Why Are Most Women Attracted To Bad Boys: Psychology Behind Love

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It is not true that every woman likes bad boys. Yet most women have a friend like that, and she's dated a guy who was that bad, but she could not resist. And even if he's been advised that he's no good for her, or that he's a bad boy. Despite all these warnings, the allure of dating a bad boy was powerful for her. So, even with all the signs and warnings that heartbreak is on the horizon, why do we still find bad boys so attractive?

Admitting it may not be fair, but these irritable, manly men can be downright charming with their seductive swagger. And that's what we'll talk about in this article about why this attraction can take over our rational thoughts.

Many women are influenced by bad men or run toward them, and their fans always warn them. It seems that nature enslaves these girls, prompting them to start dating boys, the result of which is only difficult and troublesome. Below we discuss why this happens and why nice girls like to date guys who can easily get them into trouble. Women can easily be blinded by men who have bad boy personality characteristics.

What Is A Bad Boy?

It is commonly referred to as those who break the rules, are interested in negativity, and are undisciplined; they display a haughty spirit and a grandiose view of themselves. They display psychopathic, antisocial, impulsive behavior. They may be criminals. Yes, of course, they are adventurous too.

Such men tend to secrete more testosterone, which leads to courage and may be associated with intense sexuality. They may also be rebellious or emotionally unavailable. On the whole, they are wrong, and that is what they are more interested in.

And women are attracted to such bad men, which can be due to the following factors:

Girls Love The Confidence Men Have In Bad Boys

Bad boys display an attitude of attractiveness and confidence. One of the primary reasons women are particularly attracted to bad boys is that they show confidence. And women like the confidence in men. Bad boys are also sporty, adventurous, and ready to try something new and risky. Besides, they don't care what others think of them.

Bad boys always like to ignore the rules, break the discipline, and do what they want to do - no matter how risky it is. And this carefree attitude is what makes him so attractive in the eyes of women. Another interesting fact is that the link between dangerous behavior and masculinity is historical because society still thinks that a natural person's aggression and dominance are qualities. It may not have anything to do with reality, and it may be just an exception, but it is omnipresent.

When it comes to dating, the self-confident, damn self-confident, narcissistic, and bad-minded bad guys are many steps ahead of the so-called good guys. If the confidence level were low, these bad boys would not have the power to attract girls. The point is that they have such a high level of confidence. Their attitude seems to be overflowing with it, which can be seen in their friends, the vehicle they drive, the food they choose to eat, and many more. [Read: 10 Ways To Be A Submissive Wife In Marriage or Relationship]

Ovulation Pushes Girls Towards Bad Boys

Women are attracted to bad boys because it is in their nature. Science says that when a woman is in her ovulation phase, her hormones are affected, which she sees as a great father figure to her future children and secure life.

Near the time of ovulation, girls are more attracted to good-looking, charismatic, self-respecting, courageous, and rebellious boys. Some research shows that women are more attracted to masculine men in the middle of their menstrual cycle when they are most sexual. Males with very masculine traits may have better quality genes, which may be attractive to females at an unconscious evolutionary level.

When surveyed, women were asked if they were looking for an ideal partner and what they wanted to see in them; some women cited good qualities such as honesty, confidence, trustworthiness, and respect. They usually say that they will actively avoid rude, abusive, or physically aggressive partners. So, on a conscious level, it can be assumed that most women tend to assume that bad boys cannot play good partnerships for long. And this is the reason why all women are attracted to bad boys, and this one remains the exception. [Read: How To Do A Strip Tease That'll Make Your Man Turn On Instantly]

Women See Honesty And Dedication In Boys With Bad Boy Personality

Bad boys don't care about anything. For them, there are no rule books or specific rules, or disciplines that they follow. They make their own rules and it seems like they always like to be on the edge. Even though they like to be in control, and are passionate about their own beliefs, they know the right way to treat a woman and make her feel great. Not only this, but such boys are also honest and devoted towards women, due to which they emerge as the first choice of girls.

Women Look For The Image Of Adventure And Fun Spirit In Those Bad Boys

Characteristics of a bad boy include being adventurous and for this reason a love for adventure and excitement. Women feel that if a man is not leading a wild, aggressive, and adventurous life, it means that he is not suitable for them. She believes he can't get enough of that adventurous spirit. Although it is not necessary that it can be the choice of 100 percent of people, most women believe so. [Read: What Is A Love Triangle, And How To Deal With It? Everything You Need To Know]

Women Feel Safe With Boys Of Criminal Nature

Girls choose bad boys over others because they want a male figure to protect them. Most women who feel insecure in themselves, and fear guilt, look for a man who can protect them. When questioned in general, some women believed that it was because of their strong physical appearance that women felt safe around or with them.

Women who feel surrounded by threats are often more attracted to tough guys, with a desire to disregard social norms and quickly escalate frustration to hostility, threats, and aggression. They desire someone in their life who is fearless to face the world and can fight when the need arises. Some answers and it is likely that some women feel more secure with the tough guy and his ease with aggression.

Women Prefer To Choose Attractive Men Over Nice Guys

In one study, women were given scripts containing profiles of 2 different men and were asked to choose which of them they liked the most. Most women chose the profile with good physical characteristics, while the nice guy was often not the final choice. The good trait becomes a major factor when selecting a partner for a serious relationship and, instead, it is the manipulative trait that is found to be more attractive in bad boys.

If you can convince someone to commit, it can seem like quite an achievement. We think that we should be beautiful, stylish, and decent to be the center of attraction among girls. But unfortunately, due to societal pressures, women are often on an eternal quest for recognition and an elusive sense of being enough. Chasing bad boys is another example of this.

Falling for these types of men happens to be the most caring and nurturing people. They want to see the best in others and have a hard time believing that someone can be bad. Unfortunately, this may be a hoax. Rarely do these men allow a positive change to someone else's beliefs. If they did this, it means that they would become submissive. And this change in women makes them attractive. [Read: 13 Reasons Why So Many Wives Cheat On Their Husbands]

Differences With Parents

If Mom tries to be nice and caring, and Dad hasn't treated her very well, this kind of match-up will feel familiar to you when you start dating, and it will seem natural.

Furthermore, let's say you took over the business after your mother, and you had a lot of support from your mother, and your father treated you as badly as he did. In that case, when you choose the guy, look for something that can make up for that shortfall.

So, when you, the good girl who you are, look for romance, you are attracted to the acquaintance who is a bad boy.

Women Find Smoking And Alcohol Sexually Compelling And Stimulating

A study conducted in 2016-17 by a professor at a prestigious Belgian university explored the association between the use of short-term mating tactics and physically risky behavior of male youth. And the findings confirmed that women found physically harmful activities, especially smoking and drinking, as sexually compelling.

It is well known that smoking and drinking are injurious to health. But women just don't care, they are attracted to people who spoil their health with lots of bad habits. It is similar to a taboo.

Girls Date Bad Boys To Bring Out The Rebellious Side Of Themselves

Girls who have a hidden inner rebellious side are easily attracted to men who can unleash it in them. Usually, in girls, this trait was suppressed in childhood and the easiest way for them to take it out is to start dating a rebellious guy.

Girls have many traits like rebellion. These traits are usually suppressed during childhood, as women are made to be socially compliant with consent. If a girl's inner life isn't expressed, she may be attracted to a bad boy as a way of clearly expressing her inner rebellion.

It is a strange but true thing that most women struggle with throughout their life because society wants them to be good girls. The bad boys freed these women from the pressure of being the so-called good girls. He doesn't care about good girls. On the contrary, they like those who are not good in the eyes of society.

However, women always admire the sense of freedom that bad boys have and that it provides them. So, no wonder - why women are attracted to bad guys. [Read: 30 Best Sex Games For Couples To Play In The Bedroom]

Women Think Of Making Themselves Great By Taking Out The Evil Inside The Bad Boy

Women take for granted that they are great human beings, and can even turn the worst of the bad guys. They believe that inside every bad boy is a good boy who just waits to get out. And they can do that, as well as make them great in his eyes, and dominate him when the time comes. And for that, she is the right woman. The idea that a woman can mend a bad boy rarely works. Because someone will change when he wants to change.


Experts agree that in most cases men who do not want to change will not. For example, research shows that men who have cheated are more likely to be unfaithful in their future relationships as well. But still, this is an exception.

The secretion of testosterone that makes them courageous, self-confident, and rebellious will make them less inclined to follow the rules of dating, relationships, and marriage, instead, they are conquering.

According to the personal experience of a professional psychologist- I was hoping that my love would heal him, but he taught me that I can't change someone who doesn't want to change for myself.

Converting a bad boy can be a generally impossible situation. If a woman was successful in changing him, he's no longer the bad boy he finds so irresistible. She said that the bad boy treated him so well that he became more attractive.

According to a renowned psychologist, hormones are a driving force as to why women are attracted to certain types of men, especially bad boys. They also show that females are more interested in alpha males during ovulation.

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