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delay spray for premature ejaculation men

Worldwide, premature ejaculation has become a significant problem that plagues the health and everyday life of many families. Fortunately, delay spray can solve this problem safely and effectively. Men always desire to stay in bed longer to satisfy their sexual partners, but the actual situation is not objective.

A study shows that men spend no more than 5.7 minutes in bed, and some patients with premature ejaculation spend less than 2 minutes. The average time for women to reach orgasm is more than three times the average time for men. That is if men reach orgasm in 5-6 minutes, women need an averagely of about 15 minutes, which at that time, one can imagine how frustrated their partner would be. The time a man has with his partner needs to be longer to avoid disagreement between them.

More reliable products can control the game time and make men happy in their sexual life. The xinghaoya delay spray for men can effectively help you desensitize your penis before sex, which will allow men to last longer in bed.

What is delay spray

Delay spray is a kind of sexual aid product that reduces the sensitivity of the male penis and then postpones the time of ejaculation during sex.

It has many names in the market, such as delay spray, premature ejaculation spray, penile desensitization liquid, etc., but the purpose is the same, and the ingredients are mostly similar. But xinghaoya delayed spray is different from other brands of spray.

Specifically, the main ingredients of most delay sprays currently in the market are lidocaine, benzocaine, and other elements. The xinghaoya delay spray uses pure plant extraction technology and does not contain any chemical ingredients, it is more friendly to human skin, and has higher safety.

Why use delay spray

why use delay spray

Delay spray can be quickly used to improve the problem of premature ejaculation, even if you need to wait for absorption after spraying. However, compared with other methods, delay spray is still the best choice.

Research has proven that premature ejaculation spray enables men to last six times longer after penetration, delay spray is working for most premature ejaculation patients. Although some people are allergic to lidocaine and benzocaine, compared to the past premature ejaculation treatment, delay spray is still safer.

Delay spray is an over-the-counter medicine with a relatively low price and is only used for local anesthesia, so the dosage is low, and it is avoidable.

Why choose xinghaoya delay spray

xinghaoya delay spray for men

There is no doubt that it is human nature to be confident about oneself, but you must have real talents to do it. Good products should also be praised and made known to more people. So, why is xinghaoya delay spray worth it?

  • xinghaoya delay spray is mainly prepared with pure plant extracts and does not contain any chemical ingredients, and also does not have any side effects, and does not reduce your sex experience. Most other brands' products contain lidocaine and benzocaine. Studies have shown that 32% of allergic contact dermatitis is caused by lidocaine, and 45% is caused by benzocaine.
  • A better sex experience. The purpose of xinghaoya is to make you last longer in bed but not to discount your sex experience. When you spray the delay spray, the numbness and tingling sensation may make you have no desire to continue sex. xinghaoya delay spray solves your worries.
  • A study has shown that delay spray can prolong sex time for about 64% of men and our clinical trials have also shown that the use of xinghaoya delay spray can prolong the sex time for men under 20-40 by 83%, and for men over 40 by 76%.
  • xinghaoya delay spray can last up to 12 hours, but it is recommended to have sexwithin 30 minutes to 6 hours after spraying to achieve the best result. It has a shelf life of up to two years. If it becomes invalid due to the volatilization of the main ingredients within the shelf life, we promise to refund in full or replace it with a new similar product.

    Who needs to use delay spray

    xinghaoya delay spray can make you lasting longer in bed

    Premature ejaculation is a relative term. No organization has given the final definition of premature ejaculation. In other words, the ejaculating time for men, in general, is close, but the measure to determine premature ejaculation is whether a man feels good about himself and how his partner also feels.

    In this way, we can say that all men who are are not satisfied with the duration of sex or whose partners are not satisfied with their sexual life can use delay spray to delay ejaculation and improve their sexual experience.

    Delay spray is not exclusive to patients suffering from premature ejaculation. Orgasm is not a problem for men. Except for some patients with erectile dysfunction, most men can enjoy the pleasure of ejaculation orgasm usually. The difference is when you ejaculate and want the joy of sex. It is not the case for women.

    Most women need more than three times the time to reach orgasm than men. That is to say, even if you do not have premature ejaculation problems (In men's average ejaculation time or better performance),but your partner has not yet experienced the thrill of orgasm. Survey shows that 78% of women think their partners care about whether they are reaching orgasm, but up to 72% of women complain that their partners did not let them reach orgasm.

    how many women can not get orgasm

    67% of women admitted that they had faking orgasms or did so often, and they did so because they did not want their partners to feel inferior or blame themselves. It sounds sad, even if it is caused by objective reasons most of the time. And if a woman can't experience the pleasure of orgasm for a long time, they will lose confidence in it and even get tired of sex, even lead to a spouse's emotional crisis.

    many women said they had facking orgasm

    Delay spray is not an exclusive product for patients with premature ejaculation. It is a catalyst for the sex life and love of all partners. It is suitable for use by men in all partners whose sex life cannot be synchronized. Although sex should be part of a happy life between partners, the premise is whether men take it seriously. Men should understand that having fun alone cannot maintain a long and good relationship between husband and wife. Finding a solution is imminent. Fortunately, delay spray can help you!

    How to use delay spray

    Using delay spray is simple, but you must use it correctly to achieve the best results, so please follow the instructions when using it.

    1. Shake the bottle before use so the ingredients in the bottle mix equallyand the effective ingredients are evenly sprayed on the surface of the glans(frenulum).
    2. Spray on the frenulum of the glans. If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to spray two times on the glans frenulum area and one time on the surface of the glans, and then spray according to the actual effect. Spraying less than 5-8 times is safe. After spraying, push the foreskin forward to spread evenly on the surface of the glans, which is important for the effective absorption of the glans. You can use a disposable glove to spread evenly if the foreskin is too short. You need to konw the penile frenulum also known as the V-shaped meridian just below the glans.
    3. Wait for 5-10 minutes for most delay sprays, but wait for about 25 minutes for xinghaoya delay spray (pure plant extracts need a longer absorption time), and wait for the glans skin to fully absorb the sprayand dry. The correct way is to strictly follow the instructions of each product so as not to transfer spray content to your partner and cause vaginal desensitization.

    After completing the above steps, you can be confident about yourself.

    Things you need to pay attention to while using delay spray:

    • For the first use, please spray 1-2 times in a small amount, and then spray accordingly to the effect to avoid excessive spraying and cause excessive numbness and affect the sex experience. Extreme numbness can cause erectile dysfunction and difficult ejaculation.
    • If you are allergic to lidocaine and benzocaine, please stop using them or choose xinghaoya delayed spray.
    • Avoid wasting the spray because delay spray is a product you need to use to improve your sex life; saving it can reduce the cost to buy another one very soon.
    • Before use, be sure to follow the instructions and precautions of each brand product, strictly implementthem, and pay attention to storage instructions.

    Some wrong way to use delay spray

    Although up to 30-40% of men suffer premature ejaculation, and 56% of men need an external force to extend the time of sex, there are still many men who have never used delay spray or they only use it once. So, using delay spray correctly can alleviate the problem of premature ejaculation.

    It may take several attempts for a first-time user to use it correctly, but please don't give up easily.

    1. Excessive spraying due to urgent need to work immediately.

    Excessive use of delay spray will not only make you experience a good sex life but will make you feel disappointed afterward. Overspray will cause complete desensitization of the penis and loss of consciousness, leading to erectile dysfunction and the inability to ejaculate.

    The first use should start with a small test dose or strictly follow the usage instructions. Due to individual differences, different people have different skin sensitivity, and you may need to test it several times to get your best spray dose.

    Don't worry if you accidentally spray too much; you can wipe off the excess with an alcohol-free wipe or rinse with water before the skin fully absorbed the spray.

    1. Spraying to the wrong place

    The most sensitive area of the penis is called the frenulum. The frenulum is directly under the glans. When using the spray, spray it on the frenulum area and push it forward several times with the foreskin to make it evenly smeared. You can use disposable gloves to apply so it can be fully absorbed if the foreskin is too short.

    1. Having sex immediately after spraying

    Please note that the delay spray will only work after it has been fully absorbed by the glans, if you have sex immediately after spraying, it will not only delay ejaculation but may also be transferred to your partner and cause her vagina to desensitize, which can finally put an end to any help you or your partner will get in the future.

    Under normal circumstances, most delay spray brands need about 5-15 minutes after spraying to be fully absorbed to the glans, while the waiting time for xinghaoya delay sprays of pure plant extracts is 25-30 minutes. Waiting time is the best foreplay time, please don't waste it.

    Frequently asked questions about delay spray

    delay spray makes your life is good

    How long can the effect of delay spray last?

    Many factors affect the effect, including your skin sensitivity, dosage, and what product to use. Most delay sprays last for about 1 hour.

    The xinghaoya delay spray is effective within 12 hours, but the best effect is within 30 minutes to 6 hours after spraying.

    Can delay spray treat premature ejaculation?

    There is currently no medicine that can treat premature ejaculation. The effect of delay spray is to delay the time of men's ejaculation, thereby making the sex time between partners longer. Any advertisement that promotes a thorough treatment of premature ejaculation is a deception.

    Is the use of delay spray addictive?

    First, if you are not satisfied with your sex time, or your partner is not satisfied during the sex process, you may need a delay spray to improve it. Every time you have sex, you need to use a delay spray, which does not mean that it makes you addicted. Your dependence on it is only that it has no therapeutic effect, only reduces the sensitivity of the glans and delays ejaculation. If you taste the sweetness of sexual harmony after using the delay spray and become addicted to sex, please don't blame the delay spray.

    Are there any side effects of delay spray?

    Follow the instructions. Delay spray is safe and has no side effects. However, since most of the current delay sprays contain lidocaine and benzocaine, some people are allergic to these two ingredients. The clinical manifestations are irritation, rash, and burning at the application site. If you feel unwell, please stop using it immediately and Try other brands; we suggest you try xinghaoya pure plant extract delay spray, which does not contain any chemical ingredients.

    Will delay spray affect the health of my partner?

    The current technology is relatively mature, and if you use it following the instructions and guidelines, it will not affect your partner's health.

    If you waited enough time for the spray to be wholly absorbed,it will not transfer it to your partner. The safest way to do this is to wait for the glans to dry, then use wet wipes or water to clean the residue on the glans surface, which will not affect the delay effect.

    Is the delay spray work for patients with erectile dysfunction?

    Most men who have erectile dysfunction also suffer from premature ejaculation, but it should be clear that the delay spray does not help erection; it only reduces the sensitivity of the glans, thereby delaying ejaculation. If you are a person with erectile dysfunction, you can use a xinghaoya penis enlargement pump to help you.

    My partner is pregnant. Can I use the delay spray?

    The doctor recommends that sexual life is not recommended for the first three months and the last three months of pregnancy. There is no clear research showing the safety of delay spray for pregnant women, so please don't take risks.


    delay spray makes couples life more happy

    The delay spray is a more effective medicine to relieve premature male ejaculation; it is convenient and straightforward to use and takes effect quickly. The single-use cost is not high.

    Follow the instructions when the first use and try several times to find the best dose for you.

    With the delay spray, you will no longer envy the man in the porn video, and your partner will look at you with admiration because of your sudden change.It is no exaggeration to say that the delay spray has saved many families.

    Don't just believe the so-called best delay spray; the best for you is the best. Remember, first is safety, and secondly, there is a continuous sexual orgasm.

    Be sure to try xingyaoya delay spray; it is pure plant extract, does not contain any chemical ingredients, and the effective time can reach 12 hours. See if it suits you; if you buy it for the first time, you can get a first experience price of 50% OFF. Even if you don't like it after purchase, you can get a full refund within 60 days.


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