15 Best Questions To Ask On The First Date To Get To Know Someone

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Best Questions To Ask On The First Date

Whenever one thinks about the first date, it makes the mind explode. And he either smiles or gets nervous thinking about it, but this nervousness is also a part of happiness. First dates can be awkward, nerve-wracking, mind-blowing, thrilling, disastrous, and wonderful. Behind all these incidents, it is a matter of what kind of impression both of you make in the first meeting. When you are looking at each other in colored medium light, or at the corner table, or from the other side of the table with colored candlelight, just a curiosity that what should you talk to them about, what should you ask, Or maybe you're sitting together on a lonely bench outside a coffee shop, or waiting for your movie to start at the theater, and it's time but you can't figure out what to ask them. So such dilemmas are common on the first date, and in this article, we will talk about what kind of things you should ask the person in front of you.

What Exactly Should You Ask Your Partner On The First Date?

So, what questions should you be asking on a first date or are you not sure where and what to start with? First dates are very special in your life and challenging too. You need to know from the first meeting itself how they are, what they have in common with you, and whether you can envision a future with them. Many such things are valuable. That's why we went through extensive research, consulted psychiatrists, and talked to experts to come up with 15 very important questions you should ask your partner on your first date, which can play a very important role in your life.

Here is a list of 15 important questions to ask on the first date:

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1: What Got You Interested In Asking Me Out For A Date?

There should be no room for hesitation once you've met him face to face, and the first question you should ask him is "Do you like me?" This is a really serious question that will open the door to a future between the both of you. With this, maybe you'll be more comfortable with the second question after that. This question is a bit light but also serious and naughty, which can not only ignite a good spark at the beginning of your date, but you can also learn a lot from the expression of the person in front.

2: What Are You Looking For On Your Date?

This question is very important to you as well, it can help you figure out whether your dating goals are aligned or not. Whether you're in a casual hook-up or out here looking for a real-life partner, his reaction or answer to this question will give you an indication of what he's looking for, and you'll know if you're the one for him or not. This question is also especially useful if they've already been on some pointless dates with others, also, tell them directly about your dating goals.

3: What Matters To You?

Some questions on a first date can be uncomfortable, which is better not to ask, or the question can be asked differently. Although those questions can be specific, such as, What are your hobbies? But it can be a question that suddenly alienates the other person. But asking what matters to them is surely going to be important. With this, both of you will be able to understand whether you can meet further or not. At the basic level of such a first date, any question that connects with the other person's values ​​is useful, and with this, you can be comfortable and ready for the next question.

4: What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That You Can Remember That Happened To You?

This will tell you how sincerely they share their thoughts with you. You notice if they are comfortable sharing some of their most memorable embarrassing incidents. Sharing real events like this shows humility, vulnerability, and a sense of humor, which may be important to you.

5: How Do You Strike A Balance Between Your Work And Life?

The point of this question is to find out whether they have the skills to be in a healthy and serious relationship, whether they are eager to pursue a future relationship with you, and are willing to take the time to do so, and whether they can postpone important social or other engagements for you. These are all important things to have in mind about your future together. Because you would never want to be with someone who is constantly canceling dates, or not putting you first. To understand whether you fit into their current schedule and their busy plans for the future? These back-to-back important questions allow you to delve deeper into their life, including whether they're ready for a serious and balanced relationship if that's what you're looking for.

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6: What Will You Do If You Get A Few Days Off From Your Work Or Schedule?

This can tell you what they like to do in their spare time, and what they value most. They may have a passion for travel and are more interested in learning about other cultures, in which case they would agree to book a trip during that time. Or maybe they'd rather spend that time staying home and relaxing. This question will help you to know that when you both have the privilege of spending time together, do you have the same feelings when you meet him? It also eases further conversation into other questions and paves the way for the next question, and keeps your conversation flowing.

7: When You Spend Time With Friends Or Family, How Often Are You The One Making The Plans?

How often are you taking the initiative yourself when you're making plans to spend time with friends or family? This question will help you get a sense of the communication style of the other person, you will know what role they play in the plans. Sometimes people run away from planning and put the responsibility on others, and these are the people who are not self-confident or strong-willed or are afraid of taking risks. Whereas only the person who takes risks in life and works on plans becomes successful. This simply means that if your partner is more of a planner and initiator, it will show you that he/she is responsible, courageous, and confident.

8: How Well Do You Like To Compromise With Others?

You can't have a serious and honest relationship if you can't compromise. This is a question that can confuse the person in front, if you ask him this question and he gets nervous instead of giving a simple answer, then it says a lot in itself. For example, when it is about small or short-term things, it is all right, but when it comes to making serious and tough decisions or solving long-term issues and decisions, it can lead to a difficult path. The answer to this question will tell you how mature they are, and how they will deal with you in the future.

9: What Do You Think Are Important For A Healthy Relationship?

If you are looking for a serious relationship rather than a hookup, this is a great question. Knowing what you're going to get out of dating, what your values ​​are, and knowing those specific values ​​is how serious someone is for you. This is the question that could decide whether you go on a second date with him or end it all. For example, if you value healthy and serious communication, your answer to this question will tell you whether your partner is the type of person to sit down and talk with you after a fight, argument, or minor disagreement. Will do and try to sort things out, or he will keep on recriminating.

10: How Do You Handle Conflict Or Sudden Problems?

If they answer that question by saying I don't know how then that answer tells you something. You'll know if the other person has the self-awareness to recognize when they've hurt someone, or whether they realize their mistake, and where their behavior needs to change for a healthy relationship. We often get into relationships thinking that they will be lessons in the future. Whereas the reality is that these things should come from the beginning and they should not run away from doing whatever it takes to handle the problems. You will also come to know what are the weaknesses of the person in front, and at what time he accepts the reality. However, no one is indeed perfect, and people can always work on resolving their struggles and problems. But you should have that skill that will make you strong in adverse circumstances.

11: What Have You Learned From Past Relationships And What Is Something You Need To Work On?

The answer to this question tells you how that person holds them accountable. If they respond by blaming everyone else instead of taking it upon themselves, then you need to be careful, maybe you should end the date here as well. This ensures that you may end up in toxic relationships in the future, as the other person will not hesitate to blame you to justify their mistakes. You need to understand on the first date itself what the future holds for you, and what you are going to get for yourself.

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12: Who Is The Person In Your Life With Whom You Talk The Most?

Although, these are light questions but important to understand the seriousness of the relationship. The answer to this question will help you understand what relationships the other person values ​​most.

13: What Is The Best Gift Of Your Life?

If you're looking to understand something that isn't committed, that's another simple question. This will put them at ease and help them connect with you, as well as take away any hesitation, and his answer might bring a smile to both of your faces. Also, they get a chance to talk about something that makes them very happy or that they like. With this, the first date for both of you can also be wonderful and romantic.

14: What Was Your First Impression Of Me?

The answer to this question can help you understand how seriously they are taking you, and how much they know about you, what impressed them about you. It is good if they tell you about your choice. They may not know anything about you, so honesty is expected of them, and they may say that they don't know about you and have seen you a few times, but find you very attractive. He may ask you to tell about yourself in response to this question, and if you do and he listens carefully, it's good, and he is not serious during your answer, then it should be a red flag.

15: What Got You Most Excited About Going On A Date With Me?

This can be a strong way of getting you to share more about yourself with him, he might ask you out, or you might just like to introduce yourself to his interests. You may also ask what is the most important point for you to know about me. Or what is the one thing that you are most interested to know about me? If they say in response that they do not know, then you share about yourself. Maybe they will try to know about your past life after this question, in such a situation it will be the right time how to handle it.


Although these first-date questions are important and may lead to some thoughtful conventions, you need to discuss all these points during the first meeting. While these may be completely serious questions, they are important for the next meeting. If asking a question doesn't feel right or you both aren't comfortable with it, don't ask it. It's natural to be nervous on a first date, and don't ask the wrong questions when you're nervous or in a rush to break the silence. Rather introduce intelligent thoughtful thinking and greater awareness.

Sometimes it's okay to be silent during a conversation, it's a natural thing, and it happens when you think about their mannerisms or their specialty. Remember this, the point of a good and healthy conversation is not to listen to give feedback, but to listen to understand things. Even if you don't go on a second date, you can at least take heart that you had a good time and had new experiences with a new person.

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