how to flirt with a girl or guy

How To Flirt With A Girl Or Guy: The Ultimate Guide Step by Step

This is an untold fact, but most girls like it when boys come up to them and flirt with them.  Flirting is a sure healthy way to interact with someone of the opposite sex if you're doing it right. But there's a really thin line between healthy and harmless flirting and flirting where you make him seem like a creep. How To Flirt What's the best way to flirt?  Science comes up again with tips to get that lovely human's attention. Research shows that flirting techniques matter more than looks. Sometimes you can get a little ahead of yourself and...

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adult entertainment

Adult Entertainment: What Is It And How Did It Go Mainstream?

The adult entertainment industry is not new, but it has been alive since ancient times and centuries. Yes, its form has changed over time, and its scope has become quite vast. What was earlier limited to brothels and strip naked dance, has now spread much more than that. And of course, it has changed in itself. And today, from porn videos, and audios to big banner porn movies and web series are being made. Not only this, but streaming of live sex has also become very common. Of course, the adult industry has grown a lot over time, which is...

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face setting

Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?

Face-sitting: the face-sitting sexual position in the BDSM community called queening, is a great example. When you are not familiar with the concept, you might have trouble understanding why facesitting is so popular among people, and why facesitting is a hot topic among people. People's minds also revolve around how the fellow downstairs does it, and how can you give someone oral sex if they're holding your breath? But the truth is different from this. In fact, the face-sitter usually does not put all of her/his weight on his partner's face, but instead puts the weight on her knees, and places...

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enm relashionship

What Is an ENM Relationship? The Complete Ultimate Guide

Although most couples in human society are monogamous, meaning that they do not have a romantic or sexual relationship with a third person once they have entered each other's lives and partnered with each other, in some situations the opposite is true. And from much research and studies, it comes out that about 1 in 5 people engages in enm relationships at some point in their life. We are discussing the types of enm relationships in this article, why people choose them, and how to make people practice in a way that is safe and amicable for all parties involved. What...

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