17 Best And Ultimate Foreplay Tips For Men To Please Her In Bed

17 Best And Ultimate Foreplay Tips For Men To Please Her In Bed - xinghaoya official store

When it comes to sex, it's important to talk about foreplay. Well, there are many options for foreplay. But what is the best thing to do to please your partner in bed and lead them to orgasm? We will talk about this today in this article and know how to do foreplay before or during sex, what things to include in it, and how to give your beloved the feeling of an incredible and powerful orgasm.

Foreplay is something that we often forget, or do not give importance to, but it is a very important part of intercourse. And without foreplay, it is almost impossible for a woman to achieve a real orgasm.

Foreplay for women gives them time to 'warm up' and get in the mood. This increases their chances of reaching orgasm more fully, and more often.

Some research and studies have shown that only 5 - 7% of women reach orgasm through penile-vaginal intercourse when having sex without foreplay. At the same time, many women have also admitted that they pretend to have false orgasms in order not to make their male partners feel disappointed. So obviously, that's how important it is.

Before we talk about foreplay tips, it is important to highlight some more important things, which we are covering below:

Why Foreplay Is Important To Female Anatomy And Orgasm

It is scientifically proven that a female body is much more complex than a male body. And she is usually unwilling to engage in command. It is important to know that women are late in getting ready, and with the fact that women are more aroused by the touch, and therefore. It becomes important why foreplay is important for women.

What And Where Is The Clitoris Located In A Woman's Body?

The clitoris is the most sensitive and the central point of most intense pleasure on a woman's body. While there is a network of nerves throughout the clit (vulva) and inside the vagina, the clit is where the pleasure center is located.

 Finding the clitoris is very easy. The inner clitoris (lips) form a hood just above the clitoris, which is a small bud that protrudes slightly outward.  The clitoral hood protects the clitoris from direct stimulation, in a way the clitoral hood is a protective shield for the clitoris. It is scientifically believed that at least more than 15,000 nerve endings in the vagina and vulva are concentrated in one area. So you can understand why the vulva is so sensitive and the focal point of excitement. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

What And Where Is The G-spot In The Vagina?

In the 1950s, a German gynecologist named "Ernst Graffenberg" discovered a spot inside the vagina that, when stimulated, produced immense sexual pleasure, and directly involved the woman in orgasm. It is also believed that stimulation of the G-spot can cause a woman to ejaculate.

And the G-spot was named after that woman specialist's name "Graffenberg spot" (G-Spot). Which for a long time is still known by the same name.

Finding the G-spot can certainly be a little harder than finding the clitoris. This slightly raised and slightly bumpy spot is in the inner upper wall of the vagina, and not every woman can tell exactly where that spot is, but trial and error during foreplay is a lot of fun. Therefore, men should find the g spot on the inner-upper walls of the woman's vagina. This will increase mutual bonding, and the woman will get an orgasm with excitement. [Read: The Ultimate Guide Of Lingam Massage]

Top 17 Foreplay Tips, Ideas & Techniques For Men

Let us talk about 17 different foreplay tips, ideas, and techniques that men can follow to become better in bed.

1. Furnish The Room Before Sex

For many men, sex means getting their penis into the vagina. And forget everything else apart from that. Women are easily distracted and agitated by their surroundings and the presence of things that need to be done.

If you invite her into the bedroom, take the time to clear the bedroom clutter, fix the sheets, add a lovely scent to the room, put scented flower petals on the bed, make the room romantic, and create moderate colored lighting, If you want, light a candle, turn on some sweet romantic music. This initial step will greatly stimulate the woman for sex. [Read: How To Eat A Woman's Pussy?]

2. Don't Be In A Hurry To Undress

If you're going to have sex, keep in mind that it's far more tempting and arousing for the woman if you take your time removing the clothes. Yes, it can be hard to pace yourself when you want to set your eyes on his whole body, but it's also important to have patience. She'll appreciate the anticipation if you don't show haste.

You can take the time to take turns, first take off her shirt or top, and caress and kiss her shoulders and arms. In the next step, slowly take off her pants, and kiss, touch, and lick her legs and thighs. Your tongue does wonders in this.

In the next step take off her bra and caress her breasts, suck-lick nipples. Go down slowly, suck on the navel, kiss, lick. Then take off her panties, and move on to the next step.

3. Make The Clitoris And G-spot The Middle Of The Foreplay, Not The Starting Point

The clitoris and G-spot are important points to visit on a woman's body, but they are not an early part of foreplay. Foreplay before sex is all about encouraging the woman to warm up and get ready.

It may not be a good idea to dive directly into clitoral stimulation or G-spot stimulation, before moving on to the clit and the G-spot, you can stimulate the other sex organs of the woman.[Read: How To Make A Girl Squirt-Tips, Technique, And Everything]

4. Always Slow Down Foreplay

Slowing down is something that can work wonders for both of you for your foreplay efforts. Yes, if you're both excited, but you want to create something incredibly important to the overall sexual experience: it's a good idea to think about anticipatory pleasure.

The human brain remains divided into two primary forms of pleasure:

  • Anticipated - the pleasure experienced in anticipation of what we want. Consider the feeling you get when you want something, like someone is carrying something, and you're waiting.
  • Consumables - This refers to the sense and pleasure experienced when you get what you have been eagerly waiting for for a long time. You feel that happiness when you were hungry for the whole day and in the evening the first bite of food went into your mouth.

When it comes to sex, building sexual tension and achieving higher states of pleasure is all about anticipation, and this anticipation lies right at the heart of sexual pleasure.

Of course, it can be hard for some guys to slow down, and this can include any man and woman, especially if the foreplay is being equalized on both sides, and she's giving you a lot of excitement. [Read: The Ultimate Guide for Nuru Massage You Should Know]

5. Don't Hesitate To Ask The Woman Questions

Your goal is to turn her on, but if you're struggling to get her to like you, ask her what she likes and doesn't.

It's a fact that most women appreciate straightforward questions: It shows her that you're concerned about her, thinking about her happiness, and considering her pleasure as a target. So it can be said that it can automatically be a turn-on in itself.

For example:

  • Tell me where you want my hand.
  • Do you like it when I rub your breasts, clit, thighs, etc, like this?
  • Do you like something different to kiss?

Even if your partner is a little shy in the bedroom, the process of showing her things you like without giving a direct answer can be incredibly hot for both of you.

And you get the guidance from her that you are looking for foreplay ideas.[Read: 180 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend]

6. There Is A World Of Ecstasy In The Bedroom And Outside The House As Well.

Sex doesn't just happen in the bedroom, and there's no foreplay either. A lot can be done along with trying to play some sensual games in other rooms of the house, which helps to bring excitement and excitement.

For example, start the foreplay by teasing each other in the living room while she is doing the laundry, making breakfast in the kitchen, or walk into the shower with her and then start over. Playing in new places and situations can make a woman warm and excited.

Don't forget that getting out of the house can take sexual experiences to a whole new level. Rent a hotel for the night away from the cities and take a road trip with a few well-planned stops along the way for some preconceived foreplay, taking the flowers along. [Read: How To Flirt With A Girl Or Guy]

7. Being Clean And Sexy

You know how to seduce your partner with clean skin and sexy underwear. It is liked by every woman, and they find it alluring.

Being neat, smelling good on the body, and slipping into sexy underwear is one of the easiest ways to turn on a woman.

She will appreciate your efforts even if she doesn't say it, but she will be very happy and excited in her heart.

8. Give Women Complete Freedom To Lead

If you are the kind of person who always likes to be in charge in the bedroom, this can be a bit off-putting if your female partner takes the lead, so it will serve to spice up.

When she's about to take the initiative, show her that you like her and encourage her to move on. You'd be surprised if this makes her participate and get agitated more.

9. Kiss Slowly But Firmly And Don't Force It

Erotic foreplay is about passionate touching that may not involve the genitals at all, and kissing is one of the oldest and most important forms of erotic foreplay for women. How you kiss is very important to a woman.

If your sweetheart has chapped lips due to dryness, avoid kissing her, it may hurt her, or you shouldn't forcefully put your tongue in her mouth.

Kiss her gently but firmly, and don't focus only on her mouth to kiss. Let your kisses reach her neck, ears, and cheeks. And, don't keep your lips stuck on it the whole time.

10. Incorporate Sex Toys

Toys add to the elegance of foreplay and help take sex to a different level. You can get new toys, if you want, you can include other soft things in the house as toys.

Use vibrating rabbits dildos for clitoral stimulation, from vibrating rings that turn your penis into its vibrating tool, or other sex toys that suit both of you.

11. Foreplay Begins Outside The Bedroom And Moves To The Bedroom Until You Have Sex

Foreplay begins long before you touch her. If you've disregarded her most of the day, are busy giving her more attention, or are otherwise inattentive to her needs beyond the bedroom, It'll be hard to get your sweetheart in the mood, no matter how good the actual foreplay is.

Tell her that you are missing her, and tell her to take time out. And looking at them with love, making eye-to-eye contact, or soaking them in the garden is all part of the play you have to do at the beginning.

12. Massage The Woman And Make Her Wet With The Magic Of Your Fingers

Sometimes the best form of foreplay is to relax and get a massage. She is automatically stimulated during the massage, because all her parts include your hand, body, and other parts, and every part of her is within reach of your hands, be it her breast, thigh, vagina, clit, anus, etc. Everything is under your control, you can love them however you want, and do whatever you want. So there is nothing better for foreplay than massage. [Read: What Is Erotic (Sexual) Massage]

13. Use Of Kitchen And Bathroom Items

Yes, it can be a very erotic thing, there are many such things in the kitchen and the bathroom that play an important role in your foreplay, if you want, you can take them in your lap and take them to the bathroom while kissing and licking them can moisturize them, then splash water on their vagina and clit from the tip of the shower to feel pleasure in the wet clothes, this will completely excite them, and possibly give them powerful orgasmic pleasure.

14. Self-Exploration And Ejaculation Control Practice

The more you know and understand your body, the more you can control it. That's why self-exploration is an important foreplay tip, even if it's not a real part of the opportunity, but it works.

Some methods exist to control ejaculation, such as finding your point-of-no-return, and learning about the use of biofeedback, to slow and stop ejaculation. If you have trouble stopping, don't forget to include a desensitizing spray or other lotion that will hold you up for a while.

Those with premature ejaculation can deactivate some of the most sensitive parts of their penis by using a product like Promasant, which will help you last longer, and enjoy it more during foreplay or sex.

You can try Kegel exercises to fix this.

15. Talk About Sexual Fantasies By Keeping Them Center

Both men and women love to know that their partner fantasizes about them doing certain things. Even if she's not sharing her fantasies yet, tell her about yourself, even if you're a little shy and have to jot down a few words.

She may just take the initiative to fulfill your fantasies, and even better, she may reveal some of her fantasies to you, which turns you both on. Plus this intimate exchange of fanciful thoughts can heat things fast.

16. Sexting

Don't forget to sext a woman before you're away, or on your way back home, and send a flirty text with some emoji. If you haven't had sex before, this might make you feel a little uncomfortable. So remember that it's everything that makes you feel sexy. Maybe it's a photo, an emoji, a clip, a few lines from a romantic poem, or a description of what you're going to do with your partner when you get home.

17. Build A Foreplay Tool Kit With All The Necessities

Some good equipment can bring to life foreplay before sex, and play a vital role during sex as well. You don't have to go all out, but fix up a foreplay tool kit that you can stash on the nightstand or under the bed.

Things to include in a good, basic foreplay tool kit

  • A good water-based lube or a natural lubricant like coconut and olive oils.
  • A sex toy that is a vibrator.
  • some other lightweight binding toys, such as soft wrist restraints, or blindfolds

A foreplay tool kit can be as inclusive as you like it to be, but having just the basics on hand shows that you're well prepared. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]


Foreplay for women turns her on before you move on. Whereas unlike men, women are not naturally ready for sex as soon as it starts, their physical arousal process is much more complicated, which is why it takes time for them to start, they can also be a bit mentally aloof, and this is also a reason.

As a bonus, good foreplay time for her gets her closer to the climax goal and possibly provides an incomparable and powerful climax. This means once sex begins you'll be less likely to end before it ends, and you'll be able to please her.

Of course, using things like a delaying spray like Promescent will also help you a great deal. So you can also think about this.

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