How To Masturbate With A Vagina-An Ultimate Guide To Female Masturbation Tips

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Some consider masturbation to be wrong and shameful, especially in the case of women; people start judging unnecessarily. But the truth is that there is nothing shameful about masturbation. Whether a man or a woman, it is perfectly normal and healthy. Masturbation has countless health and emotional benefits. It can help relieve stress and depression, And it's a great way to discover your own body and sensuality and take it to the next level of pleasure. It does bring happiness and orgasm even when alone.

Masturbation is done by people of all ages, genders, and sexualities. People from every corner of the world do it with perfection, those who are single and those in relationships. Some people like to do it frequently, some people do it occasionally, but everyone does, and it's all perfectly normal.

Is It Safe For A Woman To Masturbate?

No matter what you have heard from different people, masturbation is entirely safe; nothing terrible will happen to you if you do it, but just enjoy it and its many health benefits. It is the safest form of sex in many ways, as it does not pose serious risks such as unintended pregnancy or HIV/STI transmission. Just make sure you masturbate in private, and if you choose to do it with a partner, which can be much fun too, make sure they've given consent first and that you're using precautions.

Different Types Of Masturbation

This article talks about the most common and super powerful type of masturbation that people usually do, And through which you get an orgasm. However, the thing to note is that it may differ from person to person.

Masterbation With Clitoris

The most sensitive part of the female body, the clit, also gives the most pleasure. And most women tease the clitoris to achieve orgasm and use their fingers to play with their clitoris. Still, vibrators and other sex toys can also bring pleasure during masturbation alone. When you have an orgasm, you will feel a sensual sensation in your skin and brain, and the clitoris leads you to an endless orgasm.

Vaginal Masturbation

While there are different ways to play with the vagina for excitement and orgasm, you can also use your fingers, vibrator, and a sex toy like a dildo to enter your vagina during solo play. 

And sometimes, you will get more powerful orgasms from masturbation than from having sex with your partner, which will make your vaginal walls tremble, overwhelmed with pleasure, and witness an intense orgasm.

Anal Play (Masturbation)

Your vagina is not only responsible for getting your orgasm, but anal play is done in the right way and also gives you an orgasm. You can use your fingers or a sex toy for different levels of masturbation and anal play. However, a toy is better for deeper penetration and gives even better results.

Combo Masturbation Play

You can use both hands to play with your entire vaginal area and your clitoris or a combo of sex toys and fingers. When you stimulate your vagina and your clitoris, especially the G-spot, at the same time you will feel an intense and explosive orgasm, which can leave you cramping, or even a powerful orgasm (can also squirt).

And not only that, but you can also involve your anus equally during combo play, which will undoubtedly lead to even more explosive results.

Bliss With The Entire Erogenous Zone

You can softly touch, rub, pinch, pull, squeeze, or other comfortable positions on your breasts, ears, neck, inner thighs, navel, and other erogenous parts of your body during masturbation or solo play. Known as the erogenous zone, you can have pleasant sensations all over your body when you play with these areas; it may cause a slight delay in achieving orgasm, but the orgasm achieved is quite spectacular and powerful.

How To Start Masturbating With Vagina?

First, Create A Sensual Atmosphere.

Touching and getting over it out of nowhere can give you the pleasure of a real orgasm. So to do it, you should do it with enough time and better methods so that what you get after your hard work is incredible. And it requires better preparation, and the sensual atmosphere can sometimes make a big difference in whether you'll have a good solo session. 

Switch off the bright lights to set the mood, and go with a medium-colored light; you can light some scented candles for this if you wish. And then turn on slow-motion sensual music, which will ignite a spark in your body, and mind, followed by the solo session (masturbation) will be exciting and spectacular.

Consider erotic (pornographic) audio, erotica, or pornography with erotic videos.

Erotic (porn) video sure takes you more profound. Still, alternatives like erotic audio, pornography, etc., can give more explosive results to your solo play. It's fun to let your mind wander around. Still, you don't always have to use your imagination. If you want to fan the flames, read an erotic book, listen to erotic (porn) audio, or watch a sexy video (including porn). 

Bring Some Lube Along

It's true that when you're aroused, your vagina self-lubricates, making masturbation a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. But sometimes, that might not be enough, so be sure to use lube to make solo play more fun and increase your enjoyment. Or maybe you don't want to insert fingers or sex toys into the vagina, just want to enjoy solo play through the clit, or you want to enjoy anal play, which doesn't automatically release lube, so your Smoothness will prove to be a great ingredient, and you'll be able to enjoy the solo session more.

Explore The Erogenous Zones Of Your Body

The absolute pleasure of masturbation or orgasm can be found only when you play with different sensual parts of your body. By finding your erogenous zones and playing with them, such as breasts, ears, navel, neck, or inner thighs, you will have a great orgasm. You can spark happiness all over your body; you have to find the right place.

Take Enough Time Instead Of Hurrying

Suppose we are in a hurry to get an orgasm. In this excitement, we start running like a race in the Olympics, but this is entirely wrong; you should always remember that the longer you do the session, the more pleasure you will get. So you should not be in a hurry to masturbate. Play with your erogenous zones and techniques, enjoying all the joy and sensations you feel throughout your body. Move slowly; increase the speed only when close to the climax.

Include Sex Toys

Your sex toys will be able to give a more intense climax during solo play. Whether you're using the regular dildo or the fast vibrator, you'll always find the experience taking the next level. You can enjoy using sex toys only on the clit (vulva) or enjoy the intense sensation of going inside the vagina. So feel free to include sex toys during solo play.

Use A Shower Head And Pillows

It's undeniable that using vibrators and dildos is fun, but it's not just sex toys that give you orgasms, but without them, you can use home remedies, and of course, these thrilling experiences are more effective in providing orgasm than sex toys. For example, a showerhead on your clitoris or having squirts of water coming out of a standard tap directly onto your clitoris provides intense pleasure. It doesn't even require you to use your hands and fingers. Another way is to keep your pillow upright instead of the base and rub your vagina and vulva directly against the pillow, believing it will give more explosive pleasure and orgasm.

Do You Know What A Clitoris Is?

The clitoris is a pea- or pearl-sized vaginal organ, often covered with a hood (the clitoral hood), found at the top of your clitoris (vulva). The two inner lips of your vagina meet. 

ÔĽŅThe gland of the clitoris is shaped like a pearl/pea, but the fact is that its structure itself is much more complex and extensive.¬†Your clitoris is filled with thousands of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of your genitals. Still, it is also the most sensitive part of your entire body.¬†Most¬†women experience orgasm (orgasm, orgasm) by stimulating their clitoris.

‚󏬆Clitoris Masturbation

The clitoris masturbation is very simple. To do it, you massage the fleshy area (which is raised) on top of your pubic bone, then run your fingers in a circular motion along the outer and inner lips of your clit-vulva. 

Your clitoris is covered by a hood, so stimulate your clitoris by rubbing or stroking your clitoris with your fingers or palm. You can make a "V" shape with your index and middle fingers and slide them up and down the sides of the clitoral shaft. Your clit and vaginal lips will feel the pressure and friction of your fingers, and you will feel orgasm-ecstatic.

When your clitoris gets wet with vaginal lubricant, or you apply the lubricant separately, move your fingers by rubbing them vigorously. Using a vibrator won't require your fingers to work as hard, and it will give your clitoris intense stimulation. And orgasm-ecstasy will be achieved. [Read: How to finger yourself]

Learn About Vaginal Bliss

Despite the exceptions and common myths, women have difficulty reaching a climax with vaginal stimulation. That doesn't mean it gives less pleasure or can't be fun. You can enter your vagina with your fingers or any sex toy and get pleasure. You can find ejaculation in it by using it with the g-spot.

‚󏬆Masturbate With A Vagina

First, massage the opening of your vagina with light pressure, then slowly enter your fingers or sex toy inside your vagina. If your vagina is not wet enough, use lube sex toys before entering, and lubricate the top of the toys inside the vagina with your fingers. Then move your fingers or the toy in a circular motion, in and out, stroking or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Keep in mind that your g-spot is located in the upper part of your vagina, so you should massage the g-spot in the motion of coming here. Or focus on stroking the top with the toys.

As you get closer to the stimulus, increase the speed and pressure. By doing this, you get an explosive orgasm. But if it doesn't excite you that much, it's nothing to worry about because not everyone is the same. So you can try another method.

Do You Want To Go With Anal Pleasure?

In some people's minds that anal play does not lead to orgasm, but this is entirely wrong and baseless. It can also achieve a powerful orgasm through the anus; some of the women in the survey admitted that anal play was a thrilling experience with a new adventure. At the same time, the result came out in the form of a powerful orgasm. You can achieve orgasm through anal play by stimulating the G-spot indirectly through the wall between the rectum and the vagina. 

‚󏬆Orgasm With Anal Play

Begin massaging the outside and inside of the opening of your anus with light fingers, then slowly insert your finger or sex toy into your anus. Keep in mind that it always starts small so finger penetration will be good. Once in the anus, switch between circular and in-and-out motions; you can play with your clitoris. And go on fast forward to enjoyment until you are finished.

Note: Vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and dildos can increase your orgasm several times.

Combo Sex And Erogenous Zone Play

Many women like to go in for a play with the vagina, clitoris, anus, all erogenous zones, and sex toys all at the same time. And it provides explosive orgasmic pleasure for them. So combo solo play intensifies feelings of pleasure and orgasm by stimulating all the sensitive parts of your genitals.

‚󏬆How To Do Combo Solo Play Or Wild Sex?

You can start with all erogenous zones at the beginning during a solo play, and as the excitement increases, use the vagina, clitoris, anus, sex toys, both hands, fingers, all of these. it is a combo of experimentation and wild sex (masturbation) will take you to the next level of excitement and orgasm.

Important Positions For Masturbation Pleasure

You can use various steps to bring your single session up a notch on the scale of masturbation pleasure; remember that the more experimentation, the more fun you will get.

‚󏬆For Clitoral Masturbation

Lying on your back for clitoral masturbation while lying on your back may sound old-fashioned when stimulating your clitoris, so there is no better position than this. One can quickly and easily move fingers or toys.

After lying on your back, place a pillow under your head, spread your legs, and bend at the knees. Now start rubbing your clitoris. You can go slow, fast, rigid, or soft as you enjoy and ease.

‚󏬆Vaginal Penetration

For vaginal penetration, sit on the ground with the support of a wall. If you want a powerful orgasm, the sitting position is good. With this, you will be able to easily massage the g-spot inside your vagina, which is located about 2 to 3 inches inside your vagina.

After you sit down, begin to slide your fingers or a toy into your vagina, accelerating slightly as you move. Experiment with a variety of motions from circular in and out strokes.

‚󏬆Face-Down Doggy Style For Anal Play

A face-down doggy style will produce better results in anal play. When enjoying anal play, it seems a bit difficult, but it gets easier after a try. Once comfortable in this position, put the fingers or toy back and start playing with the motion. You lean forward and place your face on the bed, couch, or floor so that your back is high in the air. And move forward by taking the hand back.

‚󏬆Cowgirl Position

It is the most fun and exciting. In this, you can feel the ride, enjoy it without using your hands, feel like you are on top of your male partner, and drive yourself. To do this, place your favorite dildo or vibrator on the floor or your bed set the top end of the toy at the opening of your vagina, and lower yourself until you get the sensation you want.

Whether you take the whole toy in or half, you are free to do so according to your ease and pleasure. You can rub your clitoris for more fun or even play with the anus. You can also press on the erogenous zone, such as the breast.

‚󏬆Mirror Masturbation And Wild Sex

Reflection is a great way to discover your body and see your organs, stimulating you without interrupting. Sit or stand in front of a full-length mirror barefoot. Now pour a good quality lubricant or liquid chocolate all over your body.

It will start from your breasts to the stomach, inner thighs, and vulva, then start sliding your hands over the different erogenous zones of the body. You pinch, squeeze, pull, tug, and rub as you feel comfortable. And explore what really warms you up, and play with the clitoris and the whole vagina. This wild play will make your solo session exciting and fun.

Many studies and research show that 70-90 percent of women achieve orgasm through clit stimulation instead of orgasm.

If you are a fan of masturbation, and unable to achieve an orgasm from penetration, then here are the important 12 ways to get a powerful orgasm through the vulva - clit. And this technique can give you an idea of what an orgasm feels like.

Use of Lube: Lube is not just limited to intercourse, you can use it to enhance your experience during masturbation as well. It is specific to women (vaginal buddies), as it helps them achieve orgasm faster, as well as prevents tissue damage from rubbing.

12 Powerful Masturbation Techniques For Incredible Orgasms

Below you'll find 12 different masturbation techniques that you can use to make sure you're in for a powerful and incredible orgasm.

And you will find that when you try to make yourself cum, you get more pleasure from these masturbation techniques than others. These techniques will also help you find out which technique is getting the most pleasure from you.

1. Rubbing From Side To Side While Moving The Clit

As the name suggests, this is a simple masturbation technique that focuses on your clitoris. In this technique, you can rub your finger side to side while moving your clitoris. Your finger can also rub the vulva with gentle pressure.

In this technique, some women prefer indirect contact, and barely touch their clitoris, while some women require more intense contact and pressure to achieve pleasure. You'll need to try out different variations for yourself while you do this to find what you like. [Read: How To Masturbate In The Shower]

For example:

  • Change of pace and try a variety.
  • Changing the amount of finger pressure on the clit.
  • Use some lubricant.
  • Knowing how many fingers you're using is causing you to feel more pleasure. For example - one, two, three, or four fingers.
  • Experiment by switching between direct and indirect contact.

2. Long And Slow Strokes All Over The Vagina

Using one or more fingers, very gently and gently rub between your vagina and clitoris, from bottom to top, and feel which areas provide the most pleasure and excitement when touched.

After knowing this, you can use fast strokes, slow strokes as well as fingers using more or less pressure. Try switching directions as well, starting with your clitoris and rubbing down or up and down. It may make you orgasm late, but it's a great masturbation technique to explore your entire vagina to find out what's most pleasurable and reacts most quickly to your touch.

3. Up and Down Clit Masturbation

This masturbation technique will give you a sharp sensation, and it is very easy. You will be concentrating on your clitoris, and you only need to act with one finger, making sure to rub the clitoris up and down on one side. If you want more stimulation, try rubbing your finger directly on your clitoris, you can also use more than one finger if you need to.

This technique is very simple, and of course, you can experiment with how hard and fast you rub your finger and the length of the stroke.

4. Incredible Orgasm With Clit Through Four Fingers

This technique is the most commonly used and most effective masturbation technique of all listed here, as your four fingers will be running with pressure on the clitoris. This will make it much easier to achieve the climax. A simple and great way to do this technique is to hold your four fingers together and rub them in a circular motion on your clitoris and vagina.

5. Orgasm Under The Clitoral Hood

Certainly, some women have a very sensitive clitoris. And often it is so sensitive that touching it can almost feel unpleasant. If you're one of those women, you can no doubt understand that using many masturbation techniques is very uncomfortable, and possibly even painful.

If so, instead of applying direct finger pressure to your clitoris or using other masturbation techniques to rub, you need to use your clitoris hood as a shield of sorts. The clitoris hood is the flap of skin just above your clitoris that covers the most sensitive part of the clit.

So if you have a highly sensitive clitoris, try rubbing your clitoris hood instead of your clitoris. And of course, you'll find that it's a lot more pleasurable and not as sensitive as the clit. Alternatively, you can also use some fingering techniques instead. This effort will give you better results.

6. Clit Stimulation (Masturbation) With Shower

This technique of clit stimulation is very famous and very effective. Women have been using this shower massage (simulation) method for decades to masturbate and achieve orgasm. This masturbation technique is completely different. In this, you get pleasure without touching it. All you need is a tap you can come under, and rotate your vagina so that the water from the tap or shower can flow freely over your vagina and clit.

In studies and research, most women have admitted that they often orgasm with this technique, and running water provides a great feel for the vagina and clit. And it helps to get an orgasm very fast. So experiment with the tap water pressure and the settings on your shower head to find what suits you best. Quick Hint:

  • You may find that the highest pressure or setting yields the best pleasure.
  • One of the benefits of masturbating in the shower is that if you're trying to experience female ejaculation,
  • The water washes everything away quickly
  • And you have to sit and lie comfortably
  • You do not even need to touch the body in this technique.

7. U-Spot Masturbation Technique

The reality is also that many women are not even aware of the U-spot. This area of ‚Äč‚Äčskin just above the opening of your urethra and up to its sides is the same U- spot.¬†¬†This is the sensitive part from which women get powerful orgasms.

You need to stroke it slowly with the tip of your finger to stimulate it. Rubbing the U-spot gives the impression of intense pleasure. But not only that, to get even better and more intense pleasure, one has to rub gently from your U-spot to your clitoris, and again from bottom to top and top to bottom to feel the ecstasy.

If your vagina isn't already wet when you rub the U Spot, be sure to use some best lube. And yes, don't be afraid to try something out of the ordinary, and start massaging your labia or clitoris to change the sensation.

8. For Skin Clitoral Hood Masturbation

You may have the opposite problem to the vulva (clit) hood orgasm mentioned above. Some women lack sensitivity throughout the vagina and therefore have a greater need for all the rubbing, pressure, grinding, touching, and stimulation they find on their clitoris. But there is nothing to worry about, there is also a very simple solution for this. For those women to stimulate their clitoris intensely, they will need to be exposed more.

Keeping your fingers on and on either side of your clitoris, slowly pull the skin behind the clitoral hood to expose it further. While pulling back your clitoris isn't a masturbation technique- This will allow you to use your other hand or vibrator to stimulate it more directly. It can also be helpful in certain positions during sex if you want more intense clitoris stimulation. [Read: The Ultimate Guide Of Lingam Massage]

9. Clitosque Squeeze Masturbation Technique

The squeeze is an effective little-known masturbation technique that involves your entire clitoris. But few people understand that the clitoris is one of the most densely packed areas of nerve endings in your body‚ÄĒ ¬†that's why many fail to realize that it stretches and attaches itself to your insides and also to the vagina.

In this technique you have to place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the clitoris, then press down and inwards, as if you are squeezing it between the folds of the surrounding skin.

Keep in mind that always start with gentle pressure, you will feel in a few seconds that you can squeeze it with a lot of pressure without being uncomfortable. Because in this method a feeling of intense pleasure starts to be obtained.

10. Labia Massage

Rubbing and stimulating the labia, one of the sensitive parts of the vagina, is like foreplay for masturbation. It might take a while to get you into orgasm, but it's a great way to create more intense masturbation techniques that, once stimulated, provide a stronger orgasm. Because rubbing it on the proper vaginal area

There are several methods of rubbing the labia, mainly:

  • Run your fingers up and down.
  • Press, squeeze, and massage both sides together.
  • Use a water-based lubricant to get more sensation and stimulation.
  • Along with this, if you want, you can also use sex toys or any other thing on it.

11. Using Pearl Panties Or Pearl Necklaces

Yes, it is a great way to deliver a unique and powerful orgasm. And this is the reason that nowadays some panties are wearing pearls. You can also use a pearl necklace.  This masturbation technique requires a pearl necklace or any sleek necklace that has a lot of round pearls on it.

While performing this masturbation technique, one can lie down halfway or on their knees or stand, or even stand straight with the legs extended. Then you have to hold one end of the necklace with one hand in front of you and then reach down to your back with your other hand to hold the other end of the necklace so that it is between your legs.

Then you start by slowly pulling the necklace back and forth. So that it can pass over your vagina, labia, and clitoris. In this technique, friction is applied to each part of your vagina, and the beads give a different feel. This technique is very fun and produces powerful and intense orgasms. You will undoubtedly get much better results if you use a little lubricant while doing this.

If you want, you can also use other things instead of necklaces, such as towels, scarves, etc. It gives you endless orgasms. [Read: How To Make A Girl Squirt]

12. Your Pillow Is A Great Sex Partner

This technique is common, and highly popular among women. Many women initially learn to masturbate by rubbing a pillow against their vagina. And as they do this, the pillows get a great orgasm through different experiments with them.

This masturbation technique is perfect for stimulating all parts of your vagina and anus, clitoris, and labia at the same time. You'll find that you get the most friction, excitement, and enjoyment if your pillow is completely bare when you grind it.

Below are a few different ways to do it.- If you have a long pillow, you can lie on your side between your legs. Then squeeze your feet together to hold it and pull it back so that it puts pressure on your labia and clit. Then start rubbing fast. If you don't have a tall pillow, take a medium-sized pillow, fold it in half and spread it out, whichever works best, and then rest your weight on the pillow.

Before you start grinding it, you can adjust it so that it presses firmly against your vagina. Then move your vagina up and down on the pillow, or you can move your waist back and forth in a crouching position. And let it lead to a stronger orgasm.

Using pillows is the most basic version of this masturbation technique and orgasm. So you can enjoy orgasm with your beloved on their thighs in the same way. [Read: The Ultimate Guide for Nuru Massage You Should Know]


Masturbation is a fun, sexy, and safe way to explore your desires and find out what motivates you. In addition, masturbation (self-pleasure) has countless health benefits, for example, Relief from stress, Relief from depression, Better sleep, Freedom from sexual tension, etc.

Not only is masturbation safe, but it's probably more common than you think. Overall, there is no right or wrong way to masturbate. It's about trying different techniques to find something you enjoy; enjoy, and don't worry.

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