing its durability and safety. It is free from harmful substances such as phthalates, making it a reliable and trustworthy choice for your intimate play.
  • Effortless Insertion: With its thoughtfully crafted shape and smooth surface, this anal hook effortlessly glides into place, providing a satisfying and pleasurable experience. Its user-friendly design ensures easy insertion, allowing you to focus on the excitement and exploration that BDSM games offer.
  • Waterproof and Versatile: Designed to withstand various scenarios, our anal hook is completely waterproof, opening up a world of possibilities for your bondage and domination scenes. Whether you're indulging in water-based activities or exploring wet environments, this hook is up for the challenge.
  • Unleash Your Desires: Embrace the power dynamics and explore new levels of pleasure with our exceptional metal anal hook. Its unique design offers a thrilling combination of restraint and stimulation, allowing you and your partner to delve deeper into your BDSM fantasies.

Experience the ultimate blend of safety, comfort, and pleasure with our metal anal hook, a must-have tool for adventurous couples seeking to elevate their BDSM games. Unleash your desires and embark on a journey of sensual exploration today.


Customer Reviews

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Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout

I bought a similar hook that was 4.0 Stars on Amazon, but that was garbage compared to this one. This toy is a really nice weight, and the welded balls are so smooth and fits so well on my collared/handcuffed restraints. Gonna have fun with this bad boy.



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