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It cannot be denied that today people have started preferring to be independent and single. And especially in developed and western countries, this trend has increased very fast.

It also cannot be denied that women are forced to depend on sex toys for the attainment of sexual pleasure in loneliness.

Or are you in a relationship with someone who doesn't care about your feelings? He just fulfills his wish and becomes calm leaving you burning in the fire of the body. And you feel hopeless and cheated. But at the same time, what you could not get from a male partner, that pleasure provides you with sex toys.

So who would you consider better, that guy you don't care about at all, or that sex toy that, despite being lifeless, takes you to climax (orgasm), makes you feel ultimate bliss, brings smile and peace on your face, and he does not deceive you, is completely honest with you.

Can it be debated that SEX TOYS are better than men's?

This may be a matter of difference. But all the research, expert opinion, and public opinion are enough to prove that sex toys can be better than men.

The biggest reason for this is that most women are not able to achieve orgasm during sex, because many times men reach climax earlier than women and women late.

It can be an emotional subject.

In many research, it has been found that women lie to men about orgasm.  It could also be because women do not want to make their partners feel weak or incompetent. It can be an emotional subject.

At the same time, women remain free, no matter how long they are while playing with sex toys.

So let's highlight some key points that can help in finding a solution to this dispute.

Penis size - one of the main reasons

Many women have a lot of enthusiasm about the size of the penis, they believe that the larger size of the penis gives more pleasure, and is more helpful in achieving orgasm.

That is a different topic that many researchers show that penis size has nothing to do with orgasm.

That's why many women prefer sex toys (dildo, vibrator) more. Usually, toys are made bigger than the natural penis. And she can take all the toys inside her.

Many women believe that it is more enjoyable for the penis to reach the wall of the uterus, and stumble upon it. 

And from this extreme happiness can be easily found.

Emotionally attached

People usually assume that sex toys are just a pleasure item.  While it makes men emotionally strong, including many women. 

becomes their single most important and loyal companion. It has also been proved in research that after sex, many types of body pains are removed as well as fatigue is also relieved.

Imagine you are coming home from somewhere tired. You are feeling pain for some reason. But there is no one in your house to talk to you. Nor is there anyone to help you. And you are lying on the bed tired but then it comes to your mind that you have sex toys (vibrator, dildo) and you use them. After a while, you feel the climax (orgasm). Your pain goes away. And this peace goes away with you with the lap of sleep. And when you wake up you feel refreshed. 

Your tiredness is gone. You have a smile on your face with comfort. So, of course, you consider that toy as your companion, not as a commodity.

There you are alone and you have a strong desire to have sex. 

But the absence of a partner makes you sad. But you have your sex toys, your dildo, your favorite vibrator with you. And you use the same toys over and over again, not every day. And your body and mind feel lighter. You bloom like a flower. And it is natural in human nature that whatever gives you comfort. 

Fills you with happiness. You fall in love with him. Keep him in mind.

So, of course, when you compare that sex toy to a man, the prince of your mind will be the same sex toys, the same dildo, the same vibrator.

Shy behavior and character

Many women are very shy. And she is not able to express her full expression during sex with her partner.  This is especially common in Asia and the Indian subcontinent. But this is rarely seen in western and developed countries. But still, somewhere it is so.

Many women also fear that giving openly during intimates and enjoying themselves should not create any wrong impression about my character in the partner's mind. So she pretends to be calm.

And sometimes it creates obstacles in achieving orgasm (climax). 

At the same time, during sex with toys, women can openly express their expression without any hesitation.

Oral sex - smell, taste, and cum of penis

Many women do not like to take men's penis in their mouths. She does not like oral sex at all. There can be many reasons for this. One of the reasons is the taste and smell of the penis.

Some women like oral sex.  And they want to do that too. But they do not like the smell coming from the penis of men at all. That's why she doesn't like to take him in her mouth. 

There is no smell from the toys. 

In general, all sex toys whether made of silicone, plastic, or any other material. They are odorless. Which women easily take in their mouth and enjoy oral sex.

At the same time, some women do not like the taste of men's cum (semen) at all. Sometimes the fear of getting into the mouth of the precum or semen coming from the penis also attracts toys more than men.

Orgasm and clitoris

This is also one of the main reasons that most women achieve orgasm by caressing the clitoris more than by taking the penis in the vagina.

But she is not able to ask the partner's penis to rub more on the clitoris.  At the same time, rub the sex toys (dildo, Vibrator) for as long as they want and get pleasure.

Direct friction on the G-spot

There is a big difference between the sex of men and sex toys.  The natural penis is of many sizes so that someone's glans are small, thin, and straight.

At the same time, the texture of sex toys is almost the same and the penis of the toys is made by raising it and big. This is the reason that when women enter sex toys (dildo) into the vagina, it directly rubs on the G-spot. Which is considered the most important part of sex and orgasm.

Even many women believe that just by touching the G-spot, they get an orgasm.

Although it is still a matter of controversy whether there is such a thing as G-spot.

Decreased sex drive and aging

With age, there is a lack of enthusiasm and stamina for sex in men. After the age of 40, men start showing less interest in sex and ejaculate quickly. On the contrary, it has been seen in women that after the age of 40, women start taking more interest in sex.

There can be many reasons for this. Maturity in women comes sooner than in men, but after the age of 30-40, they feel more mature and enthusiastic. This is the reason why she wants to enjoy sex in different ways. Whereas men start taking less interest in sex after 40. Feels tired early due to age, does not take much interest in foreplay, and ejaculates quickly

On the contrary, women become more enthusiastic about sex at this age, women love foreplay before intercourse. This is the reason why women start comparing men with sex toys.  And then they start considering toys as better than men. It could be a change of mental state.

Fear of pregnancy

It is often seen that unmarried women, widows, or others who do not wish to have children.  Those women consider sex toys (dildo, vibrators) better than men. Because there is a high risk of pregnancy after sex done without any precautions. 

And no one wants to take this risk.

It has also often been seen that many men and women do not prefer condoms or any other sex material because they believe that they reduce the pleasure in sex.  and hinders in providing the feeling of extreme happiness.

Therefore, in comparison, such women place sex toys (dildo, vibrator) higher than men.


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