How To Do A Strip Tease That'll Make Your Man Turn On Instantly

How To Do A Strip Tease That'll Make Your Man Turn On Instantly - xinghaoya official store

It doesn't matter if you are married, single, or live in a relationship. It doesn't matter that your butt is not comprehensive and in shape like a Hollywood actress. Any woman can do a sexy striptease to seduce her man to show her life. Stripping doesn't have to mean pole dancing. And it is completely the exception. Rather it means seductively taking off your clothes, and teasing your man while doing sensual dances with colorful lights or candlelight and sensual music in front of your man.

It is good to do something different to deepen the love between couples. And with stripping, you can bring warmth to relationships; also, it will boost your confidence, and you will feel sexy and hot. So you can easily guess why strip clubs are so popular.

If you ever see a girl stripping in a club or at a party, let's notice whether girls are generally beautiful or not, good dancers or not, they may or may not have great bodies to show off. But they are full of confidence inside them. And she excels at acting and melts men with her acting skills, driving men crazy with her enthusiasm and acting talent.

Men in strip clubs shell out millions of dollars to see women take off cheap nightgowns when the dancers aren't necessarily pretty. Still, when she takes off her bra, she tosses it at the men. With sensual art, she puts a finger in the strip of panty and lowers it, so even men go crazy seeing her dangling breasts and fat waist and bum. Whereas the reality is that his wife, or girlfriend, is more beautiful than her.

It means it's a big deal for any man to think he's getting a private show, no matter what his man is like. He's hooked on your sensual arts, and it can make you feel like you're the hottest and sexiest woman in the world.

Of course, you need a little preparation and prudence when creating a bedroom strip club.

It may not be too much of a surprise to see a woman stripping off her clothes with sensual flair while dancing, but successful stripping requires art to be known. So put on some seductive music, make sure your partner is seated comfortably, and you are immersed in an exciting, sensual dance. [Read: How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Cheating]

What Exactly Is A Striptease?

A striptease is a seductive performance for one person or multiple people. A woman strips off her clothes while dancing with sexy, sensual arts. She can even be completely nude. And men get hooked on it.

It differs from a lap dance or pole dance because striptease is a visual experience with no touch. You don't have to be an excellent dancer to take off your partner's clothes. Instead, your sensual gestures work.

You can be sexy, intelligent, and bang on for your boyfriend. If you're in a long-term relationship, you already know that the surest of a well-directed sex orgasm, And the comfort that comes with not shaving your vagina every time you have sex is great. You are nothing less than a paradise for your boyfriend, but you are everything to him.

Your man must have seen you naked hundreds of times by now. Usually, this is normal because you are in a relationship and bare in front of each other during sex, but when your boyfriend is sitting in front of you and your sensual expressions go crazy even after seeing your bare body, imagine how he will be able to hold himself when this ends.

Whether you've been in a relationship for a few months or even decades, stripping is easy to add something extra to the bedroom. [Read: 13 Reasons Why So Many Wives Cheat On Their Husbands]

Tease Your Man With Your Stripping And Sensual Art In 17 Steps

Teasing your man is a great way to have fun, turn on your man, and get excited. But you can take the relationship too far by learning to tease your partner. The key to teasing is art and balance. And in the end, when both of you will be completely hot and are burning in the fire of sex and when the drops of sex fall on both of you, you can not guess what will happen.

When you use these essential tips to tease your boyfriend, you get the gift of better sex and faster orgasms. So let's get started. [Read: 30 Best Sex Games For Couples To Play In The Bedroom To Spice Up The Relationship]

1. Choose Erotic Music

When it comes to learning how to undress and prepare, erotic music playing during that time will be a significant component. Stay away from songs that sound funny or have no rhythm. You go with a classic stripping playlist or sweet, enticing music. And keep up with the dubstep styling.

Nowadays, special music related to striping is also being created, so you consider some stripping playlists and choose the music you like. If you're planning, practice some of those songs in front of the mirror. A little practice will make you perfect, and it will help with your confidence. 

2. Be Total And Set The Mood

Preparing to strip or undress for your man involves more than just peeling your clothes off. And for this, first of all, it is necessary to have a free mind. Create a cozy atmosphere, choose your striptease venue, and get ready with the total mood.

Have you chosen a particular place or intend to do a proper striptease with him on a chair or sofa, or will you let him lie on the bed? When he looks at you from across the room and is comfortable, he will warm up and caress himself as your demeanor becomes sexy, and the clothes on your body become less?

If you want to include role play in it, you must prepare for it for a few days. [Read: 12 Ways How To Finger Yourself In Vagina?]

3. Wear Your Sexiest Red or Black Striped Panties

Stockings, suspenders, a lacy bra, and high heels are a must for striptease. And you are especially wearing a sexy, silky mesh skirt. And then your man's eyes will only be on the panties under your mesh skirt.

4. Can Start From The Catwalk

You can start it down the catwalk instead of jumping straight; you straighten up, look back, look into your man's eyes, poke one eye with the killer smile, and start the classic girl walk. 

Keep in mind that if you have practiced this already, you will have mastered the busting of your hips (butts). Seeing your cracking hips and butts, your man will go crazy and start caressing himself. You should have your head held high, shoulders back, and confident in your moves during this. [Read: 14 Essential Submissive Sex Guide]

5. Come To The Chair Or Sofa That You Set Up For Your Stripping

Buckle your hips to the tune of tempting music, play with your hair, and then project a sexy wicked smile while setting your heels on the chair. Doing so will reveal the bottom of your skirt, and your smooth thighs will make them go crazy.

6. Take Off The Shirt

Your sexy acts have already driven your man crazy, so while maintaining your sexy, dance and tease, move your hips and bum until you're completely away from him, and make sure to take off your shirt as you walk away; keep in mind that when you have separated the shirt or top, during that time your back and bum are in front of their eyes.

And then straighten up while rolling the shirt in the air, and at the same time toss the shirt in such a way that it falls directly on your man. [Read: 17 Best And Ultimate Foreplay Tips For Men To Please Her In Bed]

7. Take Off Your Skirt

No doubt your man has gone mad by now; your mannerisms have injured him, so now it is your turn for your netted skirt. Keep your dance, bend until your buttocks are at a perfect curve, slowly slide your dress down your thighs, and then pull it apart.

And then, as you bring your hands back up, be sure to stroke your lower (pussy). Men love to see a woman caressing her sexy body, so work on touching and rubbing thighs, buttocks, and breasts.

8. Tease The Lips By Chewing Them

While playing with the hair, clench your lips with your teeth and continue flicking your hips. Suppose you want your man to know how sexy you feel, lean back against a wall or a chair. During this, your breast hidden inside the bra should be in front of them, and you slowly slide down. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

9. Take Off Your Sandals

Straighten your feet alternately on the chair or stool, and separate the sandals. And slowly start peeling off your silky mesh stockings and garters (if you're wearing them).

Don't be in a hurry, but do it very slowly and sexy, and keep your eyes on your man's eyes. You're seducing them, so the more eye-to-eye contact, the more intense your sexy strip-down will be and the sexy you'll look.

10. Remove Striper

If you are wearing a stripper over a bra, slowly slide one hand up and shrug your shoulders, if you wish, with the help of your hands and let it fall. When he goes down from the foot, pick him up and throw him to the other side. Remember that whatever you are taking off, it is better to throw it from there; this will reduce the risk of getting confused. [Read: The Ultimate Guide Of Lingam Massage]

11. Take Off Stocking

After this, it is the turn of your stocking; slowly peel it off, take one turn on the chair and take off the hose; during this time, allow your eyes to be absorbed in their eyes. 

12. Slide The Bra Strip Off The Shoulder

It is inevitable that soon the last time is also going to come, so now more needs to be done; maybe your breath will be too short, so take a deep breath. Stop worrying about how you look during this time. Stand with your feet slightly crossed, then start sliding your bra strap. First, slip one strap, then the other under your shoulder.

13. Turn Back and Tease Them

Now you turn back; your back will be in front of them. Untie the bra hooks, ensuring that your breasts should not come in front of them yet, even if they beg to be seen. Let him burn in the fire of sensuality. [Read: 153 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend]

14. Remove Your Bra Now

Follow the same strategy you used to take off your shirt. When you take off the bra, you will have a bra in one hand and cover the breast with the other hand, keep in mind that your breasts do not have to be visible to them yet.

Now you jerk back and let your man tease you at the thought of seeing you topless in a jiffy.

Keep in mind that instead of pausing during this, keep dancing to the music, and slowly remove your hands from your breasts, but do not leave them open; if you have long hair, then cover them with hair.

And continue to perform sensual dances, and finally, let her see your boobs, but don't touch her just yet, even if she pleads.

15. Take Off The Panties

Now that truth is about to come out for which your man has been touching a particular part with his hands for hours, and is going crazy, but don't be in a hurry.

Now slide one of your fingers into the strip of panty, then 2, 3 fingers, and then the whole palm, and while straightening the hands, rub on that particular place 3, 4 times; during this, your eyes and smile should be poisonous. And then slowly lower the panties, bend your hips once again, and turn your back to them as you dance. When you realize that your man is now teased enough, take off your panties and continue to striptease.

Dance while banging your buttocks for a while, and then lean forward (doggy style) to display your wet stuff in front of them. And then stand straight and while dancing, pick up the panties and go to them and first put the panties on his nose, then put the panties in his mouth. Many men like to take panties in their mouths and teeth. [Read: Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?]

16. Don't Stop Them Now

And after all this, now he will hardly be able to stay in his seat, but make him wait a little longer. Cover yourself with your hands, or don't let him touch your parts. Then take the knee of one leg between its two thighs and place it on the chair. Swirl your hair across his face, it may now automatically go on his lips, your navel, or your breast. His hand may also start to slide between your thighs. But don't stop them now.

17. Climaxes Turn

Your strip tease is almost over. But the ball is still in your hand, so take control and don't let it grab you quickly. But now, let's cooperate. Help him take off his clothes, and let your hands slide over his naked skin. Now is the right time for both of you. Let the fire in which both of you have been burning for hours extinguish. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship? The Complete Ultimate Guide]

Some Things That Should Never Be Done During Strip Tease

● Avoid curling your hair; leave it that way if you have straight hair. Don't wear heavy clothes that hide your sexy figure. And most importantly, never make the mistake of wearing pop socks.

● Do not wear simple clothes or useless jeans and Tops-shirts.

● While dancing, do not do this without any support while doing the feet in the air, if possible, always take the support of a chair, and maintain balance. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]


Striptease is the ultimate form of sexually teasing your boyfriend. The art of striptease is all about being sensual and seductive and being in touch with your body. You will slowly undress and move to remind your man what you are capable of and that you are highly sensual.

It is normal to feel a little uncomfortable and apprehensive initially, but confidence is essential; yes, slowly, you will master it. So now you are ready to tease your man, and striptease will add warmth to your relationship.

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