Choosing the perfect toy

A good blast of orgasm is sweet, but you will need to spare three minutes to read this, and we can bet that you would find this helpful. We want to hold your hands while you shop for that exquisite companion. We like you to enjoy the beauty of toys but not the trouble of having to spend more on a mistake that could have been avoided while you go shopping for your favorite toy.

Just as no single capsize can fit all of us, no one toy suits all of us. Our needs are different; our hot zones (erogenous zones) are different. While you want something that can tickle your breast and give you the heights of pleasure, another just wants their foot well stroked, and they can give out a blast in utmost pleasure. Moreso, the intensity of what we want is quite different.

Why not just let us hold your hands and be your guide when you need to pick a new buddy.

Are you a newbie?

If you are a newbie, there are several things to do when you get your first toy. You don't start on the wrong foot. Though Xinghaoya sells only body-compliant products, we deem it fit to help you learn the differences. Do you know the different kinds of toys in the market? Walking to the adult materials segment of the shelf, you may get overwhelmed with the wide range of what you see. Beautiful companions, brightly colored and shaped differently. The flavor that greets you can even get you wrapped in that you go for the wrong choice because it catches your fancy.

Even when you enjoy the comfort of an online store like this, you will come across our beautiful spectrum of pleasure devices shaped to give you the utmost pleasure. Many of them with several modifications to suit different pleasure seekers. Yes, because we care about your every need at Xinghaoya.

In the store, you will find vibrators and dildos. They are quite different in design and use. Buttplugs are great, fantastic designs that stimulate several nerves ending from the prostate to the far end of the vaginal. There are penis extension condoms as well; they are quite different from dildos and vibrators. If you are a newbie, visit a site like, which offers open reviews and honest feedback from users. These will help you identify what toy you need exactly, and this will be a good start in more fantastic shopping after all.

The Question of Size

Whether you like it or not, humans are not equal from our penis to the size of female organs. When it comes to sexual experience, we are different because it is a vast universe of inequality and body differences. Good, you must have heard of how elastic most of the sex outlets in our bodies are, but you still need to consider going for a healthy-sized dildo, butt plugs, and any other sexual stimulator you want to patronize.

Take, for instance, is independent research carried out by Debby Hebernick and Stephanie Benges; they discovered that though sex toys are clinical recommendations for sexual health, it is important that prescriptions should also include the measurement of recommendable toy sizes.

Manufacturers and sellers of sex toys offer varying size designs concerning typical penis sizes in length and width. However, there are large sizes for those who can welcome large sizes. However, an online shopper would be making a huge size as a petite, to begin with, the Godzilla size dildo on the store. No. that could be dangerous for your sexual health.

Here in Xinghaoya, we have customers whose dildo sizes have changed, but that happens over time. It goes from the bottom to the top. Another determinant here is the vaginal capacity. There are the narrow pussies and the matured entry points.

In the choice of buttplugs, never go for a butt plug that does not have a wide base that prevents the plug from getting all swallowed up in the way. This is a safety precaution, so you don't have to worry about surgery to get them out eventually.

A 4-6 inches toy isn't a bad idea for a starter with a circumference between 4 and 5 inches. But as you go up, don't forget to increase the size if that suits your cravings.

What parts turn you on

Reaching orgasm is not an adventure for the blind or insensitive. Even as a person, you need to be specific about what part of your body brings you into that ecstatic world of orgasm. This is not a question of sexual orientation or identity but a question of putting in the effort to find out what you need to stimulate, fucked, sucked, or vibrate. It is just that easy.

Do you need vaginal stimulation or anal stimulation, nipple or foot? Perhaps you are still one of those who are scared of having anal pleasure; you are really on a long thing. The anus area has more nerve endings that come from several parts of the body.

Coming to terms with what part of the body you need to rock would also determine the size you need to shop for and the shape to consider. However, if you are new, advisably, avoid the big macho machines for a start, and you may consider simpler designs with not so many rules of operation.

Permit us to use this medium to let you in on the wonder of our female rabbit vibrator, which comes with powerful dual motors with ten kinds of clitoral vibrations and a G-spot massager.  This beautifully colored silicone toy gives you penetration while the rabbit ears stimulate the outer pussy area as the tongue would have. This device has multiple functions and stimulations, but it is a simple device easy to handle and stimulates not just the inner vaginal; ain't that simple and crazy? Lookup for yourself,


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