Sex Position #66: Cowgirl

Cowgirl sex position
Cowgirl sex position

Position type: Vaginal sex  Cowgirl  Face to face  Women on top

Main stimulation: G-spot sitmulation  P-spot sitmulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks  Breasts touching  Hand clitoris stimulation

Who takes the initiative: Woman active

Position description:

Sex time is the perfect time to release yourself, don't suppress yourself, and show your most authentic self. It is also why sex can promote a partner's emotions because you can see the most fundamental things about each other. The man lies down comfortably, and the woman sits on him and takes the wheel. In the cowgirl sexual position woman is the one to write the rules, she sets the speed and tempo, and the man helps her by moving his hips to penetrate deeper and feel the pleasure with renewed vigor. It's a prevalent position, and it can be explained by the complete freedom of arms and the possibility to caress each other. Use the case to show your female partner that her breast is the most sensitive zone.

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