How To Make A Girl Squirt-Tips, Technique, And Everything

How To Make A Girl Squirt

How to make a girl squirt? It is controversial to some, whether this actually happens, or what it is. In this article, we are talking about how to squirt a girl in real life.

Girl squirt or girl cum is a manifestation of some women reaching orgasm during sex or masturbation. 

Everyone wants to know if this is really possible or is it just a hoax as shown in the porn movie, is it just a camera shot, or is it really even if it is? Is it the discharge of women or is there urine and any other fluid mixed with it?

You'll be glad to know that Squirting is a real phenomenon, and with a little know-how and a fair amount of action and stretch of patience, you can master the technique of doing and bringing it into reality.

For many people - (men and women all)- Squirting is a mysterious phenomenon. In whose mind do many questions come from where does this liquid come from?  What does it feel like? And most importantly, is it urine? So you can get bogged down in it. Perhaps this was the reason why in 2014-15 the UK banned the squirting depicted in porn, apparently because it is difficult to tell fluid apart from urine.

Although many studies and research suggest that it is not the urine, researchers and experts believe that this fluid comes from the Skene glands, known as the female prostate. But experts also agree that it is not even female ejaculate, which is milky and white and is produced.

While the fluid produced during ejaculation absorbs the entire bed, unlike female ejaculation, it means it is not overly viscous. (Though this is not always the case). Experts believe that it combines with uric acid, urea, creatine, and ejaculatory fluid.

In fact, this substance is made in the bladder during good sex and is released during intercourse (due to over-stimulation and due to better friction). Experts believe it's real, and it's not urine.

It is actually the ejaculation of the woman, which comes out through the bladder due to a special gland. After which the woman feels great pleasure after the discharge. And this allows women to fully enjoy the excitement and sexual sensation.

So there is no confusion in this, and it is a form of ejaculation where a white-ish or clear fluid is released from the vagina during sexual pleasure or orgasm. There is some debate about what squirt is and where this fluid actually comes from, as well as whether all women can squirt.

So it's real and it comes out when a group of glands located near the urethral sponge, stimulate the surrounding erectile tissue. And female in the form of orgasm or pleasure. Which gives a woman a feeling of ecstasy. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

Step By Step Tips For Making A Girl Squirt

There is no one great thing to do to make a squirt but it can be done with some technique and trick, there are techniques you both can try to make it more likely.  Generally, squirting requires either G-spot stimulation or a combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation. 

You'll need two to three fingers, a water-based lubricant, and extra time and patience. It is important that you do not force yourself or your partner to ejaculate.

Squirting can be part of an enjoyable sex life, but it doesn't have to be everything, it can be something that some women never experience and doesn't define your sex life in any way. Nor is sexual pleasure or orgasm difficult without it.

In any case, contrary to high expectations the desired effect is likely to occur, it can stress you out if you take it too seriously, and then it can distract you from enjoying sex and those sensations.

Those are the best parts of sex, whereas the goal of sexual experiences should always be to be fun and enjoyable. [Read: Why Am I So Horny?]

Make Sure You Prepare Before Starting

It's not particularly sexy, but an important part of pleasurable sex. So a little preparation is needed. The amount of fluid consumed varies from woman to woman - some may release very little and in small amounts, while others may release more fluid and pass out continuously. That's why you can put a towel down, as well as make sure you have a towel to clean off this liquid as well.

Make Female Partners Feel Comfortable

For many women, this is an achievement, so make sure she's totally comfortable. If she's squirted with a past partner in the past, it's possible she's a little nervous with you. And in this case, she can press the muscles to stop it. And then both of you may have trouble.

Pay Special Attention To Foreplay

Foreplay is very important for any sex, it also ensure you can last longer in bed. So whether you insert your penis into the vagina or try to orgasm with your fingers, take the time and focus on foreplay before you start all in.

At the beginning of foreplay, focus on kissing, licking the breast, licking the navel, licking the neck, and throat, stimulating through the thighs, giving oral sex in the vagina, etc.

Gently caress these very sensitive and agitated areas at first and then move on. From there, slowly build things up until you finally stimulate her clitoris with your mouth, fingers, or a toy and he's ready to take in.

Don't Take Stress

Many experts say that there is no guarantee that stimulating the G-spot area will help a woman ejaculate (orgasm). And for this, it is not appropriate to burden yourself mentally that their g-spot will only stimulate them. It is important to remember that women's experiences of ejaculation vary greatly, so what is normal for one may be very different for another.

So there isn't a single fail-safe way to recommend having ejaculation, it's about finding out what really works for the woman – and often this can go through a lot of trial and error. As with anything related to sex, it's important to know your body and communicate it with your partner.

Start By Finding The Peak Of Excitement

 In order to squirt, the vagina and vulva must be at full capacity for stimulation. There's no rush in this. Explore the body and internal vaginal tissue. See which areas have the most excitement and sensual potential. Set up a comfortable place where you and your partner can get to know about it at ease.

When a woman is aroused, the vagina naturally gets wet, the clitoris and labia swell, they bleed causing them to become darker, and everything becomes more sensitive. This heightened state of excitement is a cornerstone of the Squirt because to build up to the final release, you have to be ready to take the ride to the top.

Use A Water Based Lubricant

Lubrication is important in all sexual activity. The lube acts as a vital link between the toys/fingers and the sensitive, wet vulva skin. Use a high-quality water-based lube to use with your sex toys, fingers, and everything else, it enhances sensuality, pleasure, and arousal while protecting tissue from damage.

When in doubt of any kind, go for a water-based lube. You should keep in mind that silicone lube is more slippery, so before using it, understand well whether using it is beneficial or harmful.

There are of course different lubes and there are some brands that make very mild, all-natural versions that can help promote blood flow to the clitoris and vulva.  So be sure to choose carefully.

Find The G-Spot And Get Started

Keeping your palm facing up, insert two lubricated fingers into the vagina and make a gesture inside it. Use tapping, and caressing movements on her G-spot, which is located high up on the wall of the vagina towards the abdomen.

A woman's gesture will let you know when you've found the right area, or a woman can tell you where she's getting the most excitement. Because it seems rough.

Once you or your partner is properly stimulated, it's time to get into action. For this, the donor partner inserts fingers into the vagina and applies pressure instead of friction to the front wall of the vagina (near her abdomen) about one and a half to three inches.

This area is known as the G-spot, which is less of a "spot" and more of an "area" that contains a lot of erectile tissue, as well as an area where you can see the inner, posterior the endings can stimulate the clitoris.

While it is also true that it is disputed that there is such a thing as the G-spot, it is also generally true that the area is known by that name.

Do It Consistently

For most people, squirting only occurs when this entire area is filled with blood (in and around the vagina), so when you feel her G-spot, vagina, vulva, swell and darken in color, So don't panic, and definitely don't slow down or stop unless she wants to. 

Keep finger movement and pressure the same. If she thinks she's about to squirt, she can convulse the body. [Read: What Is Erotic (Sexual) Massage]

Woman Controls Her Pubococcygeal (PC) Muscles

A woman's pelvic floor muscles, also known as your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, are arguably a major contributor to squirting. It's a swing-like set of muscles that run along with your lower limbs, from the uterus to the intestines. While keeping control of them helps with squirting.

The action of these muscles makes a special contribution. Your PC develops a neuromuscular connection with your muscles, which means you can control when these muscles are contracted and whether you're pulling them in or out.

When the G-spot is stimulated vigorously, it usually produces a natural tendency to squeeze and pull inward rather than downward. So, one of the keys to enabling sprinting must be knowing tolerance and control during intense G-spots.

If a partner is acting provocatively, the recipient must also take an active role. The woman can squeeze alternately and then the donor partner can know from the movement of the fingers that he is doing the action in the right place.

Don't Worry About Getting Dirty From Squirting

Just as you need to be in the right psycho-emotional state to be able to squirt, you need to be carefree about being messy.

While the amount and propulsive force of the squirting fluid varies from person to person, it is very likely that it will end up in a vagina. Or it may come out in full force and in such a situation that this liquid feels on you.

Instead of panicking about it, just accept it, enjoy it, because that's what real sex pleasure is all about.  This should be seen as a sensual gain, not a concern.

If you're having trouble with the mess, just put down a towel or two before you start. And put a towel on during the squirting. [Read: How To Eat A Woman's Pussy?]

How To Make A Girl Squirt During Sex And What Is The Best Sex Position For It?

It is most effective, but it is not your only option. If you're wondering how to make a gorl squirt during sex, any position that stimulates her G-spot and clitoris at the same time should have the same effect.

While squirting can certainly happen during intercourse, the best sex positions to make someone squirt usually involve using fingers or toys. That's why we are talking about some sex positions by which you can give a strong squirt to your partner.

Doggy Style Is Most Effective

The Doggy style gives you a perfect angle to reach the front vaginal wall. Opt for a shallow stroke to target the G-spot and hold a vibrator against his clit to make squirting more likely, or use fingers. Or just do it with the help of your penis. Be aware that your penis is applying strokes and friction to the upper parts of the vagina.

Spooning Sex Position

The spooning sex position also plays an important role in squirting and you can easily do this. In this, your penis is pointed directly towards the G-spot, while leaving the clitoris open for stimulation. In addition, the woman may lean forward or push you back to actually make the situation better.

Reverse Mounted (CowGirl) Sex Position

This is the perfect position for dual G-spot and clit stimulation - plus, she's in complete control, taking out the guesswork for you at the same time.

Some More Top Tips For Making A Girl Squirt

It's modern times which means there is a whole world of massagers and vibrators designed specifically to target the G-spot.

Make A Squirt With Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great way to increase your squirting ability. Whereas the G-spot can be stimulated manually. Nowadays sex toys are also being made in the market targeting the special G-spot, which will definitely help you to squirt. You have tons of toys to choose from: something as simple as the xinghaoya series vibrators or a heavy Sex toy like the Nose Pure Wand might be the perfect fit for your task.

G-spot stimulation alone is rarely enough to cause a female orgasm or squirting, so you'll also want to get some toys for the clitoris to help you get into that heightened state of arousal. Clit-sucking toys or vibrators with G-spot and clitoris friction may be better options.  Your wand vibrator can also be a useful tool, or the Le Wand Petit and Classic Magic Wand Vibrators are even better.

For this, communicate with your partner and experiment with what you like. You may like the vibration, or you may not. Constant pressure may be something you enjoy.  Maybe you enjoy circles in the area. Maybe you like a combination of things.

Communication And Encouragement

A little verbal communication and compliments can go a long way. Tell them how beautiful, sexy, and hot she is, let them know how much they're enjoying it, and tell them how much you're enjoying it- it will help her to relax.

Enjoy The Process

Take the torrent as a bonus, and don't be discouraged if it doesn't. Either way, if you've found her G-spot and perfected the art of stimulating her like this, you've taken steps to give her the best orgasm of your life, and she'll accept the same truth. [Read: The Ultimate Guide: How To Give A Good Blowjob]


Most couples who try squirting find that it enhances their sexual bond. So it's definitely worth trying something different and making things better. Just keep in mind that squirting is a fun and sexy thing, but it's not going to happen to every single person. And that's perfectly fine.

When it comes to sex, we should all focus on discovering the depth of pleasure we can experience rather than trying to achieve the goal. Explore your body and have fun with it. And enjoy the best sexual pleasure.

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