Want to Use Sex Toys in the Bedroom with Your Partner?

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Want to Use Sex Toys in the Bedroom with Your Partner?

Here is What You Need to do…

Sex toys are amazing and the ones who used them know it. So, if you are using sex toys secretly and now want your partner to have the same pleasure as you are having with your sex toy, then you have to convince him or her in using sex toys with you in the bedroom during sex.

Yes, including sex toys during sex will bring a remarkable change to your sex life because you will feel the pleasure of sex like never before. You want to feel sexual ecstasy and that is why you need to use sex toys with your partner because that is how you can achieve what you want.

However, in your quest of using sex toys with your partner, the biggest hurdle would be to introduce the sex toy to your partner in a way that he or she doesn’t get offended. Yes, breaking the ice will be the biggest hurdle. You need to have your partner’s consent before you use sex toys in bed with your partner.

Now, it will be a challenge and you will surely overcome it and convince your partner to use sex toys with you in the bedroom. But, for that, you need to follow the following tips. It will help you to smoothly bring in sex toys in the bedroom during sex with your partner.

Pick the Right Time to Break the Ice

When you want to start a conversation about using sex toys in the bedroom with your partner, the first thing you need to do is choose the right time for the conversation. You don’t want to start the conversation at a time when your partner is mentally exhausted.

In such situations, you will probably get a negative answer. However, if you start the conversation when your partner is in a light mood, then you will probably get an affirmative answer. Therefore, don’t start the conversation about using sex toys after a fight, wait for the perfect moment to break the ice.

Proper Communication is Important

The secret of a successful relationship is communication along with quality sex times. So, if you want to enhance your sex with your partner, then you need sex toys. However, for that, you need to convey to your partner what you want. Thus, you need to communicate well with your partner.

If you hurry and want to be authoritative during the conversation about using sex toys, maybe your conversation will end up in an argument. Remember, there is should be no scope for argument because using sex toys can be a sensitive situation for many. That is why proper conversation is very important.

Not a Replacement for Him or Her

When you first tell your partner that you want to introduce sex toys to your bedroom, your partner might see the sex toys as his or her replacement. So, you have to have control of the situation and tell your partner that it is not a replacement for him or her.

You are using sex toys to take the amazing sex life that you have with him or her to a whole new level. Unless you are able to convince your partner that the sex toy isn’t a replacement, you will have a hard time convincing your partner about using it.

Know About the Sex Toy

Now, if you want to convince your partner about using sex toys without much mental trouble, then the first thing you need to do is learn about using sex toys and their benefits. You have to internet to search and read and gather knowledge about sex toys.

When you have proper knowledge about using sex toys, you will feel confident while conveying it to your partner. Also, you have to make sure that you have the right mindset about convincing your partner with the knowledge that you have gathered.

Don’t Pressurize Your Partner

While trying to convince, some people tend to pressurize their partners in a way that they become reluctant about using sex toys. This will be very bad if you pressurize your partner about using sex toys because, your partner may agree to your proposal, but he will not be an active participant during the use of sex toys. So, if your partner doesn’t want to use the sex toy or having any confusion about it, let your partner take his or her time to sort things out.

Let’s Shop the Sex Toy Together

Once your partner has agreed to use the sex toy in the bedroom, it is time to go shopping for the sex toy. Now, you should shop together because that will be a good way to start your journey of using sex toys in the bedroom. The best thing that you can do is shop online.

Just sit with your partner on the couch and have your laptop ready and browse through the sex toys one by one. Let your partner decide which one he or she is comfortable using. That will be the perfect head start for your journey of using sex toys.

Let Your Partner Be in Control

When you are your partner are using the sex toy for the very first time, you have to make sure that your partner is in control of your pleasure. While using the sex toy on you, your partner will take you to the seventh heaven of pleasure. When your partner will see you so ecstatic in pleasure, he or she will also get excited about using the sex toy.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is important that you don’t give your partner a surprise by introducing sex toys in the bedroom. You should have your partner’s consent before you do that. Otherwise, things can go ugly for your relationship. So, follow the tips in this article and you will be able to convince your partner about using sex toys.


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