How to Give Her An Unprecedented Orgasm-For Premature Ejaculation Patients

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How to Give Her An Unprecedented Orgasm

Sexual life is not easy for men suffering from premature ejaculation. They hope that they will perform well, but their bodies cannot. How to do it? Although things do not seem simple, we still do not advocate self-destructiveness. In addition to solving the problem with xinghaoya delay spray, men need to think about other ways. It is the topic we will share today, that is, how premature ejaculation patients can give her an unforgettable orgasm.

Read this guide, and your sex life is about to usher in a new situation. Everything will be different from the past. It is a change in concept and an improvement in technology. Are you ready? This guide is about to make you more confident and may even make your woman addicted to you.

How to wake up your woman?

In terms of sex, men and women are born with different ways of opening.

Men are fire, and they ignite at a touch. They only need to see, hear, or even think about what they think is attractive and sexy to ignite them immediately. The duration will not be very long, usually returning immediately after reaching the top of the mountain, and some even gave up halfway.

For women, things are much more complicated. Women are water. Of course, it cannot boil them without fire, but fire is not enough. There are still many obstacles that need to eliminate to make this pot of water boil. Obstacles can be anything, from feeling stressed to feeling unloved or even hormonal problems itself.

Under normal circumstances, women need to experience something to make them boil, such as surprises and romantic and intimate discussions. If you always go directly to the topic, your woman cannot wake, and you need to solve the critical problem to make the water boil ultimately.

For men with premature ejaculation, their partners may not have experienced the pleasure of orgasm for a long time, and the many problems caused by unsuccessful sex are the first things you have to solve, specifically:

  1. Build confidence
  2. Relieve pressure
  3. Let them feel love
  4. Menstrual cycle problems

Let me help you clear these obstacles and how you should eliminate them, so as to help her enjoy the stimulating sex life of water and fire.

  1. Build confidence

She may not feel the pleasure of orgasm because her man has left halfway many times. Over time, she loses confidence in sex, and they even think that they shouldn't enjoy it in the first place. It is terrible self-denial.

What should you do

  • Communicate with your woman and understand that premature ejaculation is not the case. Still, as many as 40% or more of men have premature ejaculation at different times in their lives.
  • Let her understand the individual differences between men and women; that is to say, in the normal state of sex, the time required for women to obtain orgasm is usually about three times that for men.
  • Face the problem, let her understand that the problem is not her, but you, and promise that you can make her better.
  1. Relieve pressure

Stress is one of the critical factors that hinder women's sexual desire; whether it is because of occupation or another social identity, research shows that it does curb women's sexual desire, and pressure even makes sexual desire dull.

What should you do

  • Carry out physical exercises with her, release stress through running, ball games, and other physical activities.
  • Kegel training is very worthy of promotion and persistence. It can train women's pelvic floor muscles and promote women's health.
  • Massage your woman. It is a job I often carry out. It is very effective. It can effectively help your woman reduce stress and promote intimacy.
  • In addition, you can let your woman release stress according to the actual situation, such as changing to a new job, solving family problems, etc.
  1. Let her feel loved

Feeling not loved is another critical factor that hinders women's sexual desire. Women are different from men. Most women cannot accept sex out of love. If they cannot feel love, you cannot awaken their sexual desires. Especially some women who have lost their social roles, such as full-time mothers, are very insecure and sensitive to external rejection.

What should you do

  • Communication is the beginning of everything. Women desire intimate communication. Especially in your two-person world, you need to let her know that you love her. Start with verbal communication and move on to practical actions, such as sending her gifts regularly to create romance atmosphere to make her feel love.
  • Give her the status she deserves and let her know that her position in the family is irreplaceable. Let her participate in some business decisions or discussions, even if she is not good at your field, but the purpose of discussing with her is to let her find her existence.
  • Always praise your woman, starting with her appearance. You should always see her strengths and let her continue playing and finding a sense of self-fulfillment. Learn to think about problems from her perspective. No matter her situation, men must understand that women are emotional animals and have no reason and logic.
  1. Menstrual cycle problems

Women are always depressed during their menstrual cycles. Men must clearly know their women's menstrual cycles and communicate with her intimately at the right time.

Study have shown that women have the strongest sexual desire before and after ovulation, but are not interested in sexual topics a few days before menstruation, so men must do the right thing and not hit the gun. During a woman's menstruation period, take the initiative to care about her physical and psychological conditions, and let her know that you care about everything about her.

The above four aspects are the obstacles that I think men need to solve to boil water. But please remember that your woman must have her side different from most people, so you must know her actual situation and prescribe medicine. Other obstacles such as age, menopause, sexual experience, personality, etc. all need to be considered. If you want to give your woman an unforgettable orgasm, you must find and solve the obstacles that affect her sexual desire.

How to make water boil

You have managed to solve the problem of preventing your woman's sexual desire, and then it's time to make her boil.

In order to make her boil and behave in front of you, I have to continue to teach you two tricks, let them further amplify your woman's feelings, it is best to let her take the initiative to hug you.

  1. Let her be your absolute focus

A woman may take the initiative to give her arms in two situations. One is that she loves you very much and will take the initiative to dedicate herself, and the other is that she is regarded as your focus. Being valued is like a ray of light hitting her in the dark; he will be wholly intoxicated and at a loss.

Regarding your woman as the universe center, the core of this reaction is to make her feel that she is more important than anyone else. Her body will automatically secrete hyperactive hormones when she feels this way until her legs become weak and throw into your arms.

What do you do?

  • Follow her preferences and help her accomplish things she has often said recently but has not completed.
  • Find a romantic restaurant to have dinner with him, and send her a bouquet she likes.
  • Organize a weekend or holiday event that will make her unforgettable.

Next, learning to speak is the key to boiling her:

  1. Use suggestive words and phrases

If you want your woman to secrete hormones in front of you and make her boil, what you have to do is not to dress how handsome, but to learn to use words to penetrate her and express your desire for her. Overall, it would be best if you flattered her.

But what you need to pay attention to is to have a sincere heart. Any insincerity will make things counterproductive. Find what your woman thinks is important and exciting, and express it sincerely and appropriately. Your language must aim at her heart like a sharpshooter.

-If she likes to read, you say that she has recently read a specific topic and has become more professional in its field;

-If she is doing weight loss exercises, you praise her for getting better and better;

-If she just bought a lipstick, you say that the color of this lipstick is very suitable for her as if factory customized it for her;

-If she just got a new job, you praise her well and encourage her to do well.

The above compliments are good, but they don't seem enough to cause her to secrete hormones and boil. Try:

-Reading can make a woman's chest more upright (improvement of temperament);

-Your hips are more upright than before;

-Put on this lipstick, your lips are very sexy, I want to take a bite;

-You have found a new job, what can I do to you?

Do you feel different? You have hinted at her, and it is full of connotation. A man so often and skillfully flatter his own woman, she will naturally become more and more lustful towards you, isn't this what you want to see?

Yes, if you are careful enough, you will surely make your woman boil, but this is not enough. If you stimulate her sexual desire and not let her experience the pleasure of orgasm, then this pot of water will soon cool down.

I know that all men want to use their penis to comfort their women and make them happy, but we seem to be powerless as patients with premature ejaculation. But things are not desperate. We need to understand women and their ways of getting orgasm and continue to think about problems with her as the center so that things won't be so bad.

Learn the structure of a woman's body

You must be familiar with her sexual anatomy so that you can get your woman to orgasm in the event of a penile strike. The first is her vulva, which looks like this:

agina anatomy

The fleshy skin folds covering women's urethral opening and vagina are called labia. The more prominent fleshy skin folds around the vagina are called the labia majora, while the more minor, thinner skin folds are called the labia minora. At the confluence of the inner labia, they form a small "mask" skin called the clitoral mask, underneath it is the clitoris. your woman's vulva is the undisputed center of pleasure, and up to 60% of women need to stimulate this area to get sex climax.

Why do most women need to stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm? Because the clitoris is not only the pleasure center, it is also:

  • Promote blood flow to the vagina
  • Promote the secretion of lubricants

The conclusion is that every sexual orgasm of a woman is emitted from the clitoris, which is not difficult to explain why most women need to stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm.

You may often hear about clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, and G-spot orgasm, but all of these are based on clitoral stimulation. In essence, the clitoris is physiologically similar to the male penis. The part of the clitoris we can see is equivalent to the glans part of the male penis, and the part that extends inward into the body is as long as 5 inches. It is a spongy shaft. When a female is awakened, his clitoris will become erect like a male penis due to congestion.

Next is the woman's G-spot, another sensitive area for women. The G-spot is also a part of the clitoris. It is a small ridge-shaped area located 2-3 inches inside the female's vagina. It belongs to the back or top of the clitoris. That is why stimulating the G-spot is also one of the ways to help women achieve orgasm, in fact which is stimulating the female clitoris.

female vagina

Women also have another sensitive part, called A-spot, which is the back of the female vagina, above the uterus, A-spot is deeper. Usually, deep finger stimulation is needed to stimulate it. It is easier to stimulate A-spot through anal sex to achieve orgasm. Although not all women can accept anal sex, it is undeniable that people who like anal sex can be happy because of it.

So if you want to please your woman, you have to do the right thing; that is, you need to stimulate her clitoris, G-spot or A-spot to make her orgasm.

Don't worry. Doing the right thing is not enough, and you also need to rightly do things, that are, the ways to get her to orgasm.

Rightly do the thing: use fingering to make her orgasm.

fingering for couples

If you want to help your woman experience a real orgasm, you need to wake her up entirely and use fingering to make her reach orgasm. It is one of the things you do correctly, but you need to be patient and remember that the whole process is not a Shortcut. Yes, there is no. At this time, you are her attendant, and you are the one serving her.

To make your WORK smooth and relatively easy, you can use the xinghaoya fingering vibrator, a vibrating sex toy worn on fingers for female masturbation or couples flirting, with a wireless remote control function. You can wear it on your thumb and index finger while the other hand holds the remote control to switch the stimulation frequency. Use it to stimulate her clitoris or G-spot, or stimulate her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously so that your Work will get twice the result with half the effort.

finger sex toy

Before going to Work, please disinfect or clean your hands to prevent bacteria from harming her.

  • Massage her clitoris

Use your thumb and middle finger to create tension in her vulva, and gently squeeze both sides of the labia majora inward until it squeezes directly below the clitoris,and use fingering vibrator to slowly slide up and down from the clitoris to tease her, constantly measuring her reaction and testing her favorite movements.

  • Massage her labia

The labia is also a sensitive part of a woman. Although massaging this part will not awaken her orgasm, this process can allow her to gradually enter the state and produce lubrication.

Use a fingering vibrator or index finger to gently stimulate her labia in circular motions, constantly teasing. Note that it is not pressing on her labia, but the light massage stimulation, which makes her feel itchy.

  • Massage her vagina

Use the index finger or index finger with a fingering vibrator to enter from the bottom of the labia, gently stroke it upwards, until it reaches the top of the clitoral hood, then slowly return to the original path and cycle the massage again. At this point you should feel her completely wet.

In the specific practice process, the above three regional massages are consistent, constantly testing and finding the most comfortable stimulating track and method for your woman, which is also critical for reaching orgasm.

You must pay attention to her breathing pattern, moaning, body curling, shaking, and other details during the massage. This non-verbal feedback signals can help you find her susceptible nerves. At this time, she may not express it in words, but according to the signal, you persevere, she will fall entirely and reach orgasm.

  • Fingering G-spot massage

Correct use of the previous clitoral stimulation techniques should allow your woman to experience orgasm. But if your woman happens to be a type of low sensitivity, you must start the current massage, that is, G-spot massage.

If you want to help her ejaculate and feel the bedroom moving, let us continue exploring her vagina.

In a woman's vagina, the most sensitive point worthy of our attention should be the G-spot. It is the part of the clitoris and the key to her unprecedented orgasm.

The first is to locate the G-spot, about 3 inches inward of a woman's vagina. Specifically, when you touch her G-spot, it feels like a swollen area with minor bumps and slight ridges.

If you have trouble finding her G-spot, observing her reaction is the most direct way. Due to the sensitivity of the G-spot, when you massage her G-spot, she will become very excited and G-spot at the same time. The more swelling, the same principle as the erection of the penis when it is stimulated.

After locating the G-spot, continue to stimulate it by touching, pressing, rubbing, or using them in combination. Similarly, this time the fingering vibrator can help you save effort.

Usually, the combination of stroking, pressing, and rubbing back and forth is better because the three methods are combined into different massage frequencies and intermittently stimulate her G-spot. After all, maintaining the same posture may make her fall asleep. Just like when driving, your foot can't be on the accelerator all the time, but you should intermittently release-step on-lightly step-heavy step to form conversion of efficiency and power.

  • Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot

Because more than 58% of women need to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously to achieve orgasm. It is usually based on your woman’s feedback and combined with stimulating her clitoris and G-spot in a specific practice. Stimulating the clitoris and G-spot allows your woman to experience a fantastic orgasm.

We also use our fingering vibrator, wear one end on the thumb and the other on the middle finger or index finger, and combine the previous steps until she surrenders and reaches orgasm.

There is one thing you need to pay attention to during the whole process:

  • All steps are not static;
  • Be sensitive to her feedback and adjust the stimulus;
  • Respect her feelings and adapt the stimulation method or area;
  • Be extra careful when dealing with private parts and not hurt her body.

Rightly do the thing: Use your tongue to tease and make her reach orgasm

use your tongue stimulate her vagina

The practice has proved that another way to make women ecstatic is to use your tongue. Using the tongue can make her experience a deep orgasm.

There is a premise here that if your tongue has never been to her private parts, you need to persuade her to accept your tongue. Once she gets it and experiences it for the first time, I promise that she will reward you somehow because You are too bad, no! It's because you are fantastic. Please note that tongue licking may make your woman addicted to you, especially if you have good skills.

I continue to share some tips about the tongue with you:

  • Kissing, nibbling, and licking her sensitive areas

The most potent sensitive areas for women include the inner thighs, the back of the neck, lips, nipples, and even the soles of the feet. You can drive her crazy by kissing, biting, and licking these areas of her body, then stretch her legs and kiss her panties. Biting or squeezing the skin of her inner thigh with her teeth might make her crazy and passionate!

  • Kissing her private parts through her underwear

To make her beg you to start eating her outside, try to kiss her vulva and vagina through her underwear before you take them off. Use your tongue to gently extend from the bottom of her vagina to her clitoris. Kiss the area above her clitoris (her pubic area) and move it down. Alternating between her inner thigh and her vulva makes her moan expectantly!

Cooperate with fingering to make her rotate

One of the most effective ways to build female excitement is to combine good kissing, nibble, and licking with finger movements. Try to rub or flick her clitoris with your fingers while licking and kissing her vulva, or touch her vagina while kissing her vulva and clitoris to change everything! These three tricks for teasing your woman should make her see the stars and start shaking with excitement!

Tongue massage: the combination of cunnilingus and tongue tip

Tongue massage is a very simple technique, but it is the most addictive technique for your woman.

Cover your tongue with saliva for lubrication, and make it as wide and flat as possible to cover her entire genitals. Then your tongue begins to circle her clitoris and labia.

Cunnilingus: Let your tongue slide from the bottom of her labia to the clitoris from the top down to lick, and draw circles around the labia to stimulate her repeatedly.

Tip of the tongue: Use the tip of your tongue to shake her clitoris or vulva, shrink and stimulate, and constantly tap to stimulate her clitoris or vulva.

The combination of cunnilingus and tongue tip is the best. Remember that the whole process is not only the tongue moving; your entire head is moving, and press it down to her pubic area with a bit of force. You can also use fingering G-spots to stimulate her G-spots to improve the effect. The entire process should last 13-20 minutes and allow your women to reach an orgasm.

Some coups during the combination of cunnilingus and tongue tip:

  • Listening to her cues during the stimulation period and assisting in her actions, this time her excitement doubled;
  • When the stimulation reaches a particular stage, stop and let her calm down, restart the stimulation, and repeat;
  • If she reacts fiercely during stimulation, increases the pressure and speed so that it is the easiest for her to reach orgasm;
  • Always pay attention to your woman's feedback, focus on her, and remember that what you do is make her happy.

Final note:

massage for ur wife

You may not use all the techniques in this guide, but I strongly recommend following them in order.

A woman is water, awakening her sexual desire needs to solve the obstacles that hinder her sexual desire mentioned in the guide. During this process, you must maintain patience and quality of service and constantly adjust the arousal measures according to your woman's emotional changes.

It is essential to arrange a relaxing and comfortable environment for your woman. It allows her to understand that you are another way of loving her.

Men should not be discouraged because they suffer from premature ejaculation or cannot synchronize with their women. Using the clitoral stimulation, fingering G-spot, tongue stimulation, and other techniques we mentioned in this guide, you are enough to let your woman experience a continuous orgasm Pleasure. If you are still obsessed with making your penis make a difference, please don't forget to use our male delay spray; it can also help you get a woman's appreciation.

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