“Good sex is like eating honey; it’s sweet on all sides.”

There are many sweet things in life: money, chocolate, and sleep, but sex is the sweetest of them. Sex is so sweet that even when people are not having the best of it, they sometimes want to pretend or convince their friends that they are also having good sex. When people have partners who are not serving them hot, they seem to hide it away from the public, so they don’t have to appear like they are the only one who is not enjoying this life.

That is the beauty of good sex.

In the instance of people who are not getting it as much as they desire, people go as much as they need to to get satisfaction, which cannot be too expensive. It is not unwise to invest in one’s sexual health or sexual satisfaction. In some instances, it could just be six (6) minutes of penetrative sex and a few seconds of orgasm, but you are sure to have a sound rest and an improved blood flow.

Enjoyable sex is so good that it improves the quality of the heart as a physical exercise.

Now let’s attempt a general study of how to have enjoyable sex. This how-to post will cover a range of things to do so that both sexes can have enjoyable sex. Even though the procedures will not be broken or classified, but they will include activities before sex, during, and after sex.


Even as college kids, it was common knowledge that “the hands do not stay idle when we kiss.” It just does not.

Foreplay refers to the series of activities that precede sexual intercourse. In women, especially, foreplay is important to put them in the mood for sex. This includes various activities such as kissing, fondling, caressing, or even sometimes just talking. These activities serve as the proper warm-up for a beautiful time of sexual intercourse.

Unlike the male, the female body requires an effort to prepare them for sex. During this period of foreplay, the vaginal is also prepared and can lubricate.

So think of foreplay as preparing the mind and the body for sex. unlike during conversations, in sex, it is not proper to just hit the nail in the head. Just hitting the ground running could be why your partner is not enjoying the sex. we have a post dedicated to that topic; you can look around to read about “why am I not enjoying sex?” here [link].

Beyond preparing the ground for hot sex, foreplay can help bring emotional bonding between couples. And guess what, if stress is already killing your libido, good foreplay can help restore or improve your libido and send away anxiety in anyone.

Identify what your partner wants.

It would have been easier to compare good sex with food, but which food is liked by the entire universe of humans?

Just like our food, there may not always be one approach to satisfying our partners, especially female partners. Even among the females, their definitions of great sex differ. It is similar for men as well. Some are attracted to the busty ladies, while some are attracted to slim hotties.

Just as our tastes are different, what turns our partners on are also different. Even when partners do not mention them, we are responsible for observing what part of their body sends shrills of ecstasy down their spines. It is a bedroom-sin to assume that what turns you on also turns your partner on.

As a partner, you have to watch what do you do that makes your partner let out those soft moans of pleasure. Take time to explore their body and identify how they react to each stage. for women, sweet sex is not always about the penetration; sometimes, it is how patiently you are able to play around erogenous zones such as the nipple, inner thighs, back region, neck, feet, lower abdomen, etc.

Your partner would appreciate it if you pay attention to what they want and how they want it when it comes to penetrative sex, while some partners like the hard and fast rhythm, some like that you explore gradually.

Use your lubes

This is an area of sex that many partners are yet to uncover. Lubes are good to make the way smooth and fine.

The female vagina is self-lubricating, but it may not be enough in most cases. Even the vaginas that produce the most lubrication dry when the sex gets long, and you need lubricants to make the sex enjoyable.

Why not make lubes a habit? There is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about in using lubes. They are personal materials for a good sexual experience, not just for the female but also the male. For men, lubes help to keep the sex going, and the penetration is less frictional. When you decide to pick a toy from our store, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Our sex toys are designed to be used with lubricants for ease of use, don’t forget to check out our dazzling toys for males and females.

Note, however, that if pain during sex occurs despite using lubricants, you may have to see the doctor for examination. It could be something serious. Early detection could be helpful.

You do not have to wait for vaginal dryness before you bring on your lubricants. They are always helpful for more enjoyable sex.

Sex toys are way helpful!

Sex toys are an important part of our sex life. Having enjoyable sex would also include having the penetration for as long as we want it. Sex toys can be helpful in various ways. They help to sustain an erection in men and reach orgasm in women.

Have you seen our wonderful strap-on female vibrator for women? this wearable toy is designed for discreet use. It can serve as a clitoris vibrator, G spot vibrator, and kegel exercise balls. This is the perfect gift for your female partner any time soon. Check out more amazing gifts for your male and female partners on our site; we care more about your complete well-being.

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