26 Tips How To Be A Great Kisser: Tricks, Technique, And Everything

26 Tips How To Be A Great Kisser

People call it different names by kissing, Frenching, making out, locking lips, lip locks, etc. Be it the intimate moments or the usual way to show love with your sweetheart anytime in the usual routine. It is one of the most personal and thrilling things couples often do to express love. The focus is often on sex, sexual activities, and sexual relationships when thinking about becoming a better boyfriend/husband, but perfecting your kissing play is even more important than sex.

Whether you are new to the whole kissing activity or have been a master of kissing for years, kissing is an art, And there's always something to learn about kissing that makes you a next-level kisser.

You might think you've learned all that a perfect kisser does. But of course, you are incompletely knowledgeable and need to know. Various kissing and kissing positions can be tried, including frenching, closing the lips, and so much more than making up for the perfect kiss. So, to ensure you are kissing to the best of your ability, we've gathered some great kissing tips and tricks to be a good kisser so that you can get your kissing makeup just right every time.

Why Is Kissing Done?

To understand how to best kiss, it's essential to know why humans kiss in the first place.

People kiss to express closeness, love, sensations, feelings, and desire to their partner, as well as to increase or intensify the excitement they are feeling or moving on to intimate moments. Kissing is essential in bringing warmth, increasing arousal, and satisfying sexual pleasure during sex and intimate moments.

Kissing releases feel-good hormones; it stimulates the pleasure areas of the brain, releasing a mix of hormones to be intimate or happy, providing you with satisfaction, happiness, and a great feeling. When we kiss, a mix of hormones oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin are released, which provides a wonderfully pleasurable experience, and promotes feelings of affection and bonding, which act as a deepening link between couples.

Plus, kissing has myriad benefits, from reducing stress, relieving unwanted pain, and boosting the immune system. Within relationships between couples, kissing plays an essential role in that it can help heal tension and promote closeness. Kissing is often a necessary part of a couple's sex life and is also a way of showing intimacy and love in and out of the bedroom. Maintaining the kiss is essential to keeping the spark alive between the couples.

Tips And Techniques To Be A Great And Perfect Kisser

Kissing is culturally specific, and in many ways, it is beneficial. But it is seen as happiness in only about half of the world's societies. At the same time, very few people are able perfectly.

So with the following tricks, tips, and techniques, you too can become the perfect kisser:

1. Pay Attention To Your Partner's Wishes, And Reactions

The most critical quality and ability to be a good kisser is to pay attention to your partner's every reaction. Often we learn a technique and become wholly dedicated to that method to apply it.

The goal of kissing should not be to master a particular trick and art but to learn about your partner's unique desires during that time.

2. Ask Your Partner About Their Wishes And Curiosities

    Many people are afraid to ask their partner what they like because they think it will make them weak and stupid. But the reality is that the truth is quite the opposite because your partner may be expecting certain things they want to tell you but may not know how to ask them you.

    So you should ask and talk to her so that she is comfortable and can talk to you openly and express her feelings. If they are uncomfortable, you can think of it as a sexy and fun way to learn together. You can tell them I want to kiss you even better, so tell me what you like. 

    3. At The Time Of Kissing, Forget About Other Activities, Prefer Kissing Only

      Kissing is a precursor to sex rather than a loving and intimate activity. So don't make the mistake that people usually make, and set aside time where you only focus on what. During a kiss, people often focus on taking off their clothes, and in such a situation, everything can go wrong. Therefore, instead of haste, show patience, and focus only on the perfect kiss while kissing. Focusing on a purely kissing activity will make you more adept at it.

      4. Tease Each Other

        Run your hands through each other's hair, and touch each other's face, lips, and body before going in for a kiss. Kiss other parts of their face before they make contact with your lips. Try to keep teasing each other until you can't stand it anymore. Hold your lips to their lips before starting a deep or French kiss.

        5. Eye-To-Eye Contact

          Eye contact with your partner is essential before going in for a kiss. Look into your partner's eyes and give a sensual smile. It takes love and sexuality a step further. If you want, you can kiss your partner's eyes before kissing, and it will work to fill the confidence and thrill in your partner's mind.

          When you go to kiss, slowly touch their lips and take a light kiss in the beginning, then do a deep kiss. And go ahead. The kiss is the initial contact instrument of love and every intimate moment, so you increase the anticipation and sensuality by making eye contact before making physical contact.

          6. Get Completely Involved With A Soft Kiss

            Once you get into kissing and romantic activities, start with the softest kisses you can manage first. Then gradually work up to kissing harder and faster. During the initial kiss, your hands should hold their face and head. Then you can also use your hands to caress with the kiss and hold onto your partner harder for added emphasis. You can squeeze them hard in your arms.

            7. Use Your Tongue

              There's no need to be limited to your lips while kissing; insert your tongue, and make full use of your tongue. And try different patterns and strokes involving the tongue, moving the kissing forward with alternating pressure and rhythm. You can put your tongue in their mouth, leak your tongue out of their mouth, and lick their lips with your tongue. And see how your partner reacts when performing this so-called French kiss. If you feel that she is getting more sensual and involved with you with one stroke, you should focus more on what is supporting you. It may be that when she enjoys herself more during this time, she will cling to you tightly.

              8. Bite The Partner's Lips With Your Teeth

                You can tug on your partner's lips with your teeth only during the kiss, which should be light. Maybe some people don't like it, so you can also ask them.

                9. Suck The Partner's Lips And Tongues

                  While kissing, suck on their lips deeply with your lips for a long time, beyond just light kisses and sucking. Suck their tongue too well. Forget about what will happen to the saliva of the mouth. Because melancholy will bring more joy to both people, get it deep into your mouth as you make a quick but intense suction action, and then release it slowly.

                  10. Involve Your Whole Body

                    If you are standing or in a position, you can lean forward and away while kissing your partner. Join their hands and feet with your body. Whether you are in front or behind them, you grind your hips in front or behind them. You can also do this in a circular position with the top down. These actions help increase the desire between you and take sexuality to the next level.

                    11. Pay Attention To Your Partner's Physical Reactions

                      Your partner's body produces many waves when kissing them, so you can notice how they react. How your partner reacts when you kiss their neck, bite their ears, bite their lips, or flick their tongue? By keeping these things in mind, you'll know whether your partner is enjoying what you're doing, and then you can make better adjustments.

                      12. Kissing In Places Other Than Their Mouth

                        Kissing should not be limited to lips and mouth only. You can kiss your partner's whole body and use your wet tongue a lot. When you rub your wet tongue on their body, their body feels endless sensation and pleasure. You kiss and leak all the erogenous zones of her body.

                        13. Tease Them

                          Make the make-out session a game. Like you lick your partner's lips but turn away from them as soon as they try to reciprocate. And do this till they get hankering to get your love.

                          14. Pay Special Attention To Their Reaction When They React Inside

                            Pay special attention to their reaction when you put your lip inside their mouth or suck on their tongue because that moment is critical. Also, when you kiss their breasts or other internal organs, their body reaction will help you to know where they are getting the most pleasure.

                            15. Use Relaxation Techniques

                              There is no need to do anything continuously. You practice relaxation techniques, pause, and stretch. Certain relaxations and stretches will energize your body, making you and your partner more excited.

                              16. Give Them A Chance

                                If your partner wants to dominate you or do more than you herself, you should loosen up and give them every chance to make out.

                                17. Pay Attention To The Mouth Wash

                                  It's also essential to stay on top of your oral hygiene if you're serious about kissing. Whenever you kiss, make sure that you are getting freshness instead of bad breath. So brush and floss from time to time. You can also use mint or another alternative mouth freshener.

                                  18. Consent Intensifies Sexuality

                                    Kisses are indeed made only by people who are in a relationship with each other. But sometimes, we also get unwanted opportunities. That is why it is essential that instead of hurrying, do not forget to get consent from them because clearance can make sex more intense.

                                    19. Don't Forget To Kiss Their Hands.

                                      Yes, if you're alone, you can get into each other better, starting with holding their palms and kissing. You can show your love by kissing their eyelashes too.

                                      20. Respect Their Feeling

                                        When you are placing your tongue in their mouth, this is the moment to pay attention to whether they are responding instinctively.

                                        21. Enjoy The Weirdness

                                          Sometimes things become a hindrance; for example, when you go in for a kiss, you and your partner may turn your head in opposite directions, or your glasses or cap may become a hindrance. So instead of panicking, laugh at yourself softly, and then try again. It will make things soft and exciting.

                                          22. Don't Forget To Breathe In The Enthusiasm.

                                            Getting carried away with passion and excitement and not focusing on your physical needs can make things uncomfortable. You may feel dizzy if you do not take regular and deep breaths. So take a break; maybe your partner will take the lead during that time.

                                            23. Close Your Eyes Instead Of Trying To See

                                              Closing your eyes automatically enhances the sensual nature of the kiss. So don't worry about what will happen next. It can be a little awkward if you or your partner accidentally open your eyes to see each other staring at you.

                                              24. Use Your Hands On Their Body

                                                Kissing is focused on the face and mouth, but that doesn't mean you ignore other activities. Pull on your partner's hair, grab their butt, caress their breast, or involve other erogenous areas of the body. You can also ask your partner where they like to be touched the most during this time.

                                                25. Spread The Magic Of Voice

                                                  Kissing is a tangible way to express desire and affection without words, but the pleasure you can get from kissing can be overly sensual and intense. If your partner is kissing somewhere other than your lips, you must encourage them with alluring voices and a shower of warm breaths.

                                                  26. Use Lip Balm Or Other Alternative Smoothies

                                                    A soft lip is responsible for a better kiss. Hence, you must always have a gentle and soothing lip balm. No one likes to kiss chapped lips, so it is your responsibility to make your lips soft.


                                                    Kissing gives a new dimension to your relationships. Honesty towards your partner will help you become a perfect and great kisser. Being a more considerate kisser and a good lover can lay the foundation for a better, more satisfying experience for everyone involved. The luxurious kiss boosts intimacy. Treat kissing as a symbol of love rather than a part of sex, and it will automatically fuel your passion and sex.

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