What Is Pillow Humping And How To Do It? 

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Pillow humping: A self-pleasure activity where individuals rub or thrust against a pillow for sexual stimulation and enjoyment.

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Pillow Humping

Are you feeling bored with your normal masturbation performance? Are you single and feeling aroused in bed and want something hot for sexual pleasure? So here's all about pillow humping, and the different methods and techniques you can use to learn how to do pillow humping. We're talking about the art of pillow humping, why women do it, and masturbation pleasure techniques you can use to learn how to pillow hump and moan for the wildest solo orgasm.

Some may not be familiar with it, but the truth is that most of us have done it at one point or another. A girl going through puberty needs to find new, exciting, and wild ways to touch herself and orgasm without the convenience of finding other objects and having a sex toy, and that's pillow humping.

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What Is Pillow Humping? A Step-by-Step Guide To Trying The Pillow Hump

Pillow humping is a casual term for a common form of sexual self-exploration and masturbation. It is a safe and natural way of achieving self-pleasure, which involves grinding or rubbing against pillows to stimulate sensitive body areas such as the penis and vagina for sexual pleasure. Pillow humping does not discriminate and is commonly practiced by all genders, but is often the preferred move for women and those with cunts. The act of having consensual sex with a pillow, i.e. pillow masturbation or pillow fucking. Pillows are perfect for self-pleasure for boys and girls alike, and making love to a soft pillow can be pretty fun and wild.

  • If you're male, you can work between two pillows, a normal mattress, or just a single pillow. You can tuck your penis into the groove by folding the pillow, or form a tube, and enjoy pleasure by wrapping the pillow around your penis.
  • And if you are a girl, or have a vagina, you can go wild on a pillow and grind your clit and labia hard on it. You can fold the pillow around a book or other solid object, or even tie a knot at the corner to make it sturdier.

Pillow humping may take longer to reach orgasm than traditional masturbation, but the resulting orgasm may be stronger and last longer. It is the unique orgasmic satisfaction of the act that has made it a chart-topper in solo love playlists. In fact, according to the International Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, nearly 89% of women admit to having done pillow-humping or pillow fucking at some point in their lives. And 85% of the women said that they do this regularly.

According to a University of Texas study and published reports of other research, fantasy plays an important role in sexual satisfaction and orgasm, and pillow humping tops it. The act not only provides mental stimulation and sexual satisfaction but also helps us to express our desires and expectations about sex and orgasm in a safe, non-binding way. Hence, it is not just a soft landing device for your weary head but can also be your passport to a journey of wild sex and self-gratification.

The 24 Best Pillow Humping Tricks, Techniques, Positions, And Wild And Sexy Ways To Do It Right

By now you have understood what exactly pillow humping is, so let us know in detail. The path to self-happiness is always gratifying, it's personal, and the hump requires a little creativity. If you follow the methods, tips, and steps mentioned below, you will be a pro in no time, fulfilling wild fantasies and achieving powerful orgasms through pillow-humping.

1. Choose The Right Pillow

Suppose you are playing with a pillow but not all pillows are suitable for this, for this, you have to choose the right pillow so that you can achieve comfort without any injury and discomfort. For pillow humping, consider a tall, soft, and firm pillow that can provide the right balance of comfort and pressure. There is a famous saying that two are better than one, so feel free to include 2 pillows.

2. Set The Mood

Although we often do pillow play when we are already in bed and excited, it is important to set the mood. But if you want to do it naturally, set the mood with preparation and let your imagination run wild.

3. Choose The Right Location

You can comfortably lie down on the bed, lie down on your back or take support at the head of the bed or whatever position you choose according to your comfort.

4. Move To The Rhythm

Your rhythm is your rule when it comes to doing it. Whether it's the back-and-forth motion or the art of circular grinding, you just keep up the rhythm and dive into bliss. There is no set method for this, but what suits you is favorable for you.

5. Listen To Your Body

Happiness should never be forced, nor should it be synonymous with discomfort or pain. If at any point there is discomfort, it is better to stop or adjust your approach. Because your body is your best guide on the intimate journey. After all, there is no exact science of pleasure and satisfaction, it is an abstract love art. As long as you're comfortable and respectful of your body, and having fun, then you're doing the right thing and the right way.

6. Correct Size Of Pillow

The size, hardness, and firmness of a pillow can make a big difference in your enjoyment. Some women prefer a larger and softer pillow for a softer feel, while others may prefer a smaller, harder, and firmer pillow for more intense pressure. Therefore, according to your comfort and pleasure, you can make the pillow.

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Different Ways And Positions Of Pillow Humping For Girls

Are you curious to know how to tilt, position, or ways your pillow to get a powerful orgasm? So let's explore the best positions for pillow humping. The right way to pillow hump is all about making you feel comfortable and providing pleasure. Nevertheless, it is very important to have the right position, otherwise, you will not be able to get the pleasure that you expect.

7. Classic Position

The classic position is truly classic, it is the most preferred position for most pillow-humpers. To do this, lie down on your stomach with a pillow between your legs. You can take a second pillow under your body and breast, as the pressure and friction on the breast will provide additional stimulation and pleasure. In this case, you can crush the pillow, press it hard, shake it, you can make it hard by putting your hand under the pillow.

8. Straddle

Stand in this position and place a pillow on the edge of your bed or a table, you can put 2 pillows if you want. Now come down and grind your clit or vagina on the pillow. This allows for greater activism and can provide a different kind of edgy pleasure. This position is great for those who require more stimulation to achieve orgasm.

9. Side Rides And Pretzels

It gives a simple yet wild feel. For this, you lie down on your side, now keep the pillow in front of your waist, bend your upper leg, and keep it on the pillow and you are closer to the pillow. If you want, you can hold a pillow or push yourself and grind your vagina on the pillow. Grind the hip and upper leg and thigh together for more pleasure.

10. Triple Stack

In this humping method, three pillows are stacked on top of each other instead of one or two. Now rub the vagina with your knees on both sides of the pillow, and rub back and forth until you find the rhythm that makes you orgasm. You might feel a little off balance if you're starting, but once you find the rhythm and excitement it can be extra fun.

11. Stuffed Animal And Teddy Play

This is a very unique sex position. Body pillows, oversized teddy bears, or oversized stuffed animals are great for humping. Because they have different shapes and characteristics, the combination of softness and hardness can make a pillow session pretty wild and fun. For example, Teddy's button nose can be the perfect tool for clitoral stimulation. And the best part is that you can buy any stuffed animal toy or teddy bear keeping in mind the specific size. You will be surprised to know that 91% of virgin girls in one study admitted that they have done or regularly humped their stuffed animal or teddy bear.

12. Bed Corner

Some girls like to keep pillows on the corner of their mattresses while humping. This way, they can grind the vagina against it while standing or getting up and get more friction and stimulation from the edge of the mattress.

13. Sharp Edge

In this situation, instead of keeping the pillow as normal, you keep its side or sharp edge up, and you can rub the vagina and clit faster and harder on its edge.

14. Riding Pillow

If you're feeling more fantasy, just imagine riding or being on top while having sex, but with a pillow instead of actual sex.

15. Humping With Vibration

Oh, are you thinking the same? So yes, if you're fancying more pleasure, you can place a small handheld vibrator or a vibrating phone in a waterproof case between the pillow and your vagina to add an extra layer of stimulation. You can also put the massager or phone in a pillow cover, and then place your clit and vagina directly on it.

16. Circular Motion

Feels more adventurous than the normal motion of the pillow hump, this motion adds a touch of variety to the enjoyment. To do this, move your hips in a circular motion while grinding against the pillow, making sure the pillow rubs evenly against your clitoris. This position and movement not only stimulate the vagina and clitoris, but it also stimulates your anus and perineum equally.

17. Hip Twist

This position is a side-to-side motion, just like you are dancing a twist but in a horizontal position instead of a normal one. This motion may also provide different and greater sensations than forward and backward motion.

19. Documentary Eight

This is a more advanced step for sensation and excitement, picture yourself making a figure of 8 with your hips grinding your vagina against the pillow. This approach is a mixture of circular motion and hip twist, which helps in getting additional pleasure with different types of sensations. Although it may take some practice in the beginning, with practice one can achieve strong orgasms with wild fantasies.

19. Flutter

Performing it involves small, rhythmic pushes against the pillow, like you're dancing to some fast music, and it can be especially more pleasurable as you get closer to the climax.

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Best Clothing Choices And Other Wild Tips To Make Pillow Humping More Enjoyable

Although pillow humping can be a very simple endeavor, it requires a conscious approach to clothing. There are some related clothing and additional tips that can potentially make the experience and enjoyment more enjoyable. Because sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference.

20. Fabric Options

  • Different types of clothing can create different sensations and excitement. A satin or silk fabric may provide a smoother and more sensual feel, while a more textured fabric such as corduroy may provide more friction. However, this is a matter of discovery, and you can experiment with different ingredients to find what works best for you.
  • However, humping without clothes can feel amazing when you are fully aroused and climaxing. But, until you reach that wild point, it can be a very high-pressure position and can hurt your vagina and clitoris.
  • So trying to grind with silk panties can give good results. The silk fabric will help to glide smoothly on the pillow and will give a soft feel to your sensitive areas.

21. Getting Dressed

It is a common misconception that all sexual activity should be done without clothes. However, wearing certain types of clothing while humping can enhance the experience and excitement. Tight clothing, such as underwear or leggings without panties, can provide some extra pressure that can feel great.

22. Making Noise Or Moaning

It is an incontrovertible fact that on average women moan more than men in bed. This does not mean that loud speaking or shouting is only for the benefit of the partner's ears. Rather, people moan during sex because it feels good, increases arousal, and increases the partner's enthusiasm. Then why only during sex with a partner? Don't be afraid to moan or make a little noise while humping or lounging with your pillow. We assure you, it will provide a much hotter experience and you will feel sexier. Feeling more sensual means experiencing a stronger orgasm.

23. Fewer Clothes More Fun

It's way more fun than what if sex with a partner isn't there, so try taking off your shirt, bra, and pants, even if you're still wearing your underwear. Lean forward against your pillow while grinding and feel the beauty of your breasts pressing and rubbing against the pillow cover.

24. Spread Your Labia

The most important thing is to spread the labia. Whether you're humping in panties or nude, it's important to spread the labia so that your clitoris gets direct friction. But if you are peeing wearing panties, spread your labia and set your vagina against the pillow. Doing so allows for more direct stimulation of the clitoris.


Just as people have their favorite ice cream flavors, we all have our unique ways of experiencing sexual pleasure. Methods, tricks, or situations that work wonderfully for one person may not work for another. So try to find out what can be best for you. And don't feel pressured to have fun or repeat yourself just because others are doing it. Remember, discovering your sexuality is your journey, you don't want anyone else to decide how you explore your sexuality or what you do for pleasure. There are no rules, no right or wrong way, to this adventure. So, don't be afraid to experiment. Whether you're a pillow-humping pro or a curious novice, remember that it's all about a fun, safe, and enjoyable sexual experience. This humping may feel awkward at first, but it will make you feel orgasmic and you'll want to do it again soon.

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