16 Worst And Alarming Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You & How to Stop It

16 Worst And Alarming Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You & How to Stop It - xinghaoya official store

Marriage is such a bond, breaking of which causes pain and creates thousands of problems. When all is not well, and there has been bitterness in the relationship, even the relationship comes on the verge of breaking, but we often make a mistake in understanding.

Sometimes things don't make sense because the error is not on your side. But things don't look normal from their side. And then suddenly you realize it, and by then, it is too late. But if you pay attention, you will quickly understand that things are not typical, and your wife slowly starts getting away from you. Your wife's attitude towards you changes; she falls in love, becomes cold, and takes less interest in you.

And then you are confused as to what happened, that sudden change in her behavior, or she is getting closer to another man, or just falling out of love for some reason.

Imagine what would happen if you started to feel that something was wrong with your wife. What if the signs your wife wanted to leave are now hard to ignore? We are talking about those same signs so that you can understand in time that your wife wants to leave you now; she is no longer interested in you. [Read: 13 Reasons Why So Many Wives Cheat On Their Husbands]

16 Signs Your Wife Doesn't Love You Anymore

Feelings are hard to hide, so when you start to feel the troublesome signs that your marriage is about to break down, one can't help and can only be devastated. Before you think about how you can cope with your wife, what are the signs, and how you can change her mind and heart, how to stop her. We can all help you discuss those signs and ways to prevent them. Some signs may be subtle, but some may be very obvious, some may apply to your case, and some may not; but overall, these are super solid signs that it shouldn't overlook, and that's what you can find out.

1. To Argue Almost Everything

It's the sign that isn't a secret, and your wife starts yelling at you over everything, arguing with you. She needs an excuse to argue with you, and she constantly mistreats you.

It's a sure sign that your marriage and relationship need help. It can be one of the top reasons for a solid divorce. But don't panic just because you and your wife are fighting several times a week; it doesn't necessarily mean that your wife wants to leave you. It is also true that every married couple has disagreements from time to time.

But as long as they're resolved and don't create resentment, it's healthy to argue, and relationships tend to be stronger than that. But when those arguments start happening every day, it's essential to pay attention to things. For example,- If you come home late by 5 or 10 minutes from the office or somewhere outside becomes the cause of a big argument, and it starts happening continuously, then things are not right now. If they happen often, such arguments, disputes, and arguments can be a sign that your wife wants to leave you now.

2. To Be Neutral Instead Of Resolving The Dispute

If your wife no longer cares enough to argue with you or is indifferent about everything, it could be a clear sign of a potentially more significant problem that she wants to leave you.

When this negativity takes birth between you, your wife may be emotionally detached from you. So if you're seeing this lousy sign, it's time to take action instead of just sitting around.

When relationships start to crumble, there's also plenty of time to handle and get things back on track, and your wife may be waiting for you to try and sort things out. But when she realizes you don't care, it's too late, and now she wants to leave you.

3. Your Wife Is Searching For Divorce-Related In-Home Computer Or Other Gadget

There is usually a common computer in the house or any other gadget on which your wife is searching for divorce after you go to the office. So this sign is not good for you, and if you notice it, you should be careful because it is a sure sign that she is now looking for things to break up with you.

4. Paying More Attention To Yourself Or Trying To Look Sexier

If your wife suddenly becomes more interested in herself, is spending more time grooming and decorating herself, buying new clothes, recently started jogging and working out, be more interested in applying makeup has started looking more sexist, and wearing sexier clothes, this could be one of the sure signs that your wife wants to leave you. And if your marriage is not good, then obviously these changes are not for you, but she is now attracted to someone else.

5. Your Wife Constantly Criticizes You

If everything you do immediately results in back-and-forth comments, rude replies, or other critical remarks, this could be one of the signs that your wife wants to leave you.

When she wants to be away from you, she constantly criticizes you, tries to humiliate you, and doesn't care that it might hurt your heart, and you might get hurt because that's what she wants to do because she has to be separated from you now.

6. Taking Your Eyes Off You, Being Uncomfortable Sitting With You

When your wife wants to separate from you for some time, she shies away from sitting near you, spends less time in the room with you, and leaves immediately after answering something. Or even in her presence, there is an emptiness, as if there is tension. She hesitates to make eye contact with you.

So this is one of the signs that your wife wants a divorce from you now. But it can also be an early sign, which you can fix together. So act on it before it's too late; focus your attention on fixing it.

7. Indifferent Sex Life

It is essential to have a good sex relationship among every married couple, and in married life, if there is a lack of sex in your life, it can break your marriage.

If both of you always argue about something, then the emotional connection will also decrease. It will not adequately establish a sexual relationship between you in such a situation. Or any other reason can also cause a decrease in sex drive, so your wife may want to divorce you because sexual satisfaction is associated with emotion for women.

Some reasons cause a decrease in sex, but you can fix things by paying attention. For example:

● Less interest in sex after having a baby.

● Testosterone secretion in men is decreasing due to age or health.

● Depression.

● Having a sexual relationship with someone else.

● Excessive masturbation, etc.

Either way, a sexless marriage is less likely to be successful.

So if your wife is no longer interested in sex with you or makes excuses for not having sex, this is one of the sure signs that your marriage may be going into divorce.

8. If Your Wife Now Spends More Time Away From Home

If your wife is always out with her parents or friends and spends very little time with you, this is a sign of a definite problem. Maybe your wife is unhappy with your current situation, and she needs a break to de-stress, so she is doing it. But it could also be that they are starting to prepare for separation from you and a new life mentally. 

If your wife is spending less time with you than she used to or looking for excuses to move away from you, it could signify that your wife wants to leave you.

9. She Is Busier With Her Phone Now

Your wife being constantly busy on the phone means:

● She is troubled by something and wants to keep busy or is looking for something to take her mind off those problems.

● Or she is involved in an emotional affair with someone else and is talking to him; maybe she is also in a physical relationship with someone else. And in any case, it's not good for you.

But if she regularly leaves her phone around, it's probably not an affair. And if she very carefully hides her various email and social media accounts from you and is busy sending text messages, and she seems happy while doing so, then this is an alarm for you, which is a sign that your wife will be away from you now.

She is constantly texting people in simple language, and you are not one of them. Women especially need a connection. And if she's feeling that spark from another, if you're not meeting that need, then who is it? Her best friend, or someone she just made a new friend with?

10. Not Showing Affection And Consent Towards You

Every wife wishes that her husband should love her more than the limit, tease her with love, and show affection towards her. The same way she does to her husband and shows affection. And when it is lacking, for example, don't touch you lovingly, don't kiss, don't say I love you, throughout the day or before bed—or reacting in reverse to everything you say, not agreeing with you at all. These are the signs your wife is doing to separate from you. 

Although it is a short sentence, saying I love you is normal, healthy behavior essential in loving relationships. If you and your wife never or rarely do, this is not a good sign. What's worse is when you say it to her, and she doesn't say it back. So it's a sign that your wife wants to leave you.

11. Lack Of Communication And Communication Among Themselves

As long as there is love and depth in the relationship, communication goes smoothly, but when something goes wrong, or one partner wants to separate from you, she first cuts down on communication and pretends she doesn't have the feeling. If you are also seeing this sign in your wife, then it is a sign for you that you should be alert.

12. Being Explicit Or Non-Committal About Future Plans With You

If you discuss holiday plans with your wife or possibly looking forward to a career opportunity, this should be an exciting conversation. But if your wife is vague, non-committed, or indifferent to it, that's a terrible sign. And your wife may be in a relationship with someone else, and now she will leave you.

13. Ignoring Wife For A Long Time

Everyone makes mistakes, but recognizing them and correcting them is a different matter; one has to learn from them and not repeat them. And suppose you've repeatedly been neglecting your wife, cheating on her, or making her feel like she doesn't matter to you for a long time. In that case, it is possible that your relationship has become very bad, and she has no love for you anymore, and now she is showing signs of leaving you.

So if you have been a lousy husband, keep repeating mistakes, and constantly neglecting your wife, then improve yourself, accept the mistakes, change your behavior so that he understands that you are getting better, and care about her. She doesn't expect you to be perfect, but making her feel like she's last on your priority list will break things.

14. You Tried Counseling To Repair Relationships, But Your Wife Gives Up

Marriage counseling can be a great resource for couples struggling with extramarital affairs. But it requires both people to be willing to put in equal effort. And when your wife does it just for formality, she's not taking it seriously; she's probably looking for an excuse that she tried when she was doing it.

15. Your Wife Refused To Go For Marriage Counseling

It is usual for relations to deteriorate, but if it comes time to go to the marriage counselor to repair those broken relationships, your wife flatly refuses to go. If she refuses to see a therapist, it is a sign that your wife no longer wants to take the relationship with you any further.

16. Your Wife's Close Friends Suddenly Start Keeping Distance From You

It is when they have come to know about your bad relationship. If your wife's friends or close ones suddenly start avoiding you, or their behavior changes, it is possible when your wife has talked to her about separation from you. And they know that now your wife is planning to leave you.

What To Do When Your Wife Wants To Leave You?

● When your wife wants to leave you and wants to separate from you, but she is with you now and has not left yet, reconciliation between you is still an option. So instead of putting pressure on them, focus on improving yourself and your attitude. If possible, see a marriage counselor; ideally, both of you go together but then go alone if she doesn't want to go. And if it is your mistake, you become accountable and apologize to them for your mistakes.

● If you have a problem with anger or anger management, show her that you are serious about correcting those behavior issues; for this, you can also consult experts. Because at this point, your wife expects action, not consolation.

● Focus on being the best version of yourself that you can be.

● Instead of putting pressure on the wife, try to settle things with ease.

● Tell her that you want to improve it and eliminate any mistakes or misunderstandings so far.


Harassing, pressuring, or pleading are not attractive qualities. If your wife had already moved on and was considering starting a new life, those actions on your part may make them more distracting and increase the chances of divorce.

It is the responsibility of both of you to fix the marriage and maintain the relationship; it depends on whether you both ever bow down or not; if one is angrier, then cooling the other can better the result.

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