Find Your Sex Positions — Vaginal sex

rear-end collision sex position

#3 Rear-End Collision

TAGS: Position type:¬†Vaginal sex Anal sex¬†Doggy style¬†From behind¬†Rear entry¬† Reverse Main stimulation:¬†¬†G-spot stimulation¬†P-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation:Holding her buttocks Who takes the initiative:¬†Man active Position descriptionÔľö We need to remember that sex is not satisfy our physical desires, let alone other official business, but for mutual happiness. The woman is down on her knees and fully leans forward, stretching her arms over her head, making them in the shape of a halo. The man is located to the female partner in such a manner that his buttocks are lying on the woman‚Äôs feet, legs are driven wide apart, and the woman...

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passion cat sex position

#2 Passion Cat

Tags: Position type:¬†Vaginal sex¬†Man on top¬†Face to face¬†Lying down Main stimulation:¬†A-spot stimulation¬†P-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation:¬†Kssing Who takes the initiative:¬†Man active Position descriptionÔľö With your most beloved person, even the simplest sex position will make him/her unforgettable, and it will be the catalyst for your love. The woman lay on her back, it lifted her upper body with her elbows, her legs stretched out, but she was separated. The man lay face to face on her partner, and his upper body kept on the outstretched arms, his legs close together, between the female partner's legs. He seems to hang on his...

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time shuttle sex position

#1 Time Shuttle

Tags: Position type:¬†Vaginal sex¬†Anal sex¬†Woman on top¬†Cowgirl, Face to face¬†Lying down Main stimulation:¬†G-spot stimulation¬†A-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation:¬†Breast kissing¬†Holding her buttocks Who takes the initiative:¬†Man active Woman active Position descriptionÔľö Sometimes, even temperamental partners need to cool their ardor and try positions for more vanilla sex, and that is a simple but very voluptuous option. The man lies on his back, his legs are slightly bent in knees and pulled on sides. The woman is on top of the male partner with the face to him so that one leg is between her legs. One hand of the lady is straight...

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