Sexual cosplay

What Is Sexual Cosplay: The Complete Ultimate Guide Of Cosplay Sex

Of course, getting dressed for Halloween is fun, no matter what age you are. You also channel some inner sexuality by pretending to be someone else during the sexual activity, perhaps dressing up as a superhero, super sexy wonder woman, terrifying beast, or a sexy pet. But some adults like to play dress-up all year long, and when they adopt a personality, it's known as cosplay (costume play). Some people like to play a character, and some want to take things up a notch to enjoy passionate sex by bringing them into the bedroom, and that's called cosplay. When And...

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A Guide to Sexual Assault - xinghaoya official store

A Guide to Sexual Assault

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, sexual assault includes any sexual activity for which a person does not give consent. Sexual assault can involve physical acts like rape or unwelcome groping, but it can also include non-physical activities like flashing the genitals.  According to the Office on Women's Health, one-third of women in the United States have suffered sexual assault, while a quarter of men have been victims, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Types of Sexual Assault Sexual assault can take many forms, including: Whether it's...

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sex sounds

Sex Sounds Leaks in 2022-Things Couples Must Know

Sex is an integral part of most relationships. Even if you and your partner have sex every day, I can guarantee that most men don't care about their women's sex sounds or have become a habit and think women are meant to be sexual moaning sounds. This is not true, mainly because once most men are "on the boat," they're most obsessed with the sense of dominance that comes with mastering the rudder. Have you ever heard the sex sounds? Why do women make sounds during sex? Why is this sexual sound so familiar? Do women enjoy their sex so much...

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say no to sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment & What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Sexual harassment defines any undesirable sexual behavior that leads to a negative emotional effect on a person. It is not only limited to sexual advances but may involve verbal or physical harassment. For example, saying anything about a woman of sexual context in a public place is a form of harassment, such as gym sexual harassment. Such behavior can affect a person’s mental state and well-being. Types of sexual harassment: Making unsuitable sexual gestures Telling filthy jokes Staring in an inappropriate manner, such as whistling or winking Questioning about someone’s sexual interests or sexual history Commenting on a person’s body...

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