Safer Sex and COVID-19

Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines allow us to more safely engage in relationships, sex and everything in between! Practice these strategies to protect yourself and your partners from COVID-19. Know how COVID-19 spreads The virus spreads by infected saliva, mucus, or respiratory particles being inhaled or entering the eyes, nose, or mouth. • The virus can spread during sex since sex can involve close heavy breathing and contact with saliva. • There is no evidence the virus spreads through semen or vaginal fluid, though the virus has been found in the semen of people who have COVID-19. • The risk...

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female vibrator

How to choose a reliable female vibrator

For a long time, the adult industry seemed less glorious in people's minds. Most practitioners only used it as a means of livelihood, and buyers were sneaky, for fear of being ashamed of being found to have bought adult toys. It is precisely because suppliers use it as a means of earning a living, and consumers are difficult to talk to the outside world, so that the sex toy industry has been less standardized. Nowadays, with the development of the e-commerce industry, a variety of adult toyshave emerged on the Internet shopping platform. From the aspect of choice alone,consumers are at a...

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sex toys testing

I Love Sex Toys Testing Program

We have been engaged in the adult health business since 1995 ,and formally established the xinghaoya brand in 2011. We always believe that sexual health and pleasure is the birthright of each adult person's, our mission is to outstanding contribution to adult sexual health, and to be the most popular sex toys brand, we have been struggling for this goal. At xinghaoya, We are always committed to providing our customers with the best service, the best products and the best shopping experience. Our products are sold to developed countries in Europe and America and are well review received and loved...

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