What Is A Love Triangle, And How To Deal With It? Everything You Need To Know

There is indeed a love triangle. And it happens spontaneously in many people's lives, and for some, it is a habit or even a hobby. There are many reasons due to why people fall into love triangles.

So are you or someone close to you involved in a particular love triangle? Have you ever fallen for a committed man? Or, have you ever realized that your partner is cheating on you? Or are you at the center of two people's love? These are the questions that linger in the minds of many.

Whatever your role, the reality is that dealing with a love triangle is not easy. Because even though you may enjoy the love of two people, the truth is that guilt is always hurting your soul, Or facing all the difficulties in handling things. Living and balancing the two roles, his life seems even more miserable.

What Is A Love Triangle?

A love triangle is a reality in which there is a lot of fun but in it, there is also a lot of mental stress. It is a spontaneous love situation where a person falls in love with two or more people. And the other two also reciprocate their feelings. The love triangle is the sweet-bitter relationship of rivalry between two lovers.

A love triangle is a highly complex situation in a sexual or emotional relationship between more than two people. And that includes anyone. People of any gender and sexuality can be involved in a love triangle, whether with three or more people.

And as it seems that there is more fun in it, the bitter truth is that this state of love is a very disappointing, unsuccessful relationship. There will be waves of extreme happiness or sadness as long as there is love or connection in the triangle.

So is this just another name for cheating? Probably not, as it depends on the life and situation of the people. [Read: How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating]

History Of Love Triangle

Love triangles are nothing new, but it is a fact that has been going on for centuries. There is much evidence that proves that love triangles are already going on. There is evidence in some historical texts of Greek mythology and other books' stories that love triangles were possible even then; according to some other readers and novels, love triangles flourished even in the Paleolithic period.

Why Does A Love Triangle Happen?

There is no hard and fast reason behind having a love triangle most of the time. Although it is such a disputed or exceptional love affair, this situation can come in the life of many people.

It may be because of your current relationship or some other reason. So let's try to find out. [Read: What Is Polysexual: Here's Everything You Want To Know]

1. Lack of Seriousness In Relationships

Sometimes, couples don't have that level of feelings for each other. They may not be serious towards each other, neither love nor hate each other. And they know very well that they cannot work till the end.

However, the truth is that they decide to stay together forever to avoid some complications. And it is more like being in a live-in relationship with married couples or married people; stealing involves making separate arrangements for another. There is another factor that can sometimes be due to forced arranged marriages.

Each spouse individually seeks lovers to be happy. [Read: 153 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend]

2. Because Of Unsatisfied Sex.

Mismatched libido is a common scenario in most relationships. And when there is a decrease in sexual satisfaction, they get attracted to a third person. They naturally bow down there when they have got everything there; even then, they go up to the fourth and fifth. Anyway, sexual dissatisfaction is one of the most prominent reasons for having an affair outside a relationship.

However, decent men or respectable women don't jump into sex now and then. Even if the sexual dissatisfaction in their life is at its peak, this is only a possibility for people of any gender (female/male).

3. Jealousy And Doubt Are Also The Main Reason

If you have caught your partner cheating on you, you may not trust them anymore. It is a realistic situation because you will feel jealous of the other man/woman receiving more affection than you.

Sometimes people commit infidelity out of curiosity, but it is usually not permanent but a mistake made by mistake. Even though sex with someone else is not a big deal, it destroys relationships.

Because of jealousy, doubt, and heartbreak, you may seek love anywhere else, making you the center of another love triangle. [Read: 180 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend]

4. You Both Lack Personal Space

It is essential to have personal space between couples because there is or wants to have a moment in every person's life when he can spend completely alone. Sometimes, one has to do something personal with friends, watch a favorite TV program, or maybe play games is a passion. Your partner likes something the opposite.

And when these things start becoming a matter of conflict, then one or both the partners start looking for love outside. In such a situation, they quickly increase the closeness of someone. Or when one partner invades the other's personal space, they naturally turn away from it and thus seek love outside.

5. Finding a New Love

Many times married couples get separated. They feel insecure and undesirable and doubt themselves.

People feel lonely due to a lack of love expression. It is easiest to fall in love in difficult times. They may find the love that supports them suitably. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship? The Complete Ultimate Guide]

How Do You Find Yourself In A Love Triangle?

There may be countless hidden sides behind it. But let us go through some important facts.

‚󏬆The Need For Mutual Feelings

A love triangle occurs when you reciprocate the feelings of the person taken for you. Or, you've taken it for granted, yet you love someone else, and they reciprocate your feelings.

In such a situation, if you like someone, but they did not return your feelings, then that is one-sided love. It never became a love triangle. The reality is that in a love triangle, the adulterer and the outsider both make mistakes together.

‚󏬆Sometimes Happens Unintentionally

In the beginning, love triangles are all about distraction and novelty. The rush is always more exciting in new relationships than in old ones. Initially, everyone thinks it won't be anything significant. Still, they fall in love unexpectedly, and then it starts to get tricky.

Then they start thinking more about this subject. What if I get both of them, or they both stay in my life so I can have fun with both? I have feelings for both of them, And they both love me back, so why can't I continue to love them both? Such thoughts take you deeper into the love triangle. [Read: 23 Super Essential Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work]

‚󏬆There Is Always Pain And Excitement

Because¬†of the secrecy and risk involved, love triangles are elementary and fun for the cheater and the outsider. Because it carries all the sweetness of bliss and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing caught, however, it is the worst time of their lives for those who have been cheated on. Their partner prioritizes someone else over them, feels more comfortable and happy without them, and generally avoids them.

It creates doubts and lowers their confidence. Furthermore, when the adulterous relationship becomes chronic, the cheater becomes aware of his actions. They also feel sad and guilty.

‚󏬆Unexpected Love Triangle

Love happens unexpectedly, even before you realize it. You may engage in a friendly conversation or enjoy a passionate contest, which is much less likely if you spend time with someone you both love.

Unknowingly you may be crazy about their fashion or their style. But if you take every step to stop it, you can be a great person.

So, instead of ever feeling ashamed of your feelings, find the person you want to be with. [Read: 30 Super Solid Ways You Can Love Your Wife Unconditionally]

How To Deal With A Love Triangle

Dealing with a love triangle, regardless of your positive role in the relationship, requires a lot of patience, intelligence, and seriousness.

The reality is that once one has walked this path, there is no way for him to return. And even if they do, it doesn't make for the best relationship. So let's talk about how to proceed.

Find Your RoleFirst, and you evaluate whether it's a split object or a rivalry type of relationship. If it seems like it's a divided thing, you may have feelings for two people. However, it may also happen that you have a crush on someone who doesn't know you. They may not have feelings for you, so this love triangle may not occur.

If it is a rivalry, you are competing with others for someone's love. If this someone is your committed partner, they are cheating on you.

  • Ask Yourself Honestly

You have to find out what got you to this point. If you do not know the reasons for this situation, you can repeat it. Sure it can be tough, but being honest in this situation can prevent further pain and harm.

Do you and your partner have unsatisfied sex?

You travel a lot for work; perhaps you felt very lonely and succumbed to the temptation of a splurge?

Or, do you lose self-control after using drugs? A person often loses the sense of right and wrong due to intoxication. In this case, mistakes happen.

  • Find Out The Purpose Of The Love Triangle

    Every relationship has a purpose in everyone's life. So, if there is something like a love triangle in your life, something excellent or funny will happen to you.

    Does it give you fun, boost your confidence, relieve you of stress, or relieve your mind of other pain? Do you feel safe loving two people? Or maybe you're afraid of being left out? Or is it for emotional or sexual gratification? Are you fearful of forming deeply intimate relationships? Or do you feel sexually excited about your partner cheating on you?

    There can be many such questions, and by brainstorming, you can understand things better. [Read: How To Be A Better Lover And Spice Up Your Relationship]

    • Consider The Possibilities

    If you know your partner is cheating on you, you will feel lonely, but for how long? You have to move too. And making decisions doesn't require much thought. Don't force yourself to hold back. Decide with an open mind how you want to live your life. Your partner has already cheated on you, so don't think too much about what needs to be done, and make tough decisions.

    • Stand Firm And Take Responsibility

    If you're in a relationship with two people at once, who do you get more comfortable with, and whose personality attracts you more?

    To whom are you more friendly, and who is more compatible with you? Once these questions are answered, select the person to proceed with. 

    It's your life, don't let any unwanted decisions of your partner dominate your life. Do what you want and stick to your decision; you can think better of yourself.

    • Understand Your Feelings

    You will experience random and indescribable emotions; you may feel guilty, confused, lonely, under pressure, or even hooked between two lovers.

    You are not bad for wanting two people at once. Try not to judge yourself based on feelings. Feelings change, so detailed thought works best before making a regrettable decision.

    If the thought of leaving one person hurts you more than the other, you may find that they are the one with whom you can have a better life. But your feelings can change, so take the time to understand them. [Read: Sex Sounds Leaks]

    • Control Your Emotions

    You may hate your love rival, whether you are a third party or a loyal spouse in a love triangle. You can also be the center of a love triangle and feel guilty, confused, and angry. Don't hurt anyone to make yourself feel better. Instead, control your own emotions.

    If you have difficulty making decisions, go for a long walk, meditate, exercise, or go on vacation. Do everything to relieve you of stress, and you can make the right decisions. 

    • Proceed With The Right Decision

    It would be good to end the relationship if things get too bad and things are not going right even after trying. Because your partner will not leave his/her other partner or lover,

    You can't force a relationship against your will or someone else's. Of course, you can be sad right now, but the pain has to be endured, and it will soon go away if you try.

    To accept the fact that the relationship is over and move on. Forget the bad past and build a glorious present and future.

    • Talk To A Counselor

    Feel free to talk to your counselor if you think you're having trouble saving things or making decisions. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]

    How To Get Out Of A Love Triangle?

    Humans are the most emotional species. And they do even the worst things in sentimentality. And when that action involves emotion and pride, the situation turns even further. So it is very important to control your emotions.

    Love triangles target all sides, and obviously, you lose your senses to anger or sensual desires. So control your feelings along with your emotions. And show wisdom.

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