10 Ways To Be A Submissive Wife In Marriage or Relationship

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To Be A Submissive Wife In Marriage or Relationship

What does it mean to be a submissive wife? How to be a submissive wife, and what are the benefits of being humble in marriage? When we refer to the word meek, it conjures up the meaning of being weak, dependent, indecisive, and perhaps unhappy. But, the reality is that being a submissive wife is entirely beneficial, and it has nothing to do with being weak, dependent, kind, or compassionate. The real meaning of being humble means being strong enough to overcome all challenges and striving to establish a happy marriage or relationship. And it enables a strong woman to be on top of everything and accept or decide things as they are. Yes, it is also true that modern women sometimes forget the value of having the ability to be humble, but this may be the exception.

As the name and catchy title suggest, it is not the reality. Here women are not being encouraged to play dumb roles, become weak, get stuck in the role of housewife, or have no opinion.

Making a woman submissive to a man is not about him at all. Here women are not being encouraged to be submissive all the time. Being submissive is another role a woman can take on in her relationship with a high-value, masculine man. And with her spontaneity, compatibility, and joy, she can choose this role and play it. And its benefit always translates into sweet relationships.

Being humble is being discussed here because it can bring more passion, strength, love, and life to a healthy relationship. If your submission to a man is met with love and respect, it can signify a better relationship and a successful married life. The critical point here is that you need to do this inside a healthy and successful relationship, which is undoubtedly a compromise but your strong side. [Read: How To Do A Strip Tease That'll Make Your Man Turn On Instantly]

10 Very Important Steps To Be A Submissive Wife

If you want to know whether your relationship is healthy or not, then here are 10 ultimate signs of a healthy relationship and a wife being submissive.

1. A Submissive Wife Makes Sure That Everything Is Under Control In Her Marital Relationship And Home

The goal of a submissive wife is to create an environment that is most comfortable for her, her family, and her married life.

Are you aware that there is a feeling of discipline and warmth in relationships as soon as you enter someone's house? That feeling is one's effort and positive energy, which is taking the whole house in the right direction, and that is because of none other than the wife of the house, who is submissive and disciplined.

Shopping for everyday and common household items, cooking lunch, cleaning the house, and preparing tiffins for your husband and kids are beautiful, disciplined, and challenging tasks. A strong woman needs to make decisions for her family; only then becomes possible.

By taking care of food and the whole house, that submissive lady (wife) is improving the quality of life of her family. She is the reason for the happiness of her child and husband today because they are blessed to have her. After all, she is submissive. [Read: 30 Best Sex Games For Couples To Play In The Bedroom]

2. Sex Is Not Just For Husband's Pleasure, But It Is A Mutual Effort To Warm The Relationship

When it comes to sexual relationships or intimacy, many people think that submissive wives do everything they can because their partner wants them to. Whereas in reality, it is not.

A submissive wife is very conscious of relations, and she knows only to indulge in pleasures and share the love with her husband. She trusts him with all her heart, which helps her experience intimacy with her husband more intensely.

Sex is not just an act in some modern couples and marriages. A submissive woman is satisfied and confident in her husband's affection, which helps him see the bigger picture and achieve. A submissive wife doesn't immediately reject her husband's wishes; she tries to understand them and act accordingly, and steers things in the right direction. But, this does not mean that she will accept whatever is offered; instead, both are expected to make things happen through harmony.

A submissive wife is free and open to new experiences because she knows that their bond will grow stronger with compromise and acceptance, and her love for her husband will deepen. She surrenders to her husband Because she has confidence in herself and knows the value of sharing intimacy because she knows that in return, she is going to get much love from her husband. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

3. A Submissive Wife Supports Her Husband

A submissive wife should never judge her husband no matter what he does, as it will create a massive gap in your marriage which will be difficult to fix. However, you don't have to support him when you feel like he's not doing right. But you don't even need to shout at him. Because a submissive woman must know when is the right time to talk when to keep quiet when to resist, and when to give proper advice, this step of yours is also adequate support.

There's no need to yell or fret over everything you've built up so far if something trivial happens. The wisest decision is to leave it because you can't fix anything by yelling; it can only make things worse. A submissive wife supports her husband when he is doing something right. But she also redirects her husband when he starts going in the wrong direction, which is the proper act of a submissive wife.

4. Submissive Wife Can Lean Towards A Warm Relationship With Her Husband And A Healthy Married LifeStyle

A submissive wife knows what is best for her husband and family. She knows that modern life can significantly interfere with the quality time she spends with her husband. She constantly refuses to text chat with anyone or spend time on social networks. It is also necessary for her not to enter the phone or other gadgets except the surrounding environment and husband and children.

It is good for a submissive woman to cherish her time with her husband, leading to as quality a relationship as possible. A humble wife will plan regular trips to nature and long walks, devoted to her husband and family, to improve her health and gather new strength for the challenges. A submissive wife does not let anyone complain about how unhappy they are, as she always finds a way to please herself and others. And that is its strength and beauty. A submissive wife should always give 100% to find the solution and help her overcome her most significant troubles, fears, and troubles. [Read: Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?]

5. A Submissive Wife Finely Sets Boundaries

Being submissive doesn't mean that you do everything directed at you. A submissive wife sets her limits, And the main difference is that with these limitations, she is trying to protect herself and her husband. If her husband insists on something but feels wrong, she will tell him that what he wants to do is wrong. And will help him with the proper instructions.

In this way, a submissive wife sets boundaries, as she does not allow him to impose her beliefs on herself. She will always know his limits and views on something, respecting them. A submissive wife knows that being cold and restrained won't prove anything. She knows that no one will take you seriously if you act childish. That's why she always takes a chance to express her opinion on anything without interference. She protects herself, her husband, and her family and gives a new dimension to her marital relationship. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

6. A Submissive Wife Places Herself Among Positive People

A Submissive wife knows that being around positive people will benefit both her and her husband. She will not allow any wrong things to enter their house because she cares about herself and her husband, and positive people help her in this.

She knows that if she feels suspicious or sad, she will turn to positive people close to her to help resolve the issue, understand, and make her feel better. I will take you among the positive people close to you. Or she will wait to talk to her husband and calmly explain what is bothering him and what is suitable for him. And if she has to do all this in front of her husband, she will use emotional touch as a weapon and will weep bitterly in front of her husband because she knows that tears are the best natural cleanser for her soul; this also has a profound effect on her husband.

A submissive wife should avoid yelling and fretting as it will spread negative energy toward her husband. It is always worth keeping in mind that positivity and happiness are the priority, and he should always make sure that he does not forget them. On the other hand, a submissive wife should avoid stressful situations and always focus on a company with positive people. And keep your feelings among your loved ones in a healthy way. [Read: 23 Super Essential Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work]

7. A Submissive Wife Should Always Give A Special Space To Her Husband

A submissive wife should ensure that she always gives a unique space to her husband because everyone needs some time to get refreshed or for personal work. Especially when the husband is working and there is stipulated punctuality.

When her husband wants to spend the night with his friends for some time or fun, he should not stop or blame her. She should not restrict her husband's habits, such as abstaining from drinking alcohol with friends on holidays, banning his food items, etc.

If the husband decides to spend the night with his friends for fun instead of her, a submissive wife should feel no less worthy of herself. Rather, It should accept the husband's option with ease and joy because it is the only way for a healthy marriage to work.

A submissive wife must accept that giving some space to her husband is a final gesture of her love and affection for him and will also increase trust. By this, the husband will also be devoted to his wife and avoid cheating on the wife. [Read: How To Be A Better Lover And Spice Up Your Relationship]

8. A Submissive Wife Lets Her Husband Lead, But She Is Also Ready To Stop And Redirect Him When Needed

A submissive wife always lets her husband take the lead or choose something to make things less stressful. A submissive wife knows that if she allows her husband to make decisions and lead, she will reduce the chances of getting into fights over something. Because when two people are very stubborn, it seems impossible to solve even the most minor matter, so being polite to the wife proves to be effective.

A submissive wife gives her husband the freedom to lead, but she will always redirect him when needed because that is the natural beauty of married life and true love. 

9. Submissive Wife Cries Instead Of Screaming

When something bothers the submissive wife, she never shouts at her husband because she knows well that the matter will worsen. So she gives the right gesture of humility, and instead of shouting, she uses her tears to defuse the situation. But, if you have a hard time crying in front of your husband at that time, excuse yourself and get out of the premises will also work. Just keep in mind that yelling will lead to wrong results rather than good ones.

10. A Submissive Wife Allows Her Husband To Be Treated Like A King And Exalt Him

If you want to be a faithful, Submissive wife, you have to accept your husband as a king and let him be the hero. 

It is well known that all men, by nature, want to be respected as a king and be a hero, so a woman should give her man some space to prove herself, be accepted in his decisions, and take care of him.

To fully submit to your husband, you must let him protect you; you must hold him in your arms. When you're sad or weak, you should let him handle you and help because a submissive wife accepts her man's bravery and commitment with open arms. It will also give immense happiness to the husband.

She knows that her husband loves her dearly, cares for her, and will do anything for her and her family to protect her. And in return, the submissive wife welcomes him, hugs him, and becomes his protective shield. She gives her husband a chance to prove her manhood and valor. And this is the only way to establish a healthy and prosperous married life. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex in 2022]

Benefits Of Being A Submissive Wife

● Widespread Sweetness In Marital Relations

Marital life with a submissive wife is a kind of sweet relationship widening. It is based on traditional values ​​much more than the appearances of today's modern world, in which artificial values are replacing absolute values.

Being submissive means being protective of one's husband, passionate lover, great supporter, right guide, and selfless helper. Today a Submissive wife is becoming a leader.

It is well known how, in the past, It told women that their place was only in the kitchen; they were made for slavery, while men were given an umbrella, and they were portrayed as hunters. Women were expected to look after the children, cook, clean, and do all the other chores related to the house, their husbands, and their children, and their space was limited to just that.

● Harmony In Your Marriage

It takes a great woman to be in control of everything. A wife, a mother, a mentor, and other roles necessary for a stable, successful marriage require a brave and strong woman.

This fact is well proven that being a housewife, a wife, and a woman is doing the hardest work in the world. But if you are not fortunate enough to be a housewife, there are other ways to support your husband, differentiate between right and wrong and nurture your marriage, which you can do well. Being submissive will bring harmony to your relationships, marriage, and that of your husband.

● If You Are A Submissive Wife, Your Husband Will Treat You Like His Queen

Another benefit of being a submissive wife is that your husband will treat you like his queen for the first time in your life, And he will always be your faithful. Your husband will appreciate your efforts and sacrifice and respect you more.

He will always find new ways to surprise you and make you feel like you are the single best woman. Achieving such perfect harmony in marriage is indeed a very difficult task, and that is why being a submissive wife would be the best bet for the better of your marriage.

● There Will Be Little Chance Of Divorce And Infidelity, And Loyalty Will Be Paramount

Whether you believe it or not, being your submissive wife will reduce the chances of divorce and any infidelity in your married life. And your dedication will become a shining example of loyalty.

When you play the role of submissive wife to your husband, your marriage is absolutely secure and almost impossible to destroy. Once the balance is established, there will be no room for cheating, fighting, or other things in your extramarital affair. Your dedication, love, positive action, and mutual effort in your marriage remove all kinds of animosity, therefore reducing the chances of possible divorce or infidelity, and paving the way for loyalty.


If you follow all the above steps, you will surely be able to make your husband feel special, and your marriage will also be successful. You will be a guide, protective shield, and enormous support for your husband and children. And as a result, your husband will make the best decisions which will significantly benefit your marriage and family.

For starters, on how to be a submissive wife, you can choose certain aspects of your marriage and begin practicing your submissive wife role over them until you are ready to present to your husband ultimately.

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