13 Reasons Why So Many Wives Cheat On Their Husbands

13 Reasons Why So Many Wives Cheat On Their Husbands

Although social norms and Hollywood portrayals of Western civilization often portray men as more likely to cheat as sex, in reality, studies show the infidelity gender gap is narrowing- especially among youth.

Recently, the average age of participants was found in a research study of a university: 31 years, infidelity reported no significant gender difference, and the result is 23 percent of men versus 19 percent of women. The possibility a study conducted in 2018-19 and a social survey found that cheat among men of the same age group as women aged 18 to 29 years old was slightly higher. Some other data showed that the percentage of cheating wife from 1995 to 2015 increased by nearly 43 percent, while men's adultery rate remained steady at about 20 percent. [Read: 16 Worst And Alarming Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You & How to Stop It]

Due to the volatile deceive women

Some people attribute it to the modern lifestyle of women's increased responsibilities, needs, desires, and lack of tolerance. It is also well known that a feminist approach and empowered by financial independence, are less likely to compromise women- is much better to seek emotional and sexual satisfaction, which is lacking in their relationship.

The infidelity figure and gap changed when women went to work, and had strong choices in terms of their money, while easy dissatisfaction with choice is also the main factor. Actually, in today's lifestyle, we now expect a lot from marriage. Earlier, marriage was a means of raising your family and taking care of it financially. Now, we expect happiness, good sex, best friends, grief-stricken companions, and more. The modern social lifestyle has put a lot of pressure on a marriage, while it was not originally designed to meet all your needs.


It is true that most married couples ever have a relationship do not imagine ending in infidelity. But the truth is also that which also betrayed the happiest marriages. And the reasons are quite long, which mainly play a major role in infidelity due to loneliness as a sheet of modernity, boredom, impulsiveness, and alcohol. [Read: 30 Best Sex Games For Couples To Play In The Bedroom]

And sometimes during a long night at the office, it becomes impossible to contain yourself due to having a close relationship with a colleague. Or sometimes even to fill the physical or emotional void things turn into infidelity. But the root cause can vary with each relationship - and rarely does infidelity follows a recognizable script. For example, married women also cheat as many times as married men cheat.

Socially, it is well known or exception that men cheat, all are susceptible to men cheating, and this is the mentality of the people near our society and around. But the data of the study tells a very different story, in which there is not much difference between men and women in cases of infidelity. In Fact, some studies also suggest that women are far ahead of men in terms of infidelity and cheating. And their percentage is higher.

And reality like it is that we think not only about it but do not like to talk about women's infidelity. You would never think that your neighbor, your friend, your teacher, or someone else is to close it. But the reality is that giving you know a woman who infidelity and cheating, but you will not talk about it, in fact, it is because of our social, family environment and the social fabric. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

Why Do Women Cheat On Their Husbands: 13 Accurate And Convincing Reasons

So today we are talking about some precise and solid reasons, which is the reason for infidelity and cheating by women or wives.

01. Dissatisfaction In The Relationship

One of the main causes of infidelity and betrayal by women is one, seeing it as the underlying theme of many motivations for infidelity. The dissatisfaction seems to be a story made by others rather than herself.  And an increase of discontent has also begun. People are no longer old things in our relationships, it justifies by saying, we are in a bad patch. However, rather than create this thing for a person, and stop things, they seem to justify a border crossing, like that- not even care for my partner anyway, it is completely innocent, the partner is not worth it, and more.

To cross the boundaries of every relationship, the individual must first justify their behavior to themselves, then they can divide the actions. Lack of satisfaction in an existing relationship can lead one to seek that satisfaction elsewhere or even use infidelity and cheating as a catalyst to end their current relationship. It may be being done unconsciously rather than consciously, but it does happen. [Read: Why Do Some People Like To Have Sex In Public]

02. Hurt Self-Esteem

When a woman is struggling with low self-worth, so it is unable to be able to inspire them to look at external sources and recognize that they and their partner are in a relationship. Low self-esteem seems to look as if it will be appealing to me why? When someone agrees to her words, it is for her to get it confirmed.

The cheating woman may rely on affairs to provide them with proof of their value or desirability. When one part ends, it can cause them to feel neglected or worthless, so they pursue a new romantic interest, and this will not necessarily end on the other, but the cycle continues, and the woman moves on, breaking off many relationships after the other.

03. Feeling Emotionally Lacking

Several studies have shown that contain deceive males are primarily driven by sex, while deceptive, most like to meet women's emotional needs. And in terms of emotional connection, not part of the sex equation. Whether the case is also a sense of physical or emotional, can give a woman to cheat because they lack communication, empathy, respect, devotion, service, or support, or are more craving another relationship, that their current relationship.

Some people explain themselves emotionally that it is not the actual case. However, most sexual people seem to be emotional, and very rare, only sex without some feelings, because they start as usually friends. That way, you start to cross borders and justify the practice.  And sometimes it becomes continuity. [Read: 180 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend]

04. Anger Or Vengeance

Some women enter into a relationship with their partner, with an idealized image of how their spouse should treat them. When a partner would get at their expectations, and their every need and is not able to fulfill the desire, it provides incentives that could cause a split in the relationship, which wander, anger and vengeance here sentiment also seems to be awakened, and it is gradually, and a period when female infidelity and cheat a little, not even scared of.

While some women may be angry at their partner for some other reason, such as that seems to use their infidelity as a partner in the previous relationship, and retaliation.

05. Lack Of Enthusiasm

Some women do not always want to be better than expected, and they are in search of adventure, and he cheats to get the same thrill. And he finds many new relationships instead of past relationships. And this is true maybe because many times the heat much new relationships, and expected, or better. And then they start to feel a lack of enthusiasm for her old partner. And she caused the infidelity. While the truth is that as a society we honestly do not pay attention to the fact that working times and family life is so boring.

An all-around study found that 69 percent of heterosexual, married women who cheat, seek romantic passion. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

06 Lack Of Sexual Satisfaction

It's better to try as hard as you can to keep the sexual spark alive and produce even better results. The excitement that accompanies a new relationship also depends a lot on how long it lasts. Prophecy and familiarity will eventually surround the quality and frequency of sex. It is not surprising that some women who cheat are remembering those exciting symptoms of the early stages of the relationship, and always target the same enthusiasm and sexual experience. Sexual deprivation has historically been one of the main drivers and factors behind male-centered infidelity. Sometimes things are not favorable and for many reasons, there is a lack of sexual satisfaction, and that is the only reason, which causes infidelity.

07. Loneliness

Infidelity can be a partner of a woman who works for a long time or has long been away from the woman. And leaves them home with children all day. Perhaps they have found themselves at a point in life when it is difficult to make friends, or are struggling with chronic disease. Which can also cause, loneliness or isolation of emotions, the right ingredients for infidelity. They tend to feel lonely, and someone else starts to complete the whole not wanting. They seem to be close to others to loneliness when things look good, so of course, they are born infidelity. [Read: 23 Super Essential Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work]

08. Insecure Attachment Style

Attachment theory suggests that childhood relationships influence how we experience and behave in our intimate relationships as adults. Depending on the care and nurturing they received as a child or lack thereof, they fall into one of three attachment styles as adults:

Secure - having well-adjusted expectations and attitudes to the relationship, Anxious- displaying fear of abandonment, Or avoidance- prefers to maintain their independence from others.

People who are concerned and identify with avoidable attachment styles are more likely to display the characteristics which interfere with a healthy romantic relationship. In addition, they are more likely to deceive because they want assurance from the third party. Partner or try to avoid the intimacy of the primary relationship. And there is always a sense of the other side thereof, and ever does not feel fully happy or safe, this type of person is struggling to be happy in any relationship. [Read: 30 Super Solid Ways You Can Love Your Wife Unconditionally]

09. The Problem Of The Central Part Of Life

Life in the central part of the desires more happens round, where, mid-life crisis usually affects people aged 35 to 60 years, with little regard for the circumstances that diminish with age. Major life events, such as the death of a parent or overburdening of responsibilities, can trigger a mid-life crisis in a woman, forcing her to grapple with the burden of greatness, that is, the socio-cultural expectation that women hold everything, can achieve - a successful career, a loving partner, loving children, and so many other serious responsibilities.

People start thinking, I have so much time left. And what am I doing with my life? Am I able to enjoy the real nirvana? In such a situation a woman can be out of character, because she tries to realize her ability and make up for a lost time, due to which many types of questions and insecurity start awakening in the mind, and in such a way  When she gets the support of someone, she sits infidelity.

10. An Unwanted, Underlying Condition

Depression and infidelity go hand in hand. The brain contains dopamine, Norepinefrin, and serotonin, neurotransmitters such as hormone secretion depression and the main factor of happiness, when we attracted to someone, seems to be the secretion of these hormones, and therefore feel-good hormone called goes. Can deceive women to self-medicate through her infidelity, even if they do not realize the true reason behind her happiness. [Read: Sex Sounds Leaks]

11. Compare

It is also true that employed some pre-infidelity, or is it the result of an unexpected opportunity. Comparative terms also create some complications in mind when compared to any of your partners, if they find better than the other fellow, do so when they begin to admire, and then they draw theirs, we seem to see, and then find them to look your partner down. People in this situation usually can not tell the reason behind her infidelity. And is just starting to be there are specific moments of truth that can make or break a potential relationship.

Similar opportunities exist in the digital field. Social media, dating apps, and texting have revolutionized the ease with that we can connect with others.

12. Some Habits And Difficult Feelings Are Unable To Match

People can develop a variety of coping mechanisms to deal with difficult emotions, sometimes choosing strategies that have an emotionally numbing or stabilizing effect as an easier option than to cope. Sex, drugs, alcohol, and other addictions or compulsive behaviors are some living examples.

Affair with others while being a partner is the result of this. When women struggle to get and be honest about what they want with their partner and instead seek out an imaginary world, things become stalled, and cheating and infidelity become common.

13. Find An Emotional Connection

Every affair is different, and so are also different because of the involvement of every woman. While citing sexual motivations for male infidelity and extramarital partner, while less likely to fall in love with women holds the emotional relationship with their boyfriend and predispose their affairs due to loneliness.

Women are unhappy in the relationship, while men can be very happy in their primary relationship. Compared to men, women do more interested in jumping your wedding or out - for men, it is a secondary strategy as opposed to an alternative. But for women, it includes an emotional attachment, desire for sex, fulfillment of unsatisfied sex, etc. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]


The reality is that it is common to have an affair outside marriage, whether it is a man or a woman. When a woman does not see the fulfillment of her desires from her relationship and partner, then the chances increase that she will be unfaithful to her partner. Advanced and openness life developed countries are also to blame, there to sit up with the others, and going out is very common, and likely more of a come closer in. There is a large study and social practice at this point, there are a variety of holds regarding women outside marriage, joy, excitement, and betrayal of your partner (husband).

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